Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2009-2010
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Cell phone camera module characterizes an exceptionally complicated industrial chain which has three cores, namely CMOS image sensors, optical lens, module assembly factories. With the growing pixels of cell phone camera, packaging manufacturers have been playing increasingly important roles, while module assembly factories are on the wane. CMOS image sensor manufacturers can not only deliver products to cell phone manufacturers directly by integrating optical components and adopting special packaging; but also deliver products to module assembly factories after professional packaging firms fulfill packaging; besides, they can choose to deliver products in the form of uncut wafers to COB module manufacturers. Yet, part of optical component manufacturers also has the ability to assemble COB modules.
Usually, CMOS image sensor manufacturers can be grouped into the three. First, the associated companies of wafer giants; second, large IDM companies; third, traditional digital camera manufacturers. Omnivision and the world's largest wafer foundry have close relationship, and they own two joint ventures. Aptina was formerly a subsidiary of MICRON that is a large memory vendor, and MICRON is a wafer OEM of Aptina now. SETI is an affiliated company of Dongbu Anamy. Samsung, Toshiba, STMICRO are IDMs. Traditional digital camera manufacturers, including Sony, Canon, Sharp, Kodak, Fuji, produce high-performance CMOS image sensors at small quantities and high prices. Only wafer fabs can guarantee the production of CMOS image sensors and help reduce the costs. Wafer fabs can make use of CMOS image sensor business to supplement the production capacity of 8-inch wafer fabs, so that both of them can win. A pure IC design company has no competitiveness at all.
Lens is included in optical components of which the production needs rich experience in the manufacturing process. It is difficult to enter the field, thought it will bring high gross profit margin. Many super-large electronics manufacturers try to get through vertical supply chain, but it is particularly difficult to do so in optical field. Additionally, optical manufacturers are highly dependent on human resources and rarely willing to be acquired. FUJINON which is subject to Fuji Film enjoys over 50% shares in 3-megapixel (or above) mobile phone camera market. KMOT is the optical components division of Konica Minolta; just like Fuji film, it is also a well-known optics maker and focuses on high-end products. Both of Largan and Asia Optical are supported by Japanese manufacturers in technology. Particularly, Japan's Sekon, Olympus, Ricoh, Nikon and Sony have given technical guidance to Asia Optical or established joint ventures with them. Largan is closely related to smart camera manufacturers; the three smart phone giants APPLE, HTC and RIM are Largan’s loyal clients. KANKATSU, TAMRON and Hitachi Maxell are Japanese manufacturers, and the former two are traditional camera lens manufacturers.

Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Lens Manufacturers, 2009

Mobile phone camera module manufacturers are normally divided into three groups.

First, CMOS image sensor giants establish module factories in order to integrate resources and expand vertical systems. Before the end of 2007, Toshiba entrusted most of camera module business to other manufacturers. After 2008, it has always completed its camera module business in the semiconductor plant in Iwate. Sharp is a big producer of CCD camera module, with rich experience and monthly output of about 9.8 million units. STMICRO holds advanced CMOS image sensor technology. Samsung entrusts part of module business to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, while it fulfills the remaining part by itself.

Second, cell phone OEMs, mobile phone or laptop component manufacturers. Foxconn, BYD and VISTAPIONT are big cell phone OEMs. Besides, small manufacturers of cell phone components are as usual adept in LCD field, with resources in dust-free rooms, such as LG INNOTEK, Truly Semiconductors, and ALPS. Chicony is the world’s largest laptop keyboard manufacturer which almost monopolizes the laptop and camera module business.

Third, professional optoelectronic manufacturers, such as KMOT and Liteon.

1 Status Quo and Trends of CMOS Camera Module 
1.1 Market
1.2 Packaging
1.3 Wafer-based CMOS Camera Module
1.4 TSV Packaging
1.5 Reflow Soldering Camera Module
1.6 Cell Phone Camera Module Industry Chains

2 CMOS Camera Module Downstream Market
2.1 Laptop Market
2.2 China Laptop Market Scale
2.3 Global Cell Phone Market

3 CMOS Image Sensor Industry 
3.1 Industrial Patterns
3.2 Samsung / Samsung Electro-Mechanics
3.3 STMicroelectronics
3.4 Sharp
3.5 Toshiba
3.6 Omnivision
3.7 Aptina

4 CMOS Camera Lens
4.1 Industry Patterns
4.2 Largan
4.3 Asia Optical
4.4 Sunny Optical
4.5 Samsung Techwi
4.6 Fujinon
4.7 Kmot
4.8 Kankatsu
4.9 Sekonix
4.10 Mcnex
4.11 Tamron
4.12 Hitachi Maxell
4.13 Genius Electronic Optical
4.14 Phoenix Optics 

5 Camera Module Assembly
5.1 Industry Patterns
5.2 Liteon
5.3 Chicony
5.4 Vista Point Technologies
5.5 Foxconn
5.6 LG Innotek
5.7 Mitsumi Electric
5.8 Truly Optoelectronics
5.9 BYD Optical 

6 VCM Voice Coil Motor
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Industry Patterns
6.3 Shicoh
6.4 Hysonic
6.5 NIDEC Sankyo
Global CMOS Camera Module Shipment by Application, 2007-2013
Packaging Modes of CMOS Camera Modules, 2006-2012
Sketch Map of Wafer-based CMOS Camera Module
Manufacturing Process of Wafer-based CMOS Camera Module
TSV-type CMOS Image Sensor Wafer Shipment, 2006-2012 
Cell Phone Camera Modules with TSV Packaging
TSV Roadmap of CMOS Image Sensors
Toshiba's Reflow Soldering Camera Modules
Camera Module Packaging Modes Supporting Reflow Soldering
Lens Supporting Reflow Soldering
Cell Phone Camera Module Industry Chains
PC Shipment, 2009-2011
Global Laptop Shipment and Growth Rate, 2003-2011
Market Shares of Major Laptop Manufacturers in the World, 2002-Q3 2009 
Market Shares of Major Laptop Manufacturers in the World, Q3 2009 
China’s Laptop Shipment, 2003-2011 
China’s PC Shipment, Q1 2005-Q2 2009
China’s Laptop Shipment, Q1 2005-Q2 2009
Global Distribution of Cell Phones with Cameras by pixel, 2007-2013
Shipment of Cell Phones with Auto Focus Cameras, 2007-2013
Global Cell Phone Shipment, 2007-2012
Global Cell Phone Shipment, Q1 2007-Q4 2009
Global Cell Phone Shipment by Region, Q1 2007-Q4 2009
Global Cell Phone Shipment by Technology, Q1 2007-Q4 2009
Global CDMA / WCDMA Cell Phone Shipment by Region, 2006-2010
Shipment of Major Cell Phone Manufacturers in the World, Q1-Q3 2009
Market Shares of CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers in the World (by Shipment), 2009
Market Shares of CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers in the World (by Revenue), 2009
Market Shares of CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers in Cell Phone Field in the World (by Shipment), 2009
Shipment of Omnivision, FY2002-FY2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Omnivision, FY2005-FY2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Omnivision, FY2005-FY2010
Revenue of Omnivision by Region, 2008-2010
Geographical Distribution of Omnivision’s Assets, 2008-2010 
Supply Chain of Omnivision
Omnivision’s Products in Downstream Application, Q1 2009FY-Q1 2010FY
Revenue and Gross Profit of Micron, 2004-2009 
Revenue of Micron by Product, 2006-2009
Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Lens Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Module Lens (above 3 megapixel) Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Module Lens (1-3 megapixel) Manufacturers, 2009
Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Module Lens (below 1 megapixel) Manufacturers, 2009 
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Largan, 2004-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Largan, 2004-2010
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Largan, Q1 2009–Q4 2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Largan, Q1 2009–Q4 2010
Revenue of Largan by Product, 2005, 2008 & 2009
Cell Phone Camera Module Shipment of Largan by Pixel, 2006-2010
Largan’s Clients, 2008
Largan’s Clients, 2009
Largan’s Clients, 2010
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Asia Optical, 2004-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Asia Optical, 2004-2010
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Asia Optical, Q1 2009-Q4 2010
Revenue of Asia Optical by Product, 2007-2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Sunny Optical, 2004-2010 
Sunny’s Revenue by Product, 2007-H1 2009 
Sunny’s Revenue by Application, 2007-H1 2009 
Sunny’s Major Clients
Production Capacity and Capacity Utilization of Sunny, 2007-H1 2009 
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Samsung Techwin, 2005-2011 
Revenue of Samsung Techwin by Product, 2009-2010 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Samsung Techwin, Q1 2009-Q4 2010
Revenue of Samsung Techwin by Department, Q1 2009-Q4 2010
Operating Profit Margin of Samsung Techwin by Department, Q1 2009-Q4 2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of KMOT, FY2005-FY2010 
Revenue of KMOT by Department, Q4 2008-Q4 2009 
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of SEKONIX, 2002-2010
Organizational Structure of MCNEX
Revenue of MCNEX, 2005-2010
Production Capacity of MCNEX
Major Clients of MCNEX
Product Roadmap of MCNEX, 2009-2010 
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of TAMRON, 2006-2010
Revenue of TAMRON by Product, FY2007-FY2010 
Operating Profit Margin of TAMRON by Product, FY2007-FY2010 
Revenue and Net Profit of Phoenix Optics, 2007-2011 
Market Shares of Cell Phone Camera Module Assembly Factories in the World, 2009
Major Camera Module Suppliers of Nokia, 2009 
Major Camera Module Suppliers of Samsung, 2009 
Major Camera Module Suppliers of LG, 2009
Major Camera Module Suppliers of Sony Ericsson, 2009 
Major Camera Module Suppliers of Motorola, 2009
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Liteon, 2003-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Liteon, 2003-2010
Liteon’s Organizational Structure
Revenue of Liteon by Business, 2008-2010
Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Chicony, 2005-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Chicony, 2005-2010
Revenue of Chicony by Product, 2008-2010
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of LG Innotek, 2006-2011
Revenue of LG Innotek by Product, 2009-2013
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Mitsumi Electric, FY2006-FY2010
Revenue of Mitsumi Electric by Department, Q3 2009 
Organizational Structure of Truly Semiconductors
Production Capacity of Truly Optoelectronics
CSP Capacity of Truly Optoelectronics
COB Capacity of Truly Optoelectronics
Cell Phone Camera Module Roadmap of Truly Optoelectronics 
Laptop Camera Module Roadmap of Truly Optoelectronics
Automotive CMOS Camera Module Roadmap of Truly Optoelectronics
Visual View of VCM 
Cross-sectional View of VCM 
Market Shares of Major Voice Coil Motor (For Cell Phone Camera) Manufacturers in the World, 2008-2009
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Japan Shicoh, 2006-2010
Organizational Structure of Japan Shicoh
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Hysonic, 2006-2009 
Cell Phones with Hysonic’s Products
Roadmap of Hysonic’s Products
Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Japan NIDEC Sankyo, 2005-2010
VCM Revenue of Japan NIDEC Sankyo, Q3 2008-Q3 2009
Market Shares of CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers in Monitoring Field, 2009 
Cell Phone Camera Modules of Samsung Electro-Mechanics 
CMOS Image Sensors of STMicroelectronics
Sharp’s CMOS Camera Modules
Common Features of Toshiba’s CMOS Image Sensors
Omnivision’s Products
Revenue of 11 CMOS Camera Lens Manufacturers, 2009
Financial Data of Puli Technology 
Revenue of LG Innotek in Camera Module Business, Q1 2008-Q4 2009
Revenue of Mitsumi Electric in Optical Components Business, FY2006-FY2010

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