Global and China Touch Screen Control IC Industry Report, 2012-2013
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The report covers the followings:
1. Introduction to touch screen
2. Touch screen market
3. Touch screen control IC market
4. 13 touch screen control IC design houses and eight major touch screen vendors
Though the unit price is low, touch screen control IC goes through the entire industrial chain, involving with touch screen vendors, ITO film vendors, mobile phone design houses, LCD suppliers, mobile phone CPU providers, mobile phone human computer interface design companies and mobile phone vendors. Any error in any link will affect the customer experience. Mobile phone touch screen control IC is usually tagged with the unit price of USD0.5-0.7, so this is a small-scale industry with high technical threshold.

Touch screen control IC enterprises must keep up with the development direction of touch screens closely, otherwise deviation means the worrying prospect. In 2014, In-Cell will enter the prosperous period.

20120114.gif First, Apple still insists on using the In-Cell technology for iPhone 5S, proving the progress of the In-Cell technology of Japan Display, LGDISPLAY and Sharp and the improved yield.
20120114.gif Second, the Chinese mainland's high-end models, such as Huawei P2 and Xiaomi 3, begin to adopt In-Cell technology which is not occupied by Apple exclusively or out of reach any longer.

With the gradual increase in output, the cost advantage of In-Cell technology will stand out soon. The adding of touch function to In-Cell only needs the cost of less than USD0.1, while the single OGS lamination process requires the cost of USD1. Meanwhile, more and more IC vendors like to support In-Cell, such as the initial Synaptic, the current FocalTech Systems Limited (a touch IC giant in Mainland China), and Renesas (which integrates driver IC and touch IC in a same chip).

The touch screen control IC market value reached USD1,558 million in 2012, and will hit USD1,832 million with the growth rate of 17.9% in 2013. In the wake of the wide application in laptops, the market value will jump by 18.3% to USD2,168 million in 2014.

In the laptop-use touch screen market where intense competition exists, OGS acts as a giant in technology, TPK's monopoly is broken, GFF and Metal Mesh technologies are developing rapidly, and TFT-LCD panel vendors are developing embedded touch screens. As the price of laptop-use touch screens declines dramatically, the competition becomes fiercer and the profit drops substantially. In late September, Mutto announced its withdrawal from the touch screen field.

The price of one 14-inch OGS panel is expected to decrease from USD50 to USD30, touching USD20 in 2014 and USD15 in 2015. Touch screens will become standard configuration of laptops eventually just like LED. This is the main driving force of the touch screen control IC market.

Revenue (only including Touch Controller IC Business Revenue) of Touch Controller IC Design House, 2012-2013 (USD mln)

Although there are numerous companies in Chinese mobile phone touch screen control IC market, the top three companies Focal Tech, Goodix and Morningstar occupy more than 70% share. Three of them are backed up by foundries, Focal Tech by TSMC, Goodix by UMC and Morningstar by Global Foundries. Furthermore, Focal Tech also enjoys investment from Intel, Goodix’s 30% share is held in the hand of MediaTek and Morningstar has been acquired by MediaTek. EETI is also supported by Intel. Chinese local enterprises nearly grasp no upstream resource, so they are unable to compete with Taiwanese counterparts.

1. Overview of Touch Screen
1.1 Glass-to-glass (G/G)
1.2 Glass-to-film-to-film (G/F/F)
1.3 G1F
1.4 TOC
1.7 Development Trend of Mobile Phone Touch Screen Technology
1.8 Touch Screen Market

2. Touch Screen and Touch Control IC Industry
2.1 Touch Screen Industry Chain
2.2 Trend of Medium- and Large-sized Touch Screen
2.3 Competition in Touch Screen Industry
2.4 Metal Mesh
2.5 Touch Control IC Market
2.6 Touch Control IC Industry
2.7 Product Analysis of Major Touch Control IC Vendors
2.8 Rankings in Touch Screen Industry

3. Touch Screen Downstream Market and Industry
3.1 Mobile Phone
3.1.1 Global Mobile Phone Market Overview
3.1.2 Global Smart Phone Market Overview
3.1.3 Status Quo and Trend of Mobile Phone Panel
3.1.4 LTPS and IGZO Market
3.1.5 Status Quo and Trend of LTPS and OLED Industry
3.2 Global PC and Tablet PC Market
3.3 Notebook PC Industry
3.4 Tablet PC Industry
3.5 Mobile PC Industry of China

4. Major Touch Screen Vendors
4.1 Young Fast
4.2 Wintek
4.3 ILJIN Display
4.4 ELK
4.5 SMAC
4.6 TPK 
4.7 Japan Display
4.8 GIS Innolux

5. Touch Controller IC Design Houses
5.1 Melfas
5.2 FocalTech
5.3 Goodix
5.4 Elan Microelectronics Corp.
5.5 Synaptics
5.6 Cypress
5.8 EETI
5.10 Mstar Semiconductor
5.11 Others
5.11.1 Betterlife Corp.
5.11.2 AWINIC
5.11.3 SILEAD INC.
GLASS-TO-GLASS (G/G) Projective Capacitive Touch Screen
GLASS-TO-FILM-TO-FILM (G/F/F) Projective Capacitive Touch Screen
G1F Touch Control
TOC Touch Screen
Mobile Phone Touch Screen Distribution by Technology, 2011-2015E
Global Touch Screen Market Size and Shipment, 2010-2015E
Shipment of Global Touch Screen Market by Application, 2010-2015E
Downstream Distribution of Global Touch Screen Market, 2010-2015E
Touch Screen Industry Chain
Touch Control IC Market Size, 2011-2016
Touch Control IC Industry Chain
Revenue (Only Including Touch Control IC Business Revenue) of Touch Controller IC Design Houses, 2012-2013
Market Share of Touch Controller IC Design Houses in China, 2013
Revenue of Main Touch Screen Vendors, 2010-2013
Shipment of Main Touch Screen Vendors, 2011-2012
Global Shipment of Mobile Phones, 2007-2014E
Global Shipment of CDMA/WCDMA Mobile Phones by Region, 2010-2013
Sales Volume and Market Share of Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands, Q2 2013
Shipment and Market Share of Smart Phone Operating System, Q2 2013
Shipment and Market Share of Major Android Mobile Phone Vendors, Q2 2013
Shipment and Market Share of WINDOWS PHONE Smart Phone Vendors, Q2 2013
Shipment of Major Smart Phone Vendors in China, 2011-2012
Distribution of Newly Launched Mobile Phones by Resolution, 2012-2013
PPI Distribution of Newly Launched Mobile Phones, 2012-2013
Distribution of Newly Launched Mobile Phone Panels by Size, 2012-2013
Quarterly Shipment and Growth Rate of Mobile Phone Panels, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
ASP of Mobile Phone Panel, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
Shipment of LTPS Mobile Phone Panels, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
Production Capacity of Global LTPS Production Lines, 2013 vs.2014
Production Capacity of Global LTPS Manufacturers, 2013-2015E
Global OLED Production Lines, 2010-2014E
Global PC Market Size, 2008-2015E
Global Shipment of Desktop PC and Laptop Computer, 2010-2015E
Global Tablet PC Shipment, 2010-2016E
Supply Relationship between Global Notebook PC Brands and OEMs, 2012
Supply Relationship between Global Notebook PC Brands and OEMs, 2013
Tablet PC Output of Major Vendors, 2012 vs. 2013
China's Output of Notebook PC (Including Tablet PC), 2004-2012
China's Output of Notebook PC (Including Tablet PC) by Region, 2010-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Young Fast, 2005-2013
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Young Fast, Aug.2011-Aug.2013
Gross Margin of Young Fast, Q4 2011-Q2 2013
Revenue of Young Fast by Client, 2010-2012
Production Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Young Fast, 2008-2012
Revenue of Young Fast by Technology, Q1 2010-Q3 2012
Distribution of Young Fast 's Plants
Revenue and Gross Margin of Wintek, 2003-2013 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Wintek, 2003-2013
Global Presence of Wintek
Revenue of Wintek by Client, 2009-2012
Revenue of Wintek by Client, 2013
Sales Volume, Sales Value and ASP of Wintek, 2010-2011
Capacitive Touch Screen Production Capacity of Wintek
Wintek's Touch Screen Cover Glass Production Capacity
Wintek's ATT Structure
Wintek's ATT Process Flow
Comparison between Wintek's ATT and Traditional Capacitive G/G Touch Screen
Financial Performance of Wintek's Subsidiaries in Mainland China, 2011
Wintek's Revenue by Product, Q1 2011-Q2 2012
Wintek's Revenue by Application, Q2 2010-Q2 2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Wintek, Feb.2011-Mar.2013
Organization Structure of ILJIN DISPLAY
Revenue and Operating Margin of ILJIN DISPLAY, 2008-2013
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of ILJIN DISPLAY, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Revenue of ILJIN DISPLAY by Business, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Revenue of ILJIN DISPLAY by Size, Q1 2010-Q4 2013
ELK's Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2013
Quarterly Revenue of ELK by Application, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Quarterly Revenue of ELK by Client, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of SMAC, 2005-2012
Production Flows of S-MAC
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of S-MAC, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
Quarterly Revenue of S-MAC by Business, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Operating Margin of S-MAC's Tablet PC Business, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Production Capacity of S-MAC, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Capital Expenditure for Production Capacity of S-MAC, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
Organization Structure of TPK
Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin of TPK, 2007-2013
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of TPK, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Quarterly Revenue and Gross Margin of TPK, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Quarterly Revenue and Net Profit Margin of TPK, Q1 2011-Q2 2013
TPK's Revenue by Size, Q1 2012-Q2 2013
TPK's Revenue by Product, Q1 2012-Q2 2013
TPK's CAPEX Budget, 2013
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of TPK, Aug.2011-Aug.2013
Touch Screen Production Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of TPK Holding, 2008-2012
Revenue of TPK by Application, 2011-2013
Relationship between TPK HOLDING and Associated Companies
Market Share of IPS Small- and Medium-sized Liquid Crystal Panel, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Innolux, 2007-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Innolux, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue of Innolux by Application, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue of Innolux by Application, 2011 vs. 2012
Revenue of Innolux by Size, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Small- and Medium-sized Touch Panel Revenue and Shipment of Innolux, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Touch Screen Shipment of Innolux, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Production Capacities of Production Lines of Innolux, Q1 2012
Touch Sensor Production Capacity of Innolux, Q1 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of MELFAS, 2007-2014
Revenue of MELFAS by Product, 2007-2013
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of MELFAS, Q1 2011-Q4 2013
Revenue of FocalTech by Client, 2013
Principle Chart of GT813
Revenue and Operating Margin of Elan Microelectronics Corp., 2004-2013
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Elan Microelectronics Corp., Aug.2011-Aug.2013
Revenue of Elan Microelectronics Corp. by Product, Q1 2011-Q2 2013
Revenue of Elan Microelectronics Corp. by Client, 2010-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of SYNAPTICS, FY2004-FY2013
Revenue of SYNAPTICS by Application, FY2004-FY2013
Revenue of SYNAPTICS by Region, FY2010-FY2013 
Revenue and Operating Margin of CYPRESS, 2007-2013
Revenue of CYPRESS by Business, 2009-2013
Revenue of CYPRESS by Region, 2009-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of ATMEL, 2006-2013
Revenue of ATMEL by Business, 2008-2013
Operating Profit of ATMEL, 2012-2013
Revenue of ATMEL by Region, 2008-2013
ATMEL's Touch Panel Control IC Roadmap
Revenue and Operating Margin of EETI, 2008-2013
Monthly Revenue of EETI, Aug.2011-Aug.2013

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