Global and China Rubber Machinery Industry Report, 2015-2018
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Rubber machinery is used to produce various rubber products like tyre, and it is principally composed of internal mixer, rolling extrusion machine, cutting machine, shaping mill, vulcanizing machine, mould, testing equipment, among others. The demand for rubber machinery is closely related to the investments in the downstream tyre industry.

The high-speed growth rate of Chinese rubber machinery industry in 2013 lasted till the first half year of 2014, during when the orders expanded and production and sales boomed. Then in July 2014, the United States staged anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations on China-made tyres used for passenger cars and light trucks, and Chinese tyre enterprises were forced to stop or reduce investments in tyre business, and even some tyre enterprises postponed or cancelled rubber machinery orders. At length, the revenue of Chinese rubber machinery industry in full year of 2014 just rose 4.6% YoY to RMB13.6 billion, with a global market share of 42.6%.

In future, as the growth rate of China’s new vehicle sales volume slows down, the demand for original tyres will see a drop in growth rate, while the huge ownership of automobiles will boosted the demand for replacement tyres. At the same time, such trends in tyre industry as informatization, automation, intelligentization, greening, and high-end (less noise, low rolling resistance, low thermogenesis, run-on-flat, all-weather and tyre pressure self-control, as well as applications of new nano materials and framework materials) will stimulate the demand for the high-end safe and green tyres with high added value, thus further driving capital inrush into high-end tyre. In the future, the demand for the high-end rubber machinery in line with the development tendencies of tyre industry such as energy saving, environmental friendliness, automation, informatization and high intelligence will show rapid growth.

Meanwhile, robots are increasingly utilized in tyre production, logistic automation, etc. In 2010, Mesnac Co., Ltd acquired Qingdao Kingerobot Automation Co., Ltd and set foot in the robot field. In 2014, Mesnac’s robot and information logistic business revenue surged by 129.7% YoY to RMB193.75 million, a 6.8% share of total revenue. Greatoo Inc. also endeavored to involve in robot business, and in December 2014 the first industrial robot automation line customized by Greatoo for Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd was officially put into operation. From 2013 to 2015H1, the robot business revenue of Greatoo reported RMB450,000, RMB6.22 million and RMB25.29 million, respectively.

The report highlights the followings:
20120114.gifOverview of rubber machinery industry, including definition, policies, industrial chain, business model, etc.;
20120114.gifGlobal rubber machinery and downstream markets, covering market size, regional markets, competitive landscape, tyre industry operation, etc.;
20120114.gifChinese rubber machinery market, including status quo, market size, competition pattern, exports, downstream sectors, etc.;
20120114.gifRubber machinery market segments consisting of internal mixer, radial tyre building machine, and vulcanizing machine, involving industry overview, market status quo, market demand, etc.;
20120114.gifAnalysis on 8 global and 18 Chinese rubber machinery companies, including profile, business performance, revenue structure, gross margin, R&D expenses, top five customers, rubber machinery business, development strategies and so forth.

1. Overview of Rubber Machinery Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Laws & Regulations
1.3 Industry Chain
1.4 Operation Model
2. Global Rubber Machinery and Downstream Market
2.1 Market Size
2.2 Regional Market
2.3 Competition
2.4 Tire Industry
3. China Rubber Machinery and Downstream Market
3.1 Market Status
3.2 Market Size and Competition
3.2.1 Market Size
3.2.2 Competition
3.3 Export
3.4 Rubber Products Industry
3.4.1 Fixed-asset Investment
3.4.2 Tire Industry
4. Market Segments
4.1 Internal Mixer
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Market Status
4.2 Radial Tire Building Machine
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Market Status
4.2.3 Market Demand
4.3 Curing Press
4.3.1 Overview
4.3.2 Market Status
4.3.3 Market Demand
5. Foreign Companies
5.1 HF Group
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.1.3 Rubber Machinery
5.1.4 Business in China
5.2 VMI Holland BV
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.2.3 Rubber Machinery
5.2.4 VMI in China
5.3 Kobe Steel
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Key Financial Indicators
5.3.3 Revenue Structure
5.3.4 Rubber Machinery Business
5.3.5 Business in China
5.4 TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.4.3 Rubber Machinery Business
5.4.4 Business in China
5.5 LWB Steinl GmbH & Co. KG
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.5.3 Rubber Machinery Business
5.5.4 Business in China
5.6 Klockner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.6.3 Rubber and Plastic Mold Business
5.6.4 Business in China
5.7 REP International
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Subsidiaries and Production Bases
5.7.3 Rubber Machinery Business
5.7.4 Business in China
5.8 Pelmar Engineering
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Subsidiaries
5.8.3 Rubber Machinery Business
5.8.4 Business in China
6. Chinese Companies
6.1 Mesnac Co., Ltd
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operating Performance
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Gross Margin
6.1.5 R&D Costs
6.1.6 Top5 Customers
6.1.7 Rubber Machinery Business
6.1.8 Beijing Jingye Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
6.1.9 Development Strategy
6.2 Greatoo Inc.
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operating Performance
6.2.3 Revenue Structure
6.2.4 Gross Margin
6.2.5 R&D Costs
6.2.6 Fundraising Projects
6.2.7 Rubber Machinery Business
6.2.8 Development Strategy
6.3 Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operating Performance
6.3.3 Revenue Structure
6.3.4 Gross Margin
6.3.5 R&D Costs
6.3.6 Top5 Customers
6.3.7 Rubber Machinery Business
6.3.8 Development Strategy
6.4 Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.5 SAFE-RUN Machinery(Suzhou)Co., LTD
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.6 Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operating Performance
6.6.3 Revenue Structure
6.6.4 Gross Margin
6.6.5 R&D Costs
6.6.6 Rubber Machinery Business
6.6.7 Development Strategy
6.7 Sino-Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.8 Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology Co., Ltd.
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operating Performance
6.8.3 Rubber Machinery Business
6.9 Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.10 China Chemical Guilin Engineering Co., Ltd.
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.11 Sino-Arp Tires Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
6.11.1 Profile
6.11.2 Operating Performance
6.11.3 Revenue Structure
6.11.4 Gross Margin
6.11.5 R&D Costs
6.11.6 Top5 Customers
6.11.7 Rubber Machinery Business
6.12 Dalian Huahan Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.12.1 Profile
6.12.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.13 Sichuan Yaxi Rubber & Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.
6.13.1 Profile
6.13.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.14 Qingdao Doublestar Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.14.1 Profile
6.14.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.15 Beijing BAMTRI Dairui Technology Development Co., Ltd.
6.15.1 Profile
6.15.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.16 Beijing New Universal Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
6.16.1 Profile
6.16.2 Operating Performance
6.16.3 Revenue Structure
6.16.4 Gross Margin
6.16.5 R&D Costs
6.16.6 Sales Model
6.16.7 Top5 Customers
6.16.8 Rubber Machinery Business
6.16.9 Fundraising Project
6.16.10 Development Strategy
6.17 Dalian CanMade Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.17.1 Profile
6.17.2 Rubber Machinery Business
6.18 Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.18.1 Profile
6.18.2 Rubber Machinery Business
Related Policies of China Rubber Machinery Industry
China Tire Production Process and Related Equipment Providers
Sales and YoY Growth of Global Rubber Machinery Industry, 2012-2018E
Sales of Global Rubber Machinery Industry (by Region), 2012-2014
Tire Projects to be Operated in North America, 2015-2018E
Revenue of Global Top 40 Rubber Machinery Manufacturers, 2010-2014
Market Share of Global Top 40 Rubber Machinery Manufacturers, 2012-2014
Sales and YoY Growth of Global Tire Industry, 2010-2018E
TOP 75 Tire Manufacturers (by Sales) Worldwide, 2010-2014
Regional Distribution of Rubber Machinery Enterprises in China, Their Main Products, and Representative Enterprises
China’s Rubber Machinery Market Size and YoY Growth, 2005-2018E
Revenue of China’s Top20 Rubber Machinery Manufacturers, 2010-2014
Output of China’s Top20 Rubber Machinery Manufacturers, 2013-2014
Export Value and YoY Growth of Rubber Machinery in China, 2005-2014
Export Value of China’s Top 20 Rubber Machinery Manufacturers, 2011-2014
Completed Fixed-asset Investment and YoY Growth in China Rubber Products Industry, 2009-2018E
Completed Fixed-asset Investment in China Rubber Products Industry by Segment, 2009-2015
Completed Fixed-asset Investment and YoY Growth in China Tire Industry, 2009-2018E
China’s Rubber Tire Cover Output and YoY Growth, 2009-2018E
China’s Radial Tire Cover Output and YoY Growth, 2009-2018E
Classification of Internal Mixer
Global and China Major Internal Mixer Manufacturers
China’s Radial Tire Building Machine Demand, 2008-2018
China’s Tire Curing Press Demand, 2009-2018
Organizational Structure of HF Group
Production Bases and Representatives of HF Group
Rubber Machinery Products of HF Group
Sales and YoY Growth of HF Group's Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
Major Business of VMI Group
Subsidiaries of VMI and Their Business
Related Equipment of VMI’s Tire Business
Related Equipment of VMI’s Rubber Business
Sales and YoY Growth of VMI's Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Kobe Steel, FY2010-FY2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Kobe Steel, FY2010-FY2015
Revenue Structure of Kobe Steel by Business Division, 2010-2015
Subsidiaries of Kobe Steel Engaged in Rubber Machinery Business
Sales and YoY Growth of Kobe Steel's Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
Marketing Network of Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery
TROESTER’s Subsidiaries
Rubber Machinery Business of TROESTER
Sales and YoY Growth of TROESTER's Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
LWB Steinl’s Subsidiaries and Their Major Business
Sales and YoY Growth of LWB Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
DESMA’s Subsidiaries and Their Major Business
Sales and YoY Growth of DESMA Rubber Machinery Business, 2010-2014
REP’s Subsidiaries and Their Major Business
Product Range of REP’s Rubber Injection Machine
Pelmar’s Subsidiaries
Machinery Companies Cooperated with Pelmar
Major Subsidiaries of Mesnac
Global Service Center of Mesnac (by Region)
Revenue and YoY Growth of Mesnac, 2010-2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Mesnac, 2010-2015
Time of Revenue Contribution by Non-Rubber Machinery Business of Mesnac, 2008-2014
Revenue Structure of Mesnac by Business, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Mesnac by Region, 2010-2015
Gross Profit and Gross Margin of Mesnac by Business, 2010-2015
Gross Profit and Gross Margin of Mesnac by Region, 2010-2015
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Mesnac, 2010-2015
Major Partners of Mesnac
Revenue from Top 5 Clients of Mesnac, 2012-2014
Major Rubber Machinery Products of Mesnac
Major Subsidiaries Engaged in Rubber Machinery Business of Mesnac
Cost Structure of Mesnac's Rubber Equipment, 2011-2014
Marketing Network of Beijing Jingye Mechanical Equipment
Revenue and Net Income of Beijing Jingye Mechanical Equipment, 2011-2014
Export Value and YoY Growth of Beijing Jingye Mechanical Equipment, 2011-2014
International Strategy Layout of Mesnac, 2009-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Mesnac, 2015-2018E
Revenue and YoY Growth of Greatoo Molds Inc., 2010-2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Greatoo Inc., 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Greatoo Inc. by Business, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Greatoo Inc. by Region, 2010-2015
Affiliated Overseas Companies of Greatoo Inc.
Gross Margin of Greatoo Inc. by Business, 2010-2015
Gross Margin of Greatoo Inc. by Region, 2010-2015
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Greatoo Inc., 2010-2015
Major Fund Raising Projects of Greatoo Inc., 2007-2014
Cost Structure of Rubber Machinery Business of Greatoo Inc., 2011-2014
Production Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Greatoo Inc.'s Curing Presses, 2010-2018
Sales and Average Unit Price of Greatoo Inc.'s Curing Presses, 2010-2018
Revenue and YoY Growth of Greatoo Inc., 2015-2018E
Number of Employees (by Specialty and Educational background) of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2012-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2010-2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery by Business, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery by Region, 2010-2015
Gross Margin of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery by Business, 2010-2015
Gross Margin of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery by Region, 2010-2015
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2010-2015
Revenue from Top 5 Clients of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2012-2014
Major Subsidiaries Engaged in Rubber Machinery Business of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery
Cost Structure of Rubber Machinery Business of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2011-2014
Export Value and YoY Growth of Rubber Machinery of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2015-2018E
Revenue and YoY Growth of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2010-2018E
Sales Volume of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s Internal Mixers and Curing Presses, 2011-2014
Export Value and YoY Growth of Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of SAFE-RUN Machinery, 2013-2018E
Number of Employees (by Specialty and Educational background) of Tianjin Saixiang, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Tianjin Saixiang, 2010-2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Tianjin Saixiang, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Tianjin Saixiang by Business, 2010-2015
Revenue Structure of Tianjin Saixiang by Region, 2010-2015
Gross Margin of Tianjin Saixiang by Business, 2010-2015
Gross Margin of Tianjin Saixiang by Region, 2010-2015
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Tianjin Saixiang, 2010-2015
Output, Sales Volume, Inventory of Tianjin Saixiang’s Rubber Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Tianjin Saixiang, 2015-2018E
Revenue and YoY Growth of Sino-Rubber Machinery, 2010-2018E
Export Value and YoY Growth of Sino-Rubber Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology, 2012-2014
Revenue Structure of Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology by Business, 2012-2014
Revenue from Top 5 Clients of Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology, 2012-2014
Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Rubber Machinery of Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology, 2012-2014
Revenue of Rubber Machinery Business of Guangzhou SCUT Bestry Technology by Product, 2012-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Guilin Rubber Machinery, 2010-2018E
Export Value and YoY Growth of Rubber Machinery Products of Guilin Rubber Machinery, 2011-2014
Major Clients of Guilin Rubber Machinery
Revenue and YoY Growth of China Chemical Guilin Engineering, 2010-2018E
Major Products of China Chemical Guilin Engineering
Export Value and YoY Growth of Rubber Machinery Products of China Chemical Guilin Engineering, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of SINOARP, 2011-2018E
Net Income and YoY Growth of SINOARP, 2011-2018E
Revenue Structure of SINOARP by Business, 2011-2014
Revenue Structure of SINOARP by Region, 2011-2014
Gross Margin of SINOARP by Business, 2011-2014
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of SINOARP, 2011-2014
Revenue from Top 5 Clients of SINOARP, 2011-2014
Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of SINOARP, 2011-2014
Average Unit Price of SINOARP by Product, 2011-2014
Unit Cost Structure of SINOARP’s Tyre Curing Presses, 2011-2014
Average Unit Procurement Price of Raw Materials of SINOARP, 2011-2014
Major Rubber Machinery Products of Dalian Huahan Rubber & Plastic Machinery
Export Value and YoY Growth of Dalian Huahan Rubber & Plastic Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Sichuan Yaxi Rubber & Plastic Machine, 2010-2018E
Export Value and YoY Growth of Sichuan Yaxi Rubber & Plastic Machine, 2011-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Qingdao Doublestar Rubber & Plastic Machinery, 2012-2014
Export Value and YoY Growth of Qingdao Doublestar Rubber & Plastic Machinery, 2012-2014
Major Products of Qingdao Doublestar Rubber & Plastic Machinery
Marketing Network of BBD
Revenue and YoY Growth of BBD, 2010-2018
Export Value and YoY Growth of BBD, 2012-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology, 2011-2015
Net Income and YoY Growth of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology, 2011-2015
Revenue Structure of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology by Business, 2011-2015
Revenue Structure of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology by Region, 2010-2014
Gross Margin of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology by Business, 2011-2015
Gross Margin of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology by Region, 2012-2014
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology, 2011-2015
Revenue from Top 5 Clients of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology, 2012-2014
Output and Sales Volume of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology, 2012-2014
Average Unit Price of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology’s Major Products, 2012-2014
Cost Structure of Beijing New Universal Science and Technology’s Major Products, 2012-2014
Organization Structure of Dalian CanMade
Marketing Network of Dalian CanMade
Revenue and YoY Growth of Dalian CanMade, 2010-2018E
Export Value and YoY Growth of Dalian CanMade’s Rubber Machinery, 2011-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2011-2018E
Export Value and YoY Growth of Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery, 2011-2014

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As electronic products develop towards miniaturization and low-energy consumption, their product components tend to be miniaturized. Thus, it is increasingly unlikely that the components are inspected...

Global and China Industrial Robot Servo Motor Industry Report, 2015-2019

As the executive component in control system, servo motor constitutes one of the three core parts of industrial robot. Starting in 2013, China became the world's largest industrial robot market, with...

Global and China Industrial Robot Speed Reducer Industry Report, 2015-2018

Speed reducer, drive and controller, and servomotor constitute the three core parts of industrial robot, of which the cost of speed reducer is the highest, accounting for roughly 36% of the industrial...

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2015-2018

In 2014, the global CNC machine tool output value approximated USD48.1 billion, with the CNC level standing at about 60%. Particularly, the developed countries such as Japan, the United States, German...

Global and China Forklift Industry Report, 2015-2017

With the progress of modern logistics as well as the growth in demand for replacing workforce by machinery, forklifts have become the most widely used tools for handling materials in logistics industr...

China Motion Controller Industry Report, 2015-2017

Motion controllers are the devices that control all kinds of motor-driven actuators to follow the predetermined trajectory, and they find key application in machine tool, textile machinery, plastic ma...

China Tire Curing Press Industry Report, 2015-2018

Curing press as advanced hot-pressing equipment for thermosetting plastic compression moulding is mainly used for vulcanization processing of a variety of rubber products, adhesive tapes, slab rubber,...

Global and China Wind Turbine Blade Industry Report, 2015-2017

China’s wind power industry gradually came out of the 2011&2012 slowdowns from 2013 on, and witnessed rapid growth in 2014 with full-year erected wind power equipment capacity of 23,196MW, up 44.2...

Global and China Rubber Machinery Industry Report, 2015-2018

Rubber machinery is used to produce various rubber products like tyre, and it is principally composed of internal mixer, rolling extrusion machine, cutting machine, shaping mill, vulcanizing machine, ...

Global and China Bearing Industry Report, 2015-2018

Bearing, a critical component for contemporary mechanical equipment, finds wide applications in automobile, electromechanics, construction machinery, household appliances, metallurgy and mining machin...

Global and China Sensor Industry Report, 2015-2018

In 2014, the global sensor market valued at USD126 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 19.4%. The United States, Japan, Germany and China occupied 72.4% share of the global sensor market ...

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