Global and China IC Substrate Industry Report, 2015
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Global and China IC Substrate Industry Report, 2015 highlights the followings:
1. Status quo of semiconductor and IC packaging industry
2. Analysis on downstream market of IC substrate
3. Development trend of IC substrate
4. Analysis on IC substrate industry
5. Research on 12 IC substrate vendors
6. Research on 6 IC substrate peripheral companies

IC substrate industry may be in a predicament in 2015, rooted in two aspects: first, the maturing of FOWLP; second, the tablet sales decline and sluggish smartphone growth. In addition, the prosperity of IC substrate industry in 2013 stimulated large-scale expansion of enterprises in 2014, thus leading to an insufficient rate of capacity utilization.

For FC-CSP substrate with mobile phone and tablet PC as the core market facing strong competition from FOWLP that has overwhelming superiorities including low profile, higher speed, more I/O, higher integration, less processing step, especially needing no substrate which slashes cost as IC substrate accounts for more than half of the total cost of IC.

Although it is in its infancy without obvious cost advantage, FOWLP has been an irresistible trend, the traditional FC-CSP substrate will have to reduce the price to enter a competition, and the demand for the latter will be sharply reduced by more than 60% once FOWLP matures. So in 2015, FC-CSP substrate vendors have to substantially reduce the price to gain market advantage in advance. It is expected that in 2015 the IC substrate market will encounter a 7% scale-down to USD7.12 billion.

In the downstream market, large screen mobile phone squeezed the living space of tablet PC which declined significantly. And the single-functional tablet PC is mostly used as a toy for children with less demand for replacement. In the field of smartphone, China as the world’s largest smartphone market declined in 2014.

SiP packaging substrate will be the highlight for IC substrate market in 2015 as core components of high-end smart watches must adopt SiP packaging. Both the two core processors built in Apple Watch use SiP packaging technology. The most important SiP substrate of Apple Watch calls for the most difficult production, priced 4-5 times higher than FCCSP applied to general ARM processor. The orders are shared by Nanya, Kinsus and other Taiwanese vendors. ASE undertakes Apple Watch’s SI chip SiP packaging business.

The PC market is also likely to recover in 2015 for tablet PC slump means the recovery of laptop computer market. Laptop computer market saw the first growth in 2014 after three consecutive years of decline and is expected to continue the trend in 2015. And laptop discrete graphics card accounts for a zooming proportion, signifying GPU shipments boost.

Another excellent performer in IC substrate applications is the memory market.

IC载板 英文_副本.png

1. Global Semiconductor Industry
1.1 Overview
1.2 IC Packaging
1.3 IC Packaging and Testing

2. Downstream Market of IC Substrate
2.1 Introduction to IC Substrate
2.2 Flip Chip IC Substrate
2.3 Global Mobile Phone Market
2.4 Global Smartphone Market
2.5 Chinese Mobile Phone Market
2.6 Laptop Computer Market
2.7 CPU and GPU Market
2.8 Memory Market

3. IC Substrate Market and Industry
3.1 IC Substrate Market 
3.2 Wide IO/HMC Memory
3.3 Embedded Component Substrate
3.4 Embedded Trace Substrate
3.5 IC Packaging for Portable Devices
3.5.1 Status Quo
3.5.2 PoP Packaging
3.5.3 FOWLP
3.6 SIP Packaging
3.7 2.5D Packaging (SI/Glass/Organic Interposer)
3.7.1 Introduction to 2.5D Packaging
3.7.2 Application of 2.5D Packaging
3.7.3 Market Size of 2.5D Interposer 
3.7.4 Suppliers of 2.5D Packaging
3.8 TSV (3D) Packaging 
3.8.1 TSV Packaging Equipment 
3.9 FC-PoP Packaging
3.10 IC Substrate Industry

4. IC Substrate Vendors
4.1 Unimicron
4.3 Daeduck Electronics
4.7 Nan Ya PCB
4.11 AT&S

5. IC Substrate Packaging Companies
5.1 ASE
5.3 SPIL
5.5 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
Global Semiconductor Market Size, 1994-2019E
Global Semiconductor Market Growth Rate, 2015
Downstream Application of Global Semiconductor Market, 1998-2019E
Geographical Distribution of Global Semiconductor Market, 2009-2019E
Capital of Global Semiconductor Enterprises, 2000-2019E
Geographical Distribution of Global Semiconductor Equipment Market, 2012-2016E
Wafer Process Equipment Sales by Product, 2010-2019E
Top 30 of Global Semiconductor Industry by Revenue, 2014
IC Packaging Types Used by Major Electronic Products
Global IC Packaging and Testing Market Size, 2012-2017E
Global Outsourcing IC Packaging and Testing Market Size, 2012-2017E
Global IC Packaging Market Size, 2012-2017E
Global IC Testing Market Size, 2012-2017E
Revenue of Taiwan Packaging and Testing Industry, 2009-2013
Revenue of Top 10 Global Packaging Enterprises, 2013
Global Mobile Phone Shipments, 2007-2015E
Geographical Distribution of Global 3G/4G Mobile Phone Shipments, 2011-2014
Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2013
Shipments of Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Vendors, Q3 2014
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2013
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2013
Shipments of Top 13 Global Smartphone Vendors, 2013-2015E
Shipments of Major Smartphone Vendors, Q3 2014
Monthly Shipments of China Mobile Phone Market, 2013-2014
Market Share of Major Vendors in China Smartphone Market, 2014
Market Share of Major Vendors in China 4G Mobile Phone Market, 2014
Global Tablet PC Shipments, 2011-2016E
Top Five Tablet Vendors, Shipments Fourth Quarter 2014
Top Five Tablet Vendors, Shipments, Market Share, and Growth, Calendar Year 2014
CPU and GPU Shipments, 2008-2015E
Laptop Computer Shipments, 2008-2015E
Shipments of Major Global Laptop ODM Vendors, 2010-2014
Memory Market Size, 2012-2016E
IC Substrate Market Size, 2009-2016E
IC Substrate Market Size by Technology, 2009-2016E
Specific Application Products of IC Substrate
Mobile DRAM Trend
Advantages of WIDE IO 
SK Hynix WIDE IO2 Roadmap
HMC Architecture
Advantages of Embedded Passive and Active Component Motherboard
Embedded Component Substrate Process
Comparison of Embedded Active & Passive Components
Roadmap of Embedded Passive Substrate
Structure Roadmap of Embedded Active Substrate
FOWLP and PLP Process Comparison
EMBEDDED TRACE Package Features
EMBEDDED TRACE Package Sweet Spot (for Wire Bonding)
EMBEDDED TRACE Package Sweet Spot (for FLIP CHIP)
Apple iPad 4 LTE A1459 IC Package Type List
Development Trend of PoP Packaging
2.5D Interposer Manffacturing Revenue
Breakdown by Interposer Bulk Material, 2010-2017
Downstream Application of TSV 
TSV Equipment Suppliers 
Distribution of TSV Packaging Equipment, 2012-2017E
Revenue of Major IC Substrate Vendors, 2010-2014
Unimicron’s Organizational Structure
Unimicron’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2014
Unimicron’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009-2014
Unimicron’s Revenue and Gross Margin, Q1 2012-Q4 2014
Unimicron’s Sales Breakdown by Technology, 2010-2014
Unimicron’s Sales Breakdown by Application, 2010-2014
Unimicron’s Capacity, 2010-2014
Unimicron’s CAPEX, 2004-2013
Unimicron’s M & A
IBIDEN’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2015
IBIDEN’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, FY2006-FY2015
IBIDEN’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, Q2 2012-Q2 2014
IBIDEN’s Operating Income by Business, Q2 2012-Q2 2014
Ibiden Electronics’ Revenue Breakdown by Product, FY2010-FY2015
IBIDEN’s CAPEX and Depreciation, FY2010-FY2015
Daeduck Electronics’ Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2014
Daeduck Electronics’ Revenue by Business, 2009-2014
Daeduck GDS’ Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2014
Daeduck GDS’ Revenue Breakdown by Business, 2010-2014
SIMMTECH’s Organizational Structure
SIMMTECH’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2014
SIMMTECH’s Revenue, Gross Margin and Net Profit Margin, 2009-2014
SIMMTECH’s Balance Sheet, 2009-2013
SIMMTECH’s Revenue Breakdown by Product, 2013-2015
SIMMTECH’s Gross Margin and Operating Margin, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
SIMMTECH’s Shipments, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
SIMMTECH’s Shipments, 2012-2015E
SIMMTECH’s Capacity Utilization, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
SIMMTECH’s Capacity Utilization, 2012-2015E
SIMMTECH’s Revenue by Application, 2008-2014
SIMMTECH’s Substrate Revenue by Application, 2012-2014
LG INNOTEK’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2015E
LG INNOTEK’s Revenue and Operating Margin, Q1 2012-Q4 2014
LG INNOTEK’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, 2011-2015E
LG INNOTEK’s Operating Income by Business, 2011-2015E
SEMCO’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009-2014
SEMCO’s Revenue Breakdown by Department, 2010-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of SEMCO’s ACI Segment, Q1 2013-Q4 2014 
SEMCO’s HDI and PKG Revenue, Q1-Q4 2014
Nan Ya PCB’s Organizational Structure
Nan Ya PCB’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2014
Nan Ya PCB’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009-2015E
Nan Ya PCB’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan 2013-Jan 2015
Nan Ya PCB’s Capacity and Global Distribution
KINSUS’ Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2014
KINSUS’ Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009-2015E
KINSUS’ Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan 2013-Jan 2015
KINSUS’ Revenue Breakdown by Product, 2011-2014
KINSUS’ Revenue Breakdown by Application, 2011
KINSUS’ Revenue by Application, Q1 2014
KINSUS’ Revenue by Application, Q4 2014
Customer Distribution of KINSUS, 2013\2014
SHINKO’s Revenue and Net Income, FY2007-FY2015
SHINKO’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, FY2010-FY2015
AT&S and EBITDA Margin, FY2005-FY2015
Chongqing Substrate Plant Ramp of AT&S
AT&S’ Revenue Breakdown by Business/Region, FY2014
AT&S’ Revenue Breakdown by Business/Region, FY2015
Revenue of AT&S’ Mobile Devices & Substrates Business, Q2/13-Q4/14
Main Customers of AT&S’ Mobile Devices & Substrates Business 
Revenue of AT&S’ Industrial & Automotive Business, Q2/13-Q4/14
Main Customers of AT&S’ Industrial & Automotive Business
AT&S’ Employees, 2010-2015
AT&S’ CAPEX, 2010-2015E
Financial Data of ACCESS, 2012-2013 
Major Clients of ACCESS, 2011-2013 
Revenue of Packaging Substrate of ACCESS, 2011-2013 
Major Equipment of ACCESS
ASE’s Organizational Structure
ASE’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2005-2015E
ASE’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2009-2015E
ASE’s Revenue, Jan 2013-Jan 2015
ASE’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, 2010-2014
Revenue and Gross Margin of ASE’s Packaging Division, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
Revenue Breakdown of ASE’s Packaging Division by Type, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
Revenue and Gross Margin of ASE’s Materials Division, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
Revenue Breakdown of ASE’s IC Business by Application, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
ASE’s EMS Revenue and Gross Margin, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
ASE’s EMS Revenue Breakdown, Q1 2013-Q4 2014
Amkor’s Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin, 2005-2014
Amkor’s Revenue Breakdown by Packaging Type, 2007-2014
Amkor’s Packaged Units, 2012-2014
Amkor’s Revenue Breakdown by Application, 2012-2014
SPIL’s Organizational Structure
SPIL’s Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin, 2003-2014
SPIL’s Revenue, Jan 2013-Jan 2015
SPIL’s Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin, Q4 2012-Q4 2014
SPIL’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, 2005-2014
SPIL’s Revenue Breakdown by Application, 2005-2014
SPIL’s Revenue Breakdown by Business, 2005-2014
SPIL’s Capacity, 2006-2014
STATS ChipPAC’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2014
STATS ChipPAC’s Balance Sheet, 2014
STATS ChipPAC’s Revenue Breakdown by Packaging Type, 2006-2013
STATS ChipPAC’s Revenue Breakdown by Application, 2006-2013
STATS ChipPAC’s Revenue Breakdown by Region, 2006-2013
Global Distribution of STATS ChipPAC
STATS ChipPAC’s Revenue Breakdown by Region/Business, 2014
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical’s Organization Chart
MGC’s Revenue and Operating Income, FY2009-FY2015
MGC’s Revenue by Segment, FY2009-FY2015
MGC’s Operating Income by Segment, FY2009-FY2015
CAPEX and Depreciation of MGC’s Information and Advanced Material Division, FY2009-FY2015
ABF Application
ABF Manufacturing Process
ABF Construction
Outline of Manufacturing Substrate Using ABF
Next Build-up Material in Demand

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