Global and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Report, 2017-2021
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Since 2015, China's agricultural industry has transferred from the high-growth gold age (2004-2014) to the medium and low-speed growth stage with in-depth adjustment. China’s agricultural machinery industry only saw the sales growth rate of 5.8% in 2016, 1.6 percentage points lower than the growth rate of the entire machinery industry, which was mainly affected by lower agricultural machinery subsidies, falling crop prices, the adjustment of the agricultural planting structure, the transition from Chinese national emission standards II to III and other factors. In 2017, this slow growth trend is more obvious, and the annual sales growth rate is expected to be about 4.0%.

As the Chinese agricultural machinery market entered into the new normal state and the demand for traditional agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, planters, rotary tillers and others) was significantly saturated, the tractor output of Chinese backbone enterprises fell 9.0% year on year in 2016; meanwhile, their output of self-propelled wheeled grain harvesters and corn harvesters dropped 11.1% and 43.5% year on year respectively. In contrast, rice transplanters, crawler harvesters and grain dryers performed better.

Although China's agricultural machinery industry is facing many challenges, the industry is still promising in the long run. The state has introduced Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Agricultural Mechanization Development, Action Program for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development (2016-2025) and other policies to promote the full agricultural mechanization. Data show that China's comprehensive agricultural mechanization level hit more than 65% in 2016, away from the goal of 70% in 2020.


 On the other hand, the technologies of mechanized planting, corn mechanized harvesting and other weak links are promoted more radically while the traditional agricultural machinery market declines; the market share of power shift tractors, vertical axis harvesting machinery and supporting large complex agricultural machinery keeps rising. Therefore, high-end and intelligent products will become new growth engines in the market in the future with the further adjustment of the agricultural machinery demand structure.

In the face of the sluggish agricultural machinery market and the drop of the downstream demand, Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises compete with each other more intensely day by day. Some enterprises even witness the broken capital chain and cannot survive. However, some other enterprises have achieved steady growth by launching new products (such as Zoomlion, Sinoagri BOYO), opening up overseas markets (Foton Lovol, China YTO), expanding the industrial chain (Jiangsu World), mergers and acquisitions (LuoYang Zhongshou Machinery Equipment, Lion Agricultural Equipment) and other ways.

The report focuses on the followings:
20120114.gifStatus quo of global agricultural machinery market, agricultural machinery development and key enterprises in major countries;
20120114.gifChina’s agricultural machinery market environment and policies (including subsidies, planning, emission standards, etc.);
20120114.gifOverview, main products, major enterprises, agricultural mechanization and future trends of China's agricultural machinery industry;
20120114.gifStatus quo of major agricultural machinery segments including tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters, cotton pickers and grain dryers;
20120114.gifDevelopment of agricultural machinery industry in 17 major provinces including Shandong, Henan and Heilongjiang;
20120114.gifOperation, R & D and development strategy of 8 global and 18 key Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises.

1 Status Quo of Global Agricultural Machinery Industry
1.1 Market Overview
1.1.1 Production
1.1.2 Major Agricultural Machinery
1.2 Major Countries
1.2.1 USA
1.2.2 Canada
1.2.3 Germany
1.2.4 Italy
1.2.5 Japan
1.3 Major Companies

2 Development Environment for Agricultural Machinery Industry in China
2.1 Market Environment
2.2 Policy Environment
2.2.1 Major Policies
2.2.2 Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies
2.2.3 Agricultural Machinery Emission Standards

3 Development of Agricultural Machinery Industry in China
3.1 Status Quo
3.1.1 Overview
3.1.2 Major Product Markets
3.1.3 Import & Export
3.1.4 Market Pattern
3.2 Agricultural Mechanization
3.2.1 Total Power and Structure of Agricultural Machinery
3.2.2 Ownership and Structure of Agricultural Machinery
3.2.3 Level of Agricultural Mechanization
3.2.4 Agricultural Mechanization Services
3.3 Development Trend

4 Main Agricultural Machinery Products in China
4.1 Tractor
4.1.1 Status Quo
4.1.2 Product Structure
4.1.3 Enterprise Pattern
4.2 Harvester
4.2.1 Supply and Demand
4.2.2 Mechanized Harvesting of Main Crops
4.3 Transplanter
4.3.1 Status Quo
4.3.2 Major Products
4.3.3 Major Regions
4.3.4 Export
4.3.5 Key Players
4.4 Cotton Picker
4.5 Grain Dryer

5 Key Provinces of Agricultural Machinery in China
5.1 Shandong
5.1.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.1.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization
5.1.3 Agricultural Mechanization Services
5.1.4 Major Agricultural Machinery Enterprises
5.1.5 Development Planning
5.2 Heilongjiang
5.2.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.2.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization 
5.2.3 Agricultural Mechanization Services
5.2.4 Agricultural Machinery Enterprises
5.2.5 Development Planning
5.3 Henan
5.3.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.3.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization 
5.3.3 Agricultural Mechanization Services
5.3.4 Development Planning
5.4 Hebei
5.4.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.4.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization
5.4.3 Development Planning
5.5 Anhui
5.5.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.5.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization
5.5.3 Agricultural Machinery Operation
5.5.4 Development Planning
5.6 Hunan
5.6.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.6.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization 
5.6.3 Development Planning
5.7 Jiangsu
5.7.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Equipment
5.7.2 Level of Agricultural Mechanization
5.7.3 Agricultural Machinery Enterprises
5.7.4 Development Planning
5.8 Others
5.8.1 Jiangxi
5.8.2 Hubei
5.8.3 Jilin
5.8.4 Yunnan
5.8.5 Shanxi
5.8.6 Sichuan
5.8.7 Inner Mongolia
5.8.8 Liaoning
5.8.9 Shaanxi
5.8.10 Zhejiang

6 Global Major Agricultural Machinery Companies
6.1 John Deere
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Development in China
6.2 CNH Industrial
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Development in China
6.3 AGCO
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Development in China
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Development in China 
6.5 SDF
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Development in China
6.6 Kubota
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.6.3 Development in China
6.7 Mahindra
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Operation
6.7.3 Agricultural Machinery Business
6.7.4 Development in China 
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operation
6.8.3 Development in China

7. Key Agricultural Machinery Companies in China
7.1 YTO Group Corporation
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 First Tractor Company Limited
7.1.4 Luoyang Zhongshou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.1.5 Development Strategy
7.2 Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 R&D Capability
7.2.4 Development Strategy
7.3 Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Development Strategy
7.3.4 Key Projects
7.4 Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.4.3 Development Strategy
7.5 Jiangsu Changfa Group
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operation
7.5.3 Agricultural Machinery Subsidiary -- Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.6 Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd.
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operation
7.6.3 Development Strategy
7.7 Shandong Wuzheng (Group) Co. Ltd.
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operation
7.7.3 Development Strategy
7.8 Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Operation
7.8.3 R&D Capability
7.9 Shandong Juming Group
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Operation
7.9.3 Development Strategy
7.10 Jiangsu World Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.10.1 Profile
7.10.2 Operation
7.11 Shandong CLAAS Jinyee Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.11.1 Profile
7.11.2 Operation
7.12 Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.12.1 Profile
7.12.2 Operation
7.12.3 Agricultural Machinery Subsidiary -- Luoyang Zhongshou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.13 Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.
7.13.1 Profile
7.13.2 Operation
7.13.3 Major Subsidiaries
7.14 Xingguang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.14.1 Profile
7.14.2 Operation
7.14.3 Competitive Edge
7.14.4 Development Strategy
7.15 Hebei Sino-Agri BOYO Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.15.1 Profile
7.15.2 Operation
7.15.3 R&D Capability
7.16 Tianjin Yongmeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
7.16.1 Profile
7.16.2 Operation
7.16.3 R&D
7.17 LION Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.17.1 Profile
7.17.2 Operation
7.17.3 Development Strategy
7.18 Hebei Nonghaha Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
7.18.1 Profile
7.18.2 Operation

8. Summary and Forecast
8.1 Market
8.2 Enterprise 
Gross Output Value of Agricultural Machinery Worldwide, 2010-2021E
Global Agricultural Machinery Market Structure by Region, 2016
Tractor Sales in Major Countries/Regions Worldwide, 2010-2016
Harvester Sales in Major Countries/Regions Worldwide, 2010-2016
Major Agricultural Machinery Sales in the United States, 2006-2016
Major Agricultural Machinery Sales in Canada, 2006-2016
Major Indicators of Agricultural Machinery Industry in Germany, 2010-2016
Major Indicators of Agricultural Machinery Industry in Italy, 2010-2016
Output Value and Sales of Agricultural Machinery in Japan, 2011-2017
Output Value and Sales of Agricultural Machinery Industry in Japan by Product, 2015-2016
Sales and Growth of Major Agricultural Machinery Players in the World, 2016
China’s GDP Growth, 2013-2017
Purchase Prices of Main Crops in China, 2017
Plans for Planting Restructuring in China, 2016-2020E
Prosperity of Agricultural Machinery in China, 2015-2017 
Major Policies on Agricultural Machinery Industry in China, 2015-2017
Subsidies for Agricultural Machinery in China, 2004-2017
Central Subsidies for Purchase of Agricultural Machinery (by Province), 2017
Major Indicators of Agricultural Machinery Industry in China, 2011-2017
Output of Major Agricultural Machinery in China, 2011-2016
Tractor Output of Backbone Enterprises in China, 2012-2016
China’s Agricultural Machinery Imports, 2010-2017
China’s Agricultural Machinery Exports, 2010-2017
Export Value of Major Agricultural Machinery Products in China, 2016
Export Surplus of Agricultural Machinery in China, 2011-2017
Overseas Agricultural Machinery Players' Layout in China
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in China, 2011-2021E
Power of Agricultural Machinery Per Hectare of Farmland in China, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Main Agricultural Equipment in China, 2011-2017
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Major Provinces, 2016
Major Agricultural Machinery Ownership in China, 2011-2021E
Ownership Ratio of Small Tractors and Large-and Medium-sized Tractors in China, 2004-2021E
Acreage of Farmland Covered by Mechanized Operation, 2011-2017
Overall Level of Mechanization in Crop Ploughing, Sowing and Harvesting in China, 2011-2021E
Mechanized Farming, Sowing, and Harvesting of Crops in China, 2011-2021E
Overall Level of Mechanization in Crop Plowing, Sowing, and Harvesting in Major Provinces in China, 2016
Regional Layout of Whole-course Mechanization of Main Crops Production in China
First Demonstration Counties Basically Realizing Whole-course Mechanization of Main Crops Production in China, 2016
Number of Agricultural Mechanization Service Organizations and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in China, 2011-2021E
Total Revenue of Agricultural Mechanization Services, 2011-2021E
Major Indices of Agricultural Machinery in 13th Five-year Period in China
Tractor Output and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2010-2017
Output Breakdown of Tractors in China by Type, 2010-2017
Top5 Enterprises in Chinese Large and Medium-sized Tractor Market, 2016
Top5 Enterprises in Chinese Small-wheel Tractor Market, 2016 
Ownership and Structure of Harvesters in China, 2010-2017
Combine-harvester Output and Sales Volume in China, 2010-2017
China’s Combine-harvester Imports and Exports, 2014-2016
China’s Combine-harvester Exports and Proportion (by Country/Region), 2016
Level of Mechanized Harvesting of Three Main Crops in China, 2010-2021E
Wheat Harvester Ownership in China, 2010-2021E
Corn Harvester Ownership in China, 2010-2017
Sales Volume Structure of Corn Harvesters in China by Type, 2016
Three Corn Harvester Clusters in China
Market Share of Major Corn Harvester Enterprises in China by Sales Volume in China, 2015
Sales Volume of Rice Transplanters in China, 2014-2021E
Mechanical Transplanting Rate of Rice Transplanters in China, 2011-2021E
Subsidy of Transplanter in China, 2017 
Market Share of Rice Transplanters by Type in China, 2016 
Demand Structure of Rice Transplanters in China, 2016 
Transplanting Rate of Rice in Major Provinces of China, 2016 
China’s Rice Transplanter Imports and Exports, 2014-2016
Import Value of Rice Transplanter in China by Country, 2016
Export Value of Rice Transplanter in China by Country, 2016
Cotton Acreage in China by Region, 2014-2016
Domestic Cotton Picker Enterprises and R&D Progress, 2017
China’s Grain Output, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Grain Dryer in China, 2015-2021E
Major Grain Dryers Enterprises in China
Total Power and Output Value of Agricultural Machinery in Shandong, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Shandong, 2010-2017
Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Shandong, 2011-2021E
Major Agricultural Machinery Enterprises in Shandong, 2016
Total Power and Agricultural Machinery in Heilongjiang, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Heilongjiang, 2011-2017
Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Heilongjiang, 2011-2021E
Major Agricultural Machinery Enterprises in Heilongjiang
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Henan, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Henan, 2011-2017
Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Henan, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Hebei, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Hebei, 2011-2017
Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Hebei, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Anhui, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Anhui, 2012-2016
Overall Level of Agricultural Mechanization in Anhui, 2011-2021E
Total Revenue from Agricultural Machinery Operation in Anhui, 2010-2017
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Hunan, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Hunan, 2012-2016
Overall Level of Mechanization in Rice Plowing, Sowing, and Harvesting in Hunan, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Jiangsu, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Jiangsu, 2012-2016
Overall Level of Mechanization in Crop Production in Jiangsu, 2011-2021E
Major Agricultural Machinery Enterprises in Jiangsu, 2017
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Jiangxi, 2013-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Jiangxi, 2012-2016
Major Indicators of Agricultural Machinery Industry in Jiangxi, 2020E
Hubei’s Goals for Regional Development of Agricultural Machinery Industry, 2020E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Jilin, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Jilin, 2012-2016
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Yunnan, 2011-2021E
Ownership of Major Agricultural Machinery in Yunnan, 2012-2016
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Shanxi, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Sichuan, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Inner Mongolia, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Liaoning, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Shaanxi, 2011-2021E
Total Power of Agricultural Machinery in Zhejiang, 2011-2021E
Net Sales and Net Income of John Deere, FY2011-FY2017
Net Sales and Operating Income of John Deere by Business, FY2011-FY2017
Net Sales of John Deere by Region, FY2013-FY2016
Production Bases of John Deere in China, 2017
Revenue and Profit of CNH Industrial, 2012-2017
Revenue of CNH Industrial by Business, 2015-2016
Revenue of CNH Industrial by Region, 2015-2016
Agricultural Machinery Production Bases of CNH Industrial in China, by the end of 2016
Net Sales and Net Income of AGCO, 2011-2016
Net Sales Structure of AGCO by Product, 2016
Net Sales Structure of AGCO by Region, 2016
AGCO’s Factories in China, by the end of 2016
Net Sales and Net Income of CLAAS, FY2011-FY2016
Net Sales Structure of CLAAS by Region, FY2016
4S Stores of CLAAS in China, by the end of Jun 2016
Net Sales and Net Income of SDF, 2011-2016
Net Sales Structure of SDF, 2015-2016
Global Production Base of SDF
Revenue and Net Income of Kubota, 2011-2016
Revenue of Kubota by Region, 2011-2016
Revenue of Kubota by Business, 2011-2016
Major Subsidiaries of Kubota in China, 2017
Business Structure of Mahindra
Sales Structure of Mahindra by Business, FY2016-FY2017
Global Agricultural Equipment Business Operation of Mahindra, 2017
Global Tractor Sales Volume of Mahindra, FY2008-FY2017
Mahindra’s Agricultural Machinery Factories in China, 2016
Revenue of ISEKI, 2012-2016
Revenue of ISEKI by Region, 2015-2016
Revenue of ISEKI by Business, 2015-2016
Revenue from Overseas Markets of ISEKI, 2015-2016
Revenue of YTO Group, 2010-2017
Revenue and Net Income of First Tractor, 2011-2017
Operating Revenue and Gross Margin of First Tractor by Business, 2013-2016
Agricultural Machinery Sales Volume and Revenue of First Tractor by Product, 2014-2016
Capacity and Output of First Tractor’s Main Products, 2015-2016
Operating Revenue of First Tractor by Region, 2011-216
Main Agricultural Machinery of FotonLovol
Revenue of FotonLovol, 2010-2017
Agricultural Equipment Revenue of Sector of FotonLovol, 2010-2016
Revenue of Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group, 2011-2017
Revenue of Shandong Changlin Machinery Group, 2009-2017
Agricultural Machinery Subsidiaries of Shandong Changlin Machinery Group
Revenue of Jiangsu Changfa Group, 2011-2017
Major Subsidiaries of Jiangsu Changfa Group
Revenue and Profit & Tax of Shandong Shifeng, 2011-2017
Revenue of Shandong Wuzheng, 2010-2016
Production Bases of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery
Main Economic Indices of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery, 2015-2016
Revenue of Shandong Juming, 2011-2017
Development History of World Agricultural Machinery
Revenue of World Agricultural Machinery, 2011-2017
Subsidiaries and Main Products of Modern Agricultural Equipment, 2017
Revenue of Modern Agricultural Equipment, 2011-2017
Operating Revenue of Modern Agricultural Equipment by Business, 2013-2016
Major Agricultural Machinery Products of Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute
Revenue and Net Income of Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute, 2011-2017
Operating Revenue of Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute by Region, 2012-2016
Major Subsidiaries and Their Revenue of Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute, at the end of 2016
Revenue and Net Income of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery, 2012-2017
Revenue of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery by Product, 2012-2016
Revenue of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery by Region, 2012-2016
Number of Dealers of Xingguang Agricultural Machinery, 2012-2017
Corn Combine-harvester Sales Volume of Tianjin Yongmeng Machinery Manufacturing, 2013-2017
Major Economic Indicators of Agricultural Machinery Industry in China, 2016-2020E
Revenue of Major Agricultural Machinery Enterprises in China, 2016

Global and China Marine Diesel Engine Industry Report, 2018

The depressed world shipbuilding industry has dragged down marine diesel engine industry since 2011, and the global output of marine diesel engine showed the CAGR of -17.4% between 2012 and 2016. As g...

Global and China Injection Molding Machine Industry Report, 2018-2022

In 2017, as global injection molding machine market rallied, especially Asian, European and American markets all of which expanded further, the market size also bounced back quickly, with full-year ou...

Global and China Service Robot Industry Report, 2018-2022

In 2017, the global service robot market size reached approximately USD8.3 billion, up 13.6% from a year earlier, and the scale is expected to keep a growth rate of about 20.0% in the upcoming years a...

Global and China Industrial Laser Industry Report, 2018-2022

Industrial laser, playing a key role in the laser industry chain, makes up roughly 30% of laser equipment cost. The industrial laser market in 2017 is featured as follows: 1. Rapid market expansion: ...

China Rail Transit Air-conditioner Industry Report, 2018-2022

As Chinese cities are growing ever bigger and traffic jams are getting worse, the traditional public transport cannot meet city dwellers’ mobility need any longer, and rail transit in consequence beco...

China Automated Logistics Equipment Industry Report, 2018-2022

The year 2017 witnessed rapid expansion of automated logistics equipment market in China with the size soaring by 26.0% year-on-year to RMB87.2 billion and expected to exceed RMB100 billion in 2018. P...

Global and China Industrial Robot Speed Reducer Industry Report, 2018-2022

Global and Chinese market of precision speed reducer, a core component of industrial robot, has always been monopolized by Nabtesco, HarmonicDrive, Sumitomo, Spinea and SEJINIGB because of higher tech...

Global and China Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Industry Report, 2018-2022

Miniaturization of electronic products conduces to components of all sorts being smaller and smaller and spurs the growing demand for automated inspection equipment. In the wake of a transfer of elect...

Global and China Machine Vision System Industry Report, 2018-2022

A machine vision system replaces human eyes to make judges and measurements, and it falls into the PC type and the embedded type, among which the former is the most widely used. Under the backdrop of...

Global and China Laser Processing Equipment Industry Report, 2017-2021

With the fast evolvement and wide application of laser technology, the global laser processing industry has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2017, the global laser processing market size exceeded USD10 b...

Global and China Photovoltaic Inverter Industry Report, 2017-2021

PV power generation has been burgeoning with policy incentive and robust demand from downstream sectors over the recent years. In 2017, the global newly installed PV capacity reached 102GW (including ...

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2017-2021

Global output value of machine tools came to €67.6 billion in 2016, down 2.2% from a year ago. Specifically, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan encountered sharp decline, while Germany enjoyed stable devel...

Global and China Forklift Industry Report, 2017-2021

Driven by downstream demand, global forklift orders and sales both have grown steadily in recent years. In 2016, the figures reached 1,182,100 units and 1,152,900 units, up 7.5% and 8.3% from a year a...

China Smart Meter Industry Report, 2017-2021

Under the influencing factors like “Collective Reading of Four Meters (water, electricity, gas and heat meters)”, differential pricing as well as the evolution of Internet of Things, China's smart met...

Global and China Rubber Machinery Industry Report, 2017-2021

The development of the rubber machinery industry is closely related to the development of the tire industry. The weak tire industry in the past two years has dragged down the development of the global...

China Heat Meter Industry Report, 2017-2021

The Chinese urban heating market has grown steadily in recent years, reaching RMB161.1 billion in 2016, a CAGR of 9.9% between 2011 and 2016, higher than the world’s average (3.5%), and expected to ri...

Global and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Report, 2017-2021

Since 2015, China's agricultural industry has transferred from the high-growth gold age (2004-2014) to the medium and low-speed growth stage with in-depth adjustment. China’s agricultural machinery in...

Global and China Machine Vision Industry Report, 2017-2021

Machine vision is a system consisting of lens, camera, frame grabber, and image processing software. Compared with manual detection, machine vision has the advantages of high efficiency, being less er...

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