Global and China Machine Vision System Industry Report, 2018-2022
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A machine vision system replaces human eyes to make judges and measurements, and it falls into the PC type and the embedded type, among which the former is the most widely used.

Under the backdrop of Industry 4.0, the machine vision industry has been growing steadily over the recent years. In 2017, the global market size of machine vision systems approximated USD8.1 billion and showed an average annual growth rate of over 15.0%, of which German market size reported EUR2.71 billion or USD3.1 billion (the average exchange rate of EUR to USD at 1:1.1297 in 2017), sweeping more than one-third of global total and being naturally the biggest machine vision market in the world. It is expected that the global machine vision market will show a growth rate of 5% to 10% between 2018 and 2022.

Chinese machine vision industry started late and has a small market size. In 2017, the Chinese market of machine vision systems was worth RMB3.2 billion (about USD470 million based on the average exchange rate of USD to RMB at 1:6.7547 in 2017), accounting for 5.8% of global total and presenting a year-on-year surge of 23.1%. As estimated, the Chinese market size will keep a growth rate of about 20.0% from 2018 to 2022, largely boosted by the three as follows:

Firstly, the State has issued favorable policies successively for the development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent robotic vision system, intelligent detection and other sectors. For instance, China released in November 2017 the Action Plan for High-end Intelligent Remanufacturing during 2018-2020 which put it forward that China’s intelligent detection technology should be up to the international advanced level in 2020.

Secondly, machine vision system finds more and more application and the demand for it keeps growing. In China, machine vision system is now primarily utilized in such fields as electronic manufacturing, automobile, printing, food and packaging machinery, and in 2017 the demand from those sectors saw 70.0% as a percentage of total demand. Electronic manufacturing is the biggest applied market of machine vision system, and in 2017 it needed machine vision systems which were worth RMB1.5 billion or so, particularly the demand for machine vision system applied to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and AOI/AXI equipment. What’s more, automobile is a key area where machine vision system gets applied, and in 2017 the machine vision systems applied in automobile were worth roughly RMB350 million. Machine vision system is also used in the driver assistance system and self-driving cars. In the wake of advances in artificial intelligence, machine vision gets increasingly used in sweeper robot, service robot and intelligent security and other fields.

Lastly, Production cost is reduced. Machine vision can reduce the pressure from the rising labor cost effectively and it gets used by more and more enterprises to detect, measure and recognize production lines. In a word, machine vision will penetrate more fields.

Thus far, the world’s key suppliers of machine vision system consist mainly of Keyence, Omron and Panasonic from Japan, Cognex from the United States, Dalsa from Canada, Daheng New Epoch Technology, Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, etc. from China. Among them, Japanese and American companies take a lead in the competition. In 2017, Keyence ranked first with a 9.5% market share, while Daheng New Epoch Technology as the largest provider of machine vision systems in China only enjoyed a global market share of 1.4%.


To perfect industrial chain and be more competitive in the promising machine vision market, some players tapped into the machine vision field also by means of acquisitions, for example, Baidu purchased xPerception, a provider of machine vision technologies in April 2017; Google acquired AIMatter, an image processing company in August 2017.

Global and China Machine Vision System Industry Report, 2018-2022 by ResearchInChina highlights the followings:
20120114.gifIndustrial laser (definition, classification, functions, industrial chain, etc.);
20120114.gifGlobal market of machine vision systems (development environment, market size, patents, competitive landscape, etc.);
20120114.gifChinese market of machine vision systems (development environment, status quo, patents, market structure, competitive landscape, cost structure, development tendency, etc.);
20120114.gifStatus quo and market size of machine vision system components (light source, lens, industrial camera, image capture card, image processing software, etc.);
20120114.gifStatus quo and market size of machine vision systems applied in semiconductor & electronic manufacturing, automobile, pharmaceuticals, food and packaging machinery;
20120114.gif9 foreign and 12 Chinese suppliers of machine vision systems and components (operation, machine vision business and so forth).

1 Overview of Machine Vision Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Main Functions and Features
1.3 Industry Chain
1.4 Problems

2 Global Machine Vision Market
2.1 Development Environment
2.2 Market Situation
2.2.1 Market Size and Structure
2.2.2 North America
2.2.3 Japan
2.2.4 Germany
2.2.5 UK
2.3 Patents and Distribution
2.4 Competitive Landscape

3 Chinese Machine Vision Market
3.1 Development Environment
3.2 Market Situation
3.2.1 Market Size
3.2.2 Market Structure
3.3 Patents
3.4 Cost Structure
3.5 Competitive Landscape
3.5.1 Regional
3.5.2 Enterprise
3.6 Driving Factors
3.7 Hindering Factors
3.8 Development Trends

4 Machine Vision Component Market
4.1 Light Source
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 LED Light Source
4.2 Lens
4.3 Industrial Camera
4.3.1 Market Overview
4.3.2 COMS Image Sensor
4.3.3 COMS Camera Module
4.4 Frame Grabber
4.5 Image Processing Software
4.6 System Integration

5 Machine Vision Application Market
5.1 Semiconductor and Electronic Manufacturing
5.1.1 Application of Machine Vision
5.1.2 Semiconductor
5.1.3 PCB
5.1.4 Panel Display Detection
5.2 Automobile
5.2.1 Application of Machine Vision
5.2.2 Status Quo of Automobile Industry
5.3 Pharmaceutical
5.3.1 Application of Machine Vision
5.3.2 Pharmaceutical Industry
5.4 Food & Packaging Machinery
5.4.1 Application of Machine Vision
5.4.2 Status Quo of Food and Packaging Machinery Industry
5.5 Others
5.5.1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
5.5.2 Customized Consumption and Intelligent Security
5.5.3 Intelligent Plant
5.5.4 Medical Imaging

6 Major Foreign Machine Vision System Providers
6.1 Keyence
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Machine Vision Business
6.1.4 Presence in China
6.2 Cognex
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Machine Vision Business
6.3 Omron
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Machine Vision Business
6.3.4 Presence in China
6.4 Panasonic
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Machine Vision Business
6.4.4 Presence in China
6.5 NI
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Machine Vision Business
6.5.4 Presence in China
6.6 Others
6.6.1 Banner
6.6.2 DALSA
6.6.3 Baumer
6.6.4 BitFlow

7 Major Chinese Machine Vision Producers
7.1 Daheng New Epoch Technology
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Machine Vision Business
7.2 Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Machine Vision Business
7.3 Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Machine Vision Business
7.4 Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.4.3 Machine Vision Business
7.5 Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operation
7.5.3 Machine Vision Business
7.6 Shenzhen Inovance Technology
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operation
7.6.3 Machine Vision Business
7.7 Ningbo Cixing
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operation
7.7.3 Machine Vision Business
7.8 Sking Intelligent Equipment
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Operation
7.8.3 Machine Vision Business
7.9 OPT Machine Vision
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Machine Vision Business
7.10 Others
7.10.1 Shanghai BMT Automation
7.10.2 Changchun UpOptotech
7.10.3 Shanghai Ximing Vision Technology
Schematic Diagram of PC-based Vision System
Main Application Forms of Machine Vision
Machine Vision Industry Chain
Development Cycle of Machine Vision
Development History of Machine Vision Worldwide
Sales Volume of Industrial Robots Worldwide, 2008-2022E
Sales Volume of Industrial Robots (by Country/Region) Worldwide, 2015-2020E
Global Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth, 2012-2022E
Global Machine Vision Market Structure (by Region), 2017/2022E
Global Machine Vision Application Structure, 2017
Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth in North America, 2012-2022E
Machine Vision Market Size (by Type) in North America, 2011-2018E
Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth in Japan, 2012-2022E
Machine Vision Application Structure in Europe, 2014-2015
Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth in Germany, 2012-2022E
Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth in UK, 2012-2022E
New Patents for Machine Vision and YoY Growth Worldwide, 2007-2018E
Distribution of Patents for Machine Vision Worldwide, 2016
Competitive Pattern of Global Machine Vision Market, 2017
M&As of Foreign Machine Vision Companies, 2017
Number of Machine Vision Vendors in China, 2008-2018E
Machine Vision Market Size and YoY Growth in China, 2012-2022E
Machine Vision Application Structure in China, 2017/2022E
Total Number of Patents for Machine Vision and YoY Growth in China, 2006-2018E
Distribution of Patents for Machine Vision in China, 2017
Information about Applicants of Top 10 Machine Vision Patents in China as of 2017
Main Patents about Machine Vision in China as of 2017
Cost Structure of Machine Vision in China, 2017
Distribution of Machine Vision Vendors in China, 2017
Leading Machine Vision Suppliers in Chinese Market
Classification of Machine Vision Light Sources
Global LED Applied Structure, 2017
LED Industrial Lighting Market Size Worldwide, 2012-2018E
Industrial Lenses for Machine Vision
Global Shipments of Lenses, 2016-2018E
Ranking of Lens Manufacturers by Shipment Worldwide, 2014-2015
Key Industrial Cameras for Machine Vision
Global Shipment of Industrial Cameras, 2011-2022E
Global Demand from Key Applied Fields for Machine Vision Camera, 2017/2023
Competitive Landscape of Global Machine Vision Camera Market, 2017
Role of CMOS Image Sensor in Machine Vision System
CMOS Image Sensor Sales and Shipment Worldwide, 2004-2019E
Development Course of Imaging Technology
CMOS Image Sensor Application Patten Worldwide
Competitive Landscape of Global CMOS Image Sensor Market, 2015-2016
Global CMOS Camera Module Market Size, 2013-2022E
Capacity of Global Major CCM Vendors, 2016-2017
Acquisition Flow of Frame Grabber
Global Industrial Software Market Size and YoY Growth, 2011-2022E
China’s Industrial Software Market Size and YoY Growth, 2012-2022E
Global Industrial Software Market Structure, 2016
Diverse Processing Modes of Machine Vision
Relation of Smart Camera Development Costs to Time
Consumption of Machine Vision in Semiconductor and Electronic Manufacturing in China, 2013-2022E
Structure of AOI Inspection Equipment
Comparison between AOI Inspection and Manual Inspection
Global AOI Output Value Structure (by Region), 2016
Competitive Pattern of AOI Vendors Worldwide, 2016
AOI Equipment Assembly Drawing of PCB Manufacturing Line
Global Semiconductor Market Size and YoY Growth, 2012-2022E
Global Semiconductor Market Size by Product, 2016-2018
Global Semiconductor Shipment and YoY Growth, 2014-2022E
Global Semiconductor Shipment Structure, 2016
Global Semiconductor Market Size (by Region), 2014-2018E
Competitive Landscape of Global Semiconductor Market, 2017
Sales and YoY Growth of Chinese Semiconductor Market, 2012-2022E
Imports and Exports in Chinese Semiconductor Market, 2008-2017
Proportion of Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry, 2010-2018E
Output Value of Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry, 2014-2022E
Global PCB Output Value and YoY Growth, 2012-2022E
Global PCB Output Value Structure (by Product), 2012-2018E
Global PCB Output Value (by Region), 2013-2018E
PCB Output Value and YoY Growth in Chinese Mainland, 2012-2022E
Total Number of PCB Patents in China, 2007-2018E
Competitive Landscape of Global PCB Market, 2016
Capacity of Major PCB Vendors in China, 2017
Global Panel Sales (by Region), 2014-2016
Global Panel Capacity (by Generation Line), 2016-2022E
OLED Panel Capacity in China, 2011-2021E
Vision Solutions for Automobile Manufacturing
Consumption of Machine Vision in China’s Automobile Industry,2013-2022E
Application of Machine Vision in Google Self-driving Car
Sales Volume of Passenger Cars Worldwide, 2008-2018E
Sales Volume of Commercial Vehicles Worldwide, 2008-2018E
Automobile Sales in Major Countries Worldwide, 2017
Automobile Sales in China, 2015-2017
Sales Structure of Passenger Cars (by Country) in China, 2014-2017
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Automobile Market, 2015-2017
Application of Machine Vision in Pharmaceuticals
Consumption of Machine Vision in China’s Pharmaceutical Industry, 2013-2022E
Global Consumption of Pharmaceuticals Industry by Region, 2015-2020E
Global Prescribed Drug Market Size, 2014-2022E
Output Value and YoY Growth of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry, 2014-2022E
Consumption of Machine Vision in Food and Packaging Machinery in China, 2013-2022E
Output Value and YoY Growth of Global Packaging Industry, 2011-2022E
Per Capita Packaging Consumption in Major Countries/Regions, 2017
iRobot 980’s VSLAM Visual Positioning Technology
Dyson 360 eye’s Camera
Applications of Megvii Technology’s Machine Vision
Application of Machine Vision in Medical Imaging
Main Business of Keyence
Global Presence of Keyence
Revenue and Net Income of Keyence, FY2011-FY2018
Revenue Breakdown of Keyence (by Region), FY2016-FY2017
Main Machine Vision Products of Keyence
New Products of Keyence in 2017
Keyence’s Layout in China
Product Lines of Cognex
Revenue and Profit of Cognex, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Cognex (by Region), 2012-2017
Application Structure of Cognex’s Machine Vision, 2014-2017
New Products of Cognex, 2017
Global Presence of Omron
Revenue and Net Income of Omron, FY2009-FY2017
Revenue Structure of Omron (by Business), FY2011-2017
Revenue Structure of Omron (by Region), FY2012-FY2017
IAB Revenue and Profit of Omron, FY2012-FY2017
IAB Revenue Structure of IAB Business (By Product) of Omron, FY2016
Distribution of Companies Invested by Omron in China
Revenue and YoY Growth of Omron in Greater China, FY2010-FY2017
Revenue and Net Income of Panasonic, FY2010-FY2018
Business Plan of Panasonic, FY2017-FY2021
Revenue Structure of Panasonic (by Business), FY2013-FY2017
Business Segments of Panasonic, FY2017/FY2018
Revenue Breakdown of Panasonic (by Region), FY2011-FY2017
Segmentation of Panasonic's AVC Networks Business
Operation of Panasonic’s AVC Networks Business, FY2016-FY2017
Operation Target of Panasonic’s AVC Networks Business Segments, FY2019
Revenue and YoY Growth of Panasonic in China, FY2010-FY2017
Development Course of NI
Employees and YoY Growth of NI, 2009-2017
Revenue and Net Income of NI, 2008-2017
Revenue Structure of NI (by Business), 2014-2017
Main Machine Vision Products of NI
Comparison between NI’s Main Smart Cameras
Key Partners of NI in China
Global Presence of Banner
Main Machine Vision Products of DALSA
Main Machine Vision Products of Baumer
Development of Baumer in China
Equity Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology, 2017
Revenue and Gross Margin of Daheng New Epoch Technology, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology (by Product), 2013-2017
Output and Sales Volume of Daheng New Epoch Technology (by Product), 2017
Revenue Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology (by Region), 2010-2017
Vision Inspection System Revenue and Profit Margin of Daheng New Epoch Technology, 2013-2017
Machine Vision Application Structure of Daheng New Epoch Technology, 2016
Equity Structure of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System, 2017
Layout of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System in China
Revenue and Net Income of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System, 2009-2017
R&D Costs and YoY Growth of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System, 2008-2017
Revenue Structure of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System (by Business), 2015-2017
Revenue Structure of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System (by Region), 2015-2017
Industrial Intelligent Solution-related Technologies and Products of Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System
Equity Structure of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery, 2017
Global Presence of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery
Revenue and Net Income of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery (by Product), 2014-2016
Revenue Structure of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery (by Region), 2014-2016
Major Customers of Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery
Equity Structure of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, 2017
Global Presence of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment
Revenue and Net Income of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment (by Product), 2015-2017
Main Machine Vision R&D Projects of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, 2017
Machine Vision Revenue and YoY Growth of Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, 2011-2017
Equity Structure of Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control, 2017
Revenue and Profit of Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control (by Product), 2012-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control (by Region), 2013-2017
Equity Structure of Shenzhen Inovance Technology, 2017
Revenue and Net Income of Shenzhen Inovance Technology, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Inovance Technology (by Product), 2013-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Inovance Technology (by Region), 2013-2017
Equity Structure of Ningbo Cixing, 2017
Revenue and Net Income of Ningbo Cixing, 2010-2017
Revenue Structure of Ningbo Cixing (by Product), 2014-2017
Revenue Structure of Ningbo Cixing (by Region), 2013-2017
Equity Structure of Shenzhen Sking Intelligent Equipment, 2017
Revenue and Net Income of Shenzhen Sking Intelligent Equipment,2013-2017
Revenue Structure of Shenzhen Sking Intelligent Equipment (by Product), 2014-2016
Major Customers of Shenzhen Sking Intelligent Equipment, 2014-2016
Major Suppliers of Shenzhen Sking Intelligent Equipment, 2014-2016
Development Course of OPT Machine Vision
Global Presence of OPT Machine Vision
Machine Vision Products of OPT Machine Vision
Machine Vision R&D Center of OPT Machine Vision

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