Ajisen Ramen to Open 100 Stores in 2012


Ajisen Ramen China released its financial report for 2011 recently, showing that its sales revenue went up by 14.7% to HK$ 3 billion yuan, gross margin was up by 12.4% to HK$2 billion and its net profit growth was down from 17.5% in 2010 to 11.9%. The earnings per share decreased from HK$ 41. 83 cents to HK$ 32.64 cents.
It also showed that the noodle chain opened 154 new stores last year and its total store count stood at 662. The new openings were concentrated in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and one closing occurred in Shenzhen market.
Ajisen said that many of its financial indicators did not return to normal level. Pan Wei, founder, president and chief executive officer of the company, said in Hong Kong that it would strive to get around in 2012 and its expansion plan for 2013-2014, which highlighted 1,000 new openings, would not change. But it changed its new store number for 2012 to around 100.


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