BMW encourages drivers to embrace electric with new model


Mileage anxiety is reportedly a major obstacle preventing people from buying electric or plug-in hybrid cars, but the real issue might be people's reluctance to change their habits.

BMW said the argument is becoming more convincing in China now that it has launched its 530 Le, which helps people embrace luxury, energy saving and environmental protection as long as they are open to the idea.

The model, based on the BMW 5 series Li, is locally produced in BMW Brilliance's plant in Shenyang. According to the company, the model is the first plugin hybrid premium business sedan in the country.

The 530 Le is equipped with a four-cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine, an electric motor and 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The car takes 7.1 seconds to get from zero to 100 km/h.

BMW said what makes the model stand out is its electric motor and energy management system.

The motor is integrated with the gearbox, which ensures a smooth performance both in pure electric and hybrid driving mode.

In pure electric driving mode, the maximum mileage of the plug-in hybrid car is 58 km and the top speed can reach 120 km/h, which meets the needs of city commuters, according to the automaker.

The energy management system can automatically switch motors as it can work out the most efficient driving mode by examining the driver's behavior-whether he or she wants to accelerate and overtake other cars or simply cruise to save energy.

The system offers two choices: AUTO eDrive and MAX eDrive.

Source:China Daily

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