Alibaba jointly releases OS’ cars with SAIC Motor, starting “Internet of Everything” Era

Alibaba Group jointly released OS’ Car with SAIC Motor in Hangzhou on July 6th, beginning the reform of auto industry.Roewe RX5, the first global OS’ Car which can have a mass production, made its debut on the conference. The press announced that Roewe RX5 was priced at RMB 99,800 to 186,800.
Intelligent operation system gave birth to OS’ car
After two-year cooperation, Alibaba, China’s biggest Internet Company, together with SAIC, the leading auto manufacturing company in China, created a miracle and produced OS’ car. Os’ car may also race on the road and Internet at the same time.
“Car will be another important entry for Internet, and cars will rely on Internet to become a new generation intelligent platform. Alibaba hopes to cooperate to SAIC to combine data, Internet service, and operation system with drivers, consumers and hardware equipment.” Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba said.
Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Group’s Technology Committee, said that, the release of OS’ car is a milestone, turning car into a new member of Internet, together with PC and mobile phones. It has great significance to auto companies, auto owners and the whole society. OS’ car is expected to become an important platform of Internet service and intelligent hardware innovation. The world is welcoming an “Internet of Everything” era.
OS’ car leads “Quality-to-Price Ratio” Era, saving worries for customers
The combination of Roewe RX5 and YunOS operation system promotes the reform of auto market, leading the industry into a “quality-to-price ratio” era. OS’ car reconstructs the auto value chain, providing more benefits to customers with spirits of “Open, share and responsibility”.
It’s learned that Roewe RX5 is the first model to achieve three free items, “updating of software”, “HD map navigation”, and “Internet application and services for car moving”. Mass data stream will be provided by free and other preferential policies will be launched in the next year.


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