GWM’s sales volume increases 29% in June; H6 and H7 all perform well

According to GWM’s latest announcement, its sales volume reaches 450,300 units in the previous six months, increasing 8.4%. The sales volume in June increases 29%, benefited from H6’s 60% growth and H7’s new car sales.
Accomplishing 47% of annual target
GWM has a wholesale sales volume of 65,583 units in June, increasing 29.03% with the same period of last year. Domestic sales volume increases 32.69% to 64,484 units, and exported vehicles sales volume decreases 50.76% to 1,099 units. Domestic market is still the main growth point for GWM and other auto companies owning independent brands.
GWM has s total wholesale sales volume of 450,252 units in the first half of this year, increasing 8.41% with 415,339 units of last year. Domestic sales increases 9.99% to 442,953 units, and exported sales volume decreases 42.08% to 7,299 units.
GWM sets an annual sales target of 950,000 units this year, and the accomplishment rate reaches 47.4% in the first half, better than the general 45% rate.
Sales volumes in sub-markets are listed as follows.
GWM sells 57,547 units in June, increasing 35.37% with the same period of last year. The sales volume of SUVs in the first half year increases 13.09% to 378,718 units, comprising 84.1% of the total sales. Pickups and cars account for 11.6% and 4.3% of the total sales volume respectively.
H6 and H7 have outstanding performances
H6 keeps a 60.06% increase in June, and the single monthly sales volume reaches 37,547 units, keeping being a best-seller SUV model. It increases 75.89% in production volume in June and 41.70% in the first half year, compared with the same period of last year. H7 sells 3,600 units in June, which is a rather good performance for a new model. While other models, such as H8, H9, still need recovery in the future.


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