Tesla’s frequent traffic accidents raises concerns on self-driving cars’ future

Being known as a high-quality BEV model, Tesla’s development is full of legends. Its products, including Roadster, Model S to Model X, all receive warm responses in the market. But Tesla has not stopped its step. It speeds up the building of a global super charging post, promotes its industrial chain by many buy-outs and cooperation, and participates in the R&D of self-driving technologies. It updated the Autopilot self-driving V7.0 system in October, 2015, whicheven led the trend in the industry. The CEO, Elon Musk, even publicly admitted that he had no expectation of Tesla’s profits. Under such circumstances, Tesla has successfully drawnmuch attention. However, a piece of news of traffic accident raises great concerns on Tesla’s technologies.
A 2015 Tesla Model S collided with a white trailer on May 7th, 2016 in Florida, U.S., resulting in the death of the driver. Subsequent survey by NTHSA showed that the driver opened the Autopilot self-driving function before the accident. The incident has aroused heated debates. The advanced technologies have greatly promoted self-driving vehicles’developments. But on the other hand, high costs of technologies make many people stay cautious. Therefore, our channel has conducted a survey on the topic to discuss the future of self-driving technologies.
Result shows that 54% of participants believe the first casualtycaused by self-driving technologies is quite understandable. But 80% of interviewees believe Tesla burdens inescapable responsibilitieson the accident.
But some experts also said that, although Autopilot ranks the latest technologies in self-driving area, there arestill some distances between Autopilot-a “Level 2” technology- with the real self-driving technologies.
When asked about thefuture of self-driving technology, Dr. Li Yusheng, General Engineer of Chana Auto Institute, said that, “Self-driving technologies are the trend of the auto industry. Tesla Incident is only a stumbling stone on the road to success. In the future, more technologies will be developed to overcome the current weaknesses.”


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