Global and China Consumer Electronic Lithium Battery Industry Report, 2011-2012
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This report covers the followings:
20120114.gif Lithium Battery and Industry Chain ?
20120114.gif Lithium Battery Market
20120114.gif Lithium Battery Cathode Market
20120114.gif 15 Lithium Battery Anode Companies
20120114.gif Lithium Battery Anode Market
20120114.gif 3 Lithium Battery Anode Companies
20120114.gif Lithium Battery Separator Market
20120114.gif 8 Lithium Battery Separator Companies
20120114.gif Lithium Battery Electrolyte Market
20120114.gif 7 Lithium Battery Electrolyte Companies
20120114.gif 14 Lithium battery Companies
Because of the great variance between the consumer electronic lithium battery industry and the automotive lithium battery industry, this report only analyzes lithium battery for consumer electronics, while the other is dealt with in another report.

In 2011, the global shipment of lithium battery cell for consumer electronics reached 4,309 million units; in 2012, the figure will be 4,758 million units. In 2011, the global consumer electronic lithium battery cell market valued USD 8,499 million; in 2012, the value will rise to USD9, 627 million.

The global consumer electronic lithium battery industry was pioneered by Japanese manufacturers. In 2005, with the emergence of Chinese companies represented by BYD, China, Japan and South Korea divided up the global market. Since 2010, Chinese companies has recessed, while South Korean peers has been speeding up their pace, with whom Japanese companies can compete by dint of its superiority in technology.

?Major Lithium Battery Companies and Their Revenue, 2010-2011
?(USD mln)

In 2011, the most conspicuous change in the market rested with the substantial increase in the shipment of lithium polymer battery. Lithium polymer battery is ultra-thin, and the thinner is, the easier production becomes; but, its demerit is the lower energy density. For Tablet PC and Ultrabook, lithium polymer battery is the only choice. For mobile phone manufacturers, if the energy density of lithium polymer battery can be further improved, they will use the battery more often. However, all of Apple's MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod adopt lithium polymer battery for thin shape and light weight. Lithium polymer battery must be customized, as usual imbedded in products and irreplaceable.

Sony is the inventor of lithium polymer battery, but its price is more expensive and it is unpopular in the market, mainly used in Sony's own products and high-end Ultrabook. ATL of Japan's TDK also has the most advanced lithium polymer battery technology like Sony. ATL’s production base is located in Dongguan, and it offers competitive price and therefore becomes the main supplier of Apple.

As investors foresee the bright future of the lithium battery industry, the investment in the field of lithium battery materials throve in 2010, featuring fierce market competition. Particularly for cathode materials, the average price of lithium cobalt oxide fell by 16% year on year in 2011. The cathode material revenue of Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd which is the largest cathode material producer declined by more than 30% and made a loss of RMB4.21 million in 2011.

The anode material industry features high maturity and low gross profit, and there are few new entrants in this field. In 2011, cathode material manufacturers made remarkable performance. As for separator, although with a quite high gross margin, the industry has a high threshold for entry; and many businesses endeavors to access into the separator industry, but seldom of them succeeded. Accordingly, the market structure remained essentially unchanged.

In respect of electrolyte, South Korean manufacturers emerged, Japanese counterparts shrank, and Chinese players performed well.
1 Overview of Lithium Battery Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction to Lithium Battery
1.2 Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process
1.3 Global Lithium Battery Market Size
1.4 Geographical Pattern of Global Lithium Battery Industry
1.5 China Lithium Battery Industry
1.5.1 Overview of China Lithium Battery Industry
1.5.2 Export of Rechargeable Lithium Battery
1.6 Ranking in Global Lithium Battery Industry
1.7 Lithium Battery Industry Chain
1.7.1 Cost Structure 
1.7.2 Industry Chain
1.7.3 Lithium Carbonate
1.8 Lithium Polymer Battery 

2 Lithium Battery Market 
2.1 Mobile Phone Market  
2.2 Global Mobile Phone Industry
2.3 Mobile Phone Battery Market Share
2.4 Laptop Market
2.5 Tablet PC Battery and Ultrabook Battery

3 Lithium Battery Cathode
3.1 Brief Introduction
3.2 Market Trend
3.3 Global Pattern
3.4 Chinese Pattern  
3.5 Manufacturers
3.5.1 Umicore
3.5.3 Easpring
3.5.4 Hunan Reshine New Material
3.5.5 Ningbo Jinhe New Material
3.5.6 Citic Guoan Mengguli (CITIC GUOAN MGL) New Energy Technology
3.5.7 Tianjin B&M Science and Technology
3.5.8 Pulead Technology Industry
3.5.9 ShenZhen TianJiao Technology Development
3.5.10 Nichia
3.5.11 L&F
3.5.12 Tanaka-chem
3.5.14 Tianjin STL Energy Technology
3.5.15 Yunnan Huilong

4 Lithium Battery Anode
4.1 Brief Introduction
4.2 Industry Structure 
4.3 Chinese Pattern  
4.4 Manufacturers
4.4.1 Shenzhen BTR Electronic Material
4.4.2 Morgan Hairong New Material
4.4.3 Hitachi Chemical

5 Lithium Battery Separator
5.1 Brief Introduction
5.2 Global Pattern
5.3 Manufacturers
5.3.1 Asahi Kasei
5.3.2 TONEN
5.3.3 Celgard
5.3.4 Shenzhen Senior Technology Material
5.3.5 Foshan Jinhui Hi-Tech
5.3.6 Xinxiang Green New Energy
5.3.7 ENTEK
5.3.8 SK Energy

6 Lithium Battery Electrolyte
6.1 Brief Introduction
6.2 LiPF6
6.3 Industry Structure
6.4 Chinese Pattern  
6.5 Manufacturers
6.5.2 Zhangjiagang Guotaihuarong Chemical
6.5.3 Cheil Industries (PanaxeTec)
6.5.4 UBE
6.5.5 Mitsuibishi Chemical
6.5.6 Soulbrain
6.5.7 Foosung

7 Lithium Battery Companies
7.1 BAK
7.2 BYD
7.3 SUCD
7.4 Tianjin Lishen
7.5 ATL
7.6 SONY
7.7 SDI (Samsung SDI)
7.7.1 Tianjin Samsung SDI
7.8 LG chemical
7.9 Simplo
7.10 Dynapack
7.11 Clexpert
7.12 Desay Battery
7.14 Panasonic
Global Lithium Battery Shipment, 2005-2014
Global Lithium Battery Market Size, 2005-2014
Global Lithium Battery ASP, 2005-2014
Downstream Distribution of Global Lithium Battery Market, 2009-2015
Global Lithium Battery Shipment by Form, 2009-2015
Global Lithium Battery Market by Form, 2009-2015
Global Lithium Battery Industry by Region (by Value), 2005-2012 
Revenue of Top 10 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Enterprises in China, 2011
China’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery Output by Region, H1 2012
Rechargeable Lithium Battery Export Volume and Value in China, 2007-2011 
Export Value of Major Rechargeable Lithium Battery Companies in China, 2007-2011
Top 10 Export Destinations of China’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 2010
Top 10 Export Destinations of China’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 2011 
Shipment of Major Global Lithium Battery Companies, 2005-2012
Ranking of Major Global Lithium Battery Companies by Revenue, 2009-2012
Cost Structure of Lithium Cobalt Oxide Battery
Lithium Battery Industry Chain
Global Lithium Ore Supply by Region
Distribution of Global Lithium Ore Manufacturers
Quarterly Shipment of Major Global Lithium Polymer Battery Companies, Q1 2010-Q4 2012
Demand for Lithium Polymer Battery, Q1 2006-Q4 2012
Global Mobile Phone Shipment, 2007-2014
3G/4G Mobile Phone Shipment by Region, 2010-2012
Shipment of Major Global Mobile Phone Manufacturers, Q1 2012-Q2 2012   
Market Share of Major Global Smart Phone Manufacturers, Q2 2012 
Shipment of Major Global Mobile Phone Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Market Share of Major Mobile Phone Battery Companies, 2010-2011
Relationship between Mobile Phone and Battery   
Mobile Phone Battery Suppliers of Nokia by Proportion, 2012
Mobile Phone Battery Suppliers of Samsung by Proportion, 2012
Mobile Phone Battery Suppliers of Apple by Proportion, 2012
Global Laptop Shipment, Q1 2010-Q4 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of HP by Proportion, 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of Dell by Proportion, 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of Acer by Proportion, 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of Lenovo by Proportion, 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of Toshiba by Proportion, 2012
Laptop Battery Suppliers of ASUS by Proportion, 2012
Market Share of Major Tablet PC Battery Manufacturers, 2012
Comparison of Main Anode Material Technologies
Global Lithium Battery Cathode Material Shipment by Technology, 2009-2014
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers, 2010
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers, 2011 
Global Lithium Battery Cathode Material Shipment by Type, 2011  
Relationship between Lithium Cobalt Oxide Manufacturers and Battery Manufacturers 
Ranking of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Manufacturers in the World by Revenue, 2010-2012
Ranking of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Manufacturers in China by Revenue, 2010-2011
Lithium Iron Phosphate Suppliers in China, 2010
Umicore’s Organizational Structure
Umicore’s Revenue and EBIT Rate, 2005-2012
Umicore’s Energy Material Revenue and EBIT, 2008-2011
Umicore's Battery Material Bases
Umicore's Organizational Structure in China 
Umicore's Distribution in China
Umicore’s Revenue in China by Product   
Shanshan’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2007-2012
Shanshan’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2012
Shanshan’s Revenue by Product, 2007-2011
Easpring's Subsidiaries
Easpring's Customer Distribution, 2007-2009
Easpring’s Cost Distribution, 2009
Easpring’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2012
Easpring’s Revenue by Client, 2011
Organizational Structure of Hunan Reshine New Material
Revenue of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology by Product, 2007-2009  
Capacity and Output of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2007-2009
Sales Volume of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2007-2009
Top 5 Clients of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2009
Top 5 Suppliers of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2007-2009
Organizational Structure of Pulead Technology Industry 
Nichia’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nichia’s Material Division, 2007-2012
L&F’s Revenue and Operating Profit, 2006-2012    
L&F’s Revenue and % of Battery Material Revenue, 2006-2011
Tanaka-chem’s Revenue and Operating Profit, FY2006-FY2013  
Tanaka-chem’s Shipment , FY2009-FY2012 
Tanaka-chem’s Revenue by Application, FY2010-FY2012   
Revenue and Operating Profit of TODA KOGYO, FY2006-FY2013          
Battery Anode Material Revenue of TODA KOGYO, FY2006-FY2012    
Global Distribution of Battery Material Production Bases of TODA KOGYO
Comparison between Main Anode Material Technologies
Global Lithium Battery Anode Material Shipment by Type, 2011  
Relationship between Lithium Battery Anode Manufacturers and Battery Manufacturers  
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Anode Material Manufacturers, 2010
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Anode Material Manufacturers, 2011 
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Anode Material Manufacturers, 2012
Organizational Structure of Shenzhen BTR
Financial Performance of Shenzhen BTR, 2008-2011  
Revenue and Operating Margin of Hitachi Chemical, FY2004-FY2011  
Revenue by Division of Hitachi Chemical, FY2004-FY2010   
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Separator Manufacturers, 2010  
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Separator Manufacturers, 2011  
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Separator Manufacturers, 2012  
Main Clients of Major Lithium Battery Separator Manufacturers, 2010
Revenue and Operating Profit of Asahi Kasei, FY2005-FY2011
Revenue of Asahi Kasei by Product, FY2009-FY2011
Operating Profit of Asahi Kasei by Product, FY2009-FY2011  
Organizational Structure of Asahi Kasei
Organizational Structure of Electronic Material Division of Asahi Kasei
Polypore’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2012  
Polypore’s Revenue by Product, 2005-2011
Lithium Hexafluoroarsenate Capacity and Growth Rate of Japan Morita
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Electrolyte Manufacturers, 2010
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Electrolyte Manufacturers, 2011
Market Share of Major Lithium Battery Electrolyte Manufacturers, 2012
Market Share of Major Lithium-ion Battery Electrolyte Manufacturers in China, 2012
UBE’s Revenue by Division, FY2007-FY2010  
UBE’s Operating Profit by Division, FY2007-2010 
Soulbrain’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2006-2012  
Soulbrain’s Revenue by Business, 2009-2012  
Foosung’s Revenue and Operating Profit, 2008-2012    
Foosung’s Revenue by Product, 2008-2012 
Foosung’s Lithium Hexafluoroarsenate Output, 2007-2012
BAK’s Organizational Structure 
BAK’s Battery Development Course
BAK’s Battery Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2003-FY2012
BAK’s Revenue and Gross Margin, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012
BAK’s Battery Revenue by Product, FY2004-FY2011   
BAK’s Battery Revenue by Region , FY2004-FY2011
BAK’s Major Battery Clients
BAK’s Revenue by Application, Q3 2011   
BAK’s Battery Capacity Utilization, Jan & Dec 2009
BYD’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2012  
BYD’s Revenue by Product, 2005-2012
BYD’s Battery Revenue by Product, 2003-2015
BYD’s Rechargeable Battery Gross Margin and Capacity Utilization, 2008-2015
BYD’s Battery Gross Margin, 2008-2015  
BYD’s Average Battery Sales Price, 2006-2010
BYD’s Battery Shipment, 2006-2011
BYD’s Battery Revenue by Product, 2008-2010   
BYD’s Battery Capacity, Output, Sales Volume and ASP, 2008-2010
SUCD’s Revenue and Pretax Profit Margin, 2003-2012
SUCD’s Revenue by Product, 2009   
SUCD’s Revenue by Product, 2010 
SUCD’s Battery Sales Volume, 2005-2010
SUCD’s Revenue by Product, 2011   
Lishen’s Revenue and Shipment , 2004-2011
Lishen’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2010
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung SDI, 2003-2012
Battery Revenue and Operating Profit of Samsung SDI, 2007-2012
Battery Shipment and Average Selling Price of Samsung SDI, 2005-2012
Revenue and EBITDA of LG CHEM, 2004-2012
Battery Revenue of LG CHEM, Q1 2009-Q2 2012
Simplo’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2000-2012     
Simplo’s Monthly Revenue, Jul. 2010-Jul. 2012
Simplo’s Shipment and ASP, 2004-2012
Simplo’s Laptop Battery Market Share, 2004-2012
Dynapack’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2002-2012  
Dynapack’s Monthly Revenue, Jul. 2010-Jul. 2012 
Celexpert’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2012    
Celexpert’s Monthly Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Jul. 2010-Jul. 2012  
SUNWODA’s Revenue by Product, 2008-2011   
SUNWODA’s Gross Margin by Product, 2008-2011

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