China Auto Body Electronic Control Market Report, 2007-2008
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Auto body electronic control system includes security system, comfort control system and information & communication system, which are designed to make car more secure, comfortable and convenient. For example, air bag, safety belt and central anti-theft locks are all used to you're your car more secure, while automotive window, electric power doors, electric rear-view mirror and electric roof window (skylight) as well as a power management system that satisfies the needs of a variety of electrical devices are equipped to make your driving more comfortable. An electronic control system that coordinates all parts of a car is installed to make your driving more convenient. The system integrates mass information from computer, sensors and traffic management service system with comprehensive display system, driver's information system, navigation system, computer network system, monitoring system and fault diagnosis system.

The rapid development of China auto market has stimulated the fast growth of auto electronics market. Auto body electronics is known to take up a large part of the auto electronics market. Therefore, with the expansion of domestic auto electronics market, auto body electronics market is also undergoing a sustained development and expansion. According to the statistics, China auto body electronics market size reached CNY30.66 billion in 2007 compared to CNY5.352 billion in 2002, representing an average annual compound growth rate of 42.31%. The year 2003 witnessed the fastest growth pace, reaching 50.05 percent, and the growth rates in the recent three years were all kept at around 25%. Nowadays auto buyers place more emphasis on the safety of automobiles, auto body electronics market will have an even more remarkable growth compared to other auto electronic products.

Scale and Growth Rate of China Auto Body Electronics Market, 2002-2007
(Unit: CNY billion)

Source: ResearchInChina

Body network control technology has been applied widely in China auto industry in recent years. China's market of body control module, BCM for short, has a promising future. At present, the competition of BCM market at home is quite fierce. Foreign-funded companies dominate the matching market of China BCM market, while domestic companies are making efforts to develop the BCM market for buses and commercial vehicles. According to our survey, China has more than twenty BCM producers, among which two third are foreign-funded companies. Local complete vehicle producers use BCM either imported or made by foreign-funded companies in China. China is still in the initial phase in developing body network and BCM. It is their top priority for local producers to intensify technology research and open up the BCM matching market. This report makes an in-depth analysis of the characteristics and development trends of China auto electronics market and body control market.


1. General Situation of Auto Electronic Control 
1.1 Brief Introduction to Auto Electronics 
1.1.1 Definition 
1.1.2 Auto Electronic System  
1.2 Brief Introduction to Auto Electronic Control Market
1.2.1 Scale of World Auto Electronics Market
1.2.2 Scale of China Auto Electronics Market
1.3 Development Trend of Auto Electronic Control Development

2. Auto Body Electronic Control Market
2.1 General Situation of Auto Body Electronic Control Market
2.1.1 Definition of Auto Body Electronic Control and Industry Chain of Auto Electronics
2.1.2 Three Categories of Auto Body Control
2.2 Current Situation and Development Trend of Auto Body Electronic Control Market 
2.2.1 Current Situation 
2.2.2 Development Trend 

3. China Auto Body Electronic Control Producers
3.1 Foreign-funded Companies in China
3.1.1 Delphi Delco Electronics Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
3.1.2 Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
3.1.3 Continental Automotive System (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.
3.1.4 DENSO (China) Investment Co., Ltd
3.1.5 Atech Automotive (Wuhu) Co.Ltd
3.1.6 Beijing Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
3.1.7 Bosch Automotive Products ( Suzhou) Co. Ltd
3.1.8 Marelli Motor Instrument (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
3.1.9 Omron(Guangzhou)Automotive Electronics Co.,Ltd
3.1.10 Hella Automotive Industry Services Co., Ltd
3.1.11 Valeo Automotive Security Systems (Wuxi) Co. Ltd
3.2 Chinese Local Companies
3.2.1 Jiangsu AWA Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd 
3.2.2 Shanghai Tongde Economics Engineering Technique Co., Ltd

4. Auto Body Electronic Chip Supplier
4.1 Infineon
4.2 Stmicro
4.3 Renesas
4.4 Fujitsu
4.5 Freescale
4.6 TI
4.7 ROHM
4.8 NEC
4.9 NXP
4.10 Microchip
4.11 Atmel

Automotive Control System
Global Automotive Electronics Scale 
Scale and Growth of China Automotive Electronics Market, 2003-2007
Industry Chain of Automotive Electronics
CAN Network Configuration 
Hardware Framework of LIN Body Control System
Framework of CAN Bus Based Body Control 
China Automobile Yield and Growth Rate, 2000-2007 
Consumption Structure of Automotive Electronics
Scale and Growth Rate of China Automotive Body Electronics Market, 2002-2007
Distribution Structure of Car BCM in China
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Revenues of Tianjin DENSO Electronics Co., Ltd in the Past Years
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Atech Automotive (Wuhu ) Co.Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Beijing Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Jiangsu Mobis Auto Parts Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets Debts, Revenues and Profits of Magneti Marelli Guangzhou Motor Vehicle Instruments Co. Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Omron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Taizhou Valeo Wenzhou Automotive systems Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Shanghai Valeo Automotive Electrical System Co., Ltd., 2004-2006 
Assets, Debts, Revenues and Profits of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., 2004-2006
Infineon's Revenues by Sectors and Regions
Infineon's Revenues by Sector in 2007
Infineon's Revenues by Region in 2007
STMicro's Revenues by Sector and Region, 2004-2006
STMicro's Revenues and Growth Rate, 2004-2006
STMicro's Revenues by Sector
STMicro's Revenues by Utility
STMirco's Clients, in Automotive Electronics Field
Renesas' Overall Framework Solution for Automotive Electronics
Renesas' Automotive Framework of Windshield Wipers
Renesas' Car Door Control Solution
Renesas' Automotive IC Products
Fujitsu's Revenues in 2007
Fujitsu's Revenues by Sector, 2007
Fujitsu's Revenues by Region, 2007 
Freescale's Revenues in 2007 
Freescale's Revenues by Product, 2007
Freescale's Revenues Structure by Product,2007
TI's Revenues by Sector, 2005-2007
TI's Revenues by Region, 2005-2007
TI's Revenue Structure by Region, 2007
Sales, Revenues and Profits of Rohm, 2007
Rohm's Revenues by Product, 2007
Rohm's Revenues by Sector, 2007
NEC's Micro-controllers and Micro-processors

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