Global and China Automotive Wiring Harness Industry Report, 2011-2012
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In 2011, luxury car is the star performer in the stagnating Chinese automotive market, and the wiring harness for each luxury car valued 2-3 times as that in low-end cars. The North American automotive market, particularly commercial vehicle, witnessed the robust recovery and the market size grew 14.6% over 2010. In 2012 and 2013, Chinese luxury car market is expected to grow continually, making up for the declining European market. Moreover, the increasing application of electronic devices in automobiles will drive the wiring harness market to rise slightly.

In 2011, the breaking news for the automotive wiring harness industry was that Yazaki, Denso and Furukawa suffered severe punishment imposed by the U.S. Department of Justice for price-fixing of wiring harness in the past decade. Yazaki paid a USD470 million fine, Denso USD78 million fine and Furakawa USD200 million. Yazaki is the world’s largest automotive wiring harness manufacturer, Furukawa ranks No. 6, while Denso basically drops out of the automotive wiring harness business. The severe penalty will not change the industrial pattern, but the Japanese wiring harness manufacturers will be more cautious in the U.S.

Facing the “triple whammy” of 311 Earthquake, yen’s appreciation and Thailand Flood, Japanese wiring harness players still performed well due to their global presence. For instance, Yazaki had had 421 bases and 163 subsidiaries, and employed a total of 192,541 workers in 39 countries by the end of 2011. Sumitomo Electric saw a lower growth rate because its domestic business accounts for a larger proportion.

Germany-based LEONI, fueled by the German luxury car, was affected by the Eurozone debt crisis for its 65% of business was concentrated in Europe. LEONI lagged far behind Japanese wiring harness manufacturers in business layout in China, or it should have seen a higher rise in revenue. American LEAR, also one of the leading auto seat suppliers, witnessed the soaring revenue driven by the strong recovery of the U.S. automotive industry.

Furukawa continually increased its investment in automotive wiring harness. It projected USD25.75 million to acquire the connector business of Mitsubishi Cable at the end of 2011 and invested JPY10 billion to build a new plant in the Philippines. Germany Volkswagen, other than Japanese enterprises, is the biggest customer of Fujikura’s automotive wiring harness business, so Fujikura enjoyed the highest growth rate among Japanese companies. South Korean YURA also benefited from increased sales of Hyundai Motor.

Finnish PKC prided itself on the highest growth rate of revenue. The company acquired U.S. AEES in the fall of 2011, and its revenue is expected to reach USD1.16 billion in 2012. PKC gives priority to wiring harness for Pick Up, Light Truck, Heavy Truck and Bus, the most rapidly growing market in the U.S. automotive industry.

THB, the first largest automotive wiring harness producer in China, fell 5.9% (or 12.4% if calculated in RMB) in revenue, mainly because THB focuses on wiring harness for local vehicles which saw a slipping market share. In February 2012, THB sold its major business to Shenzhen Deren Electronics.

1 Automotive Wiring Harness
1.1 Overview
1.2 Production Technology

2 China Automotive Market 
2.1 Market Review and Outlook
2.2 Market Structure in 2012
2.2.1 Chinese Automotive Market by Manufacturing Country, Jan.-Feb., 2012
2.2.2 Chinese Automotive Market by Grade, Jan.-Feb., 2012
2.3 Competition of Automakers
2.4 Automotive Industry in China
2.4.1 Automotive Assembly
2.4.2 Automotive Parts
3 Automotive Wiring Harness Market 
3.1 Global Market
3.2 Chinese Market
3.3 Global Industry Pattern 
3.4 Chinese Industry Pattern

4 Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacturers
4.1 Sumitomo Electric Industries
4.1.1 Changchun SE Bordnetze
4.1.2 Tianjin Jin-Zhu Wiring Systems 
4.1.3 Wuhan Sumiden Wiring Systems
4.1.4 Chongqing Jin-Zhu Wiring Systems
4.1.5 Fuzhou Zhu Wiring Systems
4.1.6 Fujian J.K. Wiring Systems
4.1.7 Huizhou Sumiden Wiring Systems
4.1.8 Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems
4.1.9 Suzhou Sumidenso Mediatech 
4.1.10 Huizhou Zhucheng Wiring Systems
4.1.11 Suzhou Bordnetze Electrical Systems
4.2 Delphi
4.2.1 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd. Changchun Branch
4.2.2 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd. Baicheng Branch
4.2.3 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
4.2.4 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd. Yantai Branch
4.2.5 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch
4.2.6 Delphi Packard Electric System Co., Ltd.
4.3 Yazaki
4.3.1 Tianjin Yazaki Automotive Parts
4.3.2 Hangzhou Yazaki Parts
4.3.3 Shantou Special Economic Zone Yazaki Auto Parts
4.3.4 Yantai Yazaki Automotive Parts
4.3.5 Foshan Shunde Yazaki Auto Parts
4.3.6 Zhangzhou Yazaki Auto Parts
4.4.1 LEONI Electrical Systems (Shanghai)
4.4.2 LEONI Wiring Systems (Changchun)
4.4.3 LEONI Wiring Systems (Liuzhou)
4.5 Furukuwa Electric
4.5.1 Changchun Furukawa Automobile Harness
4.5.2 Furukawa Auto Parts (Huizhou)
4.5.3 Furukawa Electric (Shenzhen)
4.5.4 Furukawa Electric Hong Kong
4.5.5 Furukawa Automotive Parts (Dongguan)
4.6 Gold Peak Industries
4.6.1 Shanghai Jinting Automobile Harness
4.7 LEAR
4.7.1 Wuhan Lear-DFM Auto Electric
4.8 Nantong Unistar Electro-Mechanical Industries
4.8.1 Nantong Unistar Wire Harness
4.9 Kyungshin Industrial
4.9.1 Qingdao Kyungshin Electronic
4.9.2 Jiangsu Kyungshin Electronic
4.10 Coroplast
4.10.1 Coroplast Harness Technology (Taicang)
4.11 Kunshan Hu Guang Auto Harness
4.13 Kromberg & Schubert
4.14 Fujikura
4.14.1 Fujikura Zhuhai
4.14.2 Fujikura Changchun
4.15 Qingdao Yujin Electro-Circuit Systems 
4.16.1 Beijing Yura
4.16.2 Beijing Yura Sewon ECS
4.16.3 Weihai Sewon ECS
5.16.4 Rongcheng Yura Electric
4.17 Hefei JAC Xinfa
4.18 Hu Lane Associate Inc.
4.19 PKC
Brand Occupancy in Chinese Automotive Market by Country, Jan.-Feb., 2012
Brand Occupancy in Chinese Automotive Market by Country, 2009-Feb. 2012
Occupancy of Vehicle Models in Chinese Automotive Market, 2009-Feb. 2012
Occupancy of Vehicle Grade in Chinese Automotive Market, 2009-Feb. 2012
Sales Growth of Chinese Automobile Groups, Jan.-Feb., 2012
Market Share of Chinese Automobile Groups, 2009-Feb. 2012
Sales Growth of Major Foreign Automobile Groups in China, Jan.-Feb., 2012
Market Share of Foreign Automobile Groups in China, 2009-Feb. 2012
Gross Margin, EBIT Margin and SG & A Expenses of Chinese Automobile Industry, 2002-2011 
Monthly Investment and Growth Rate of Chinese Automobile Industry, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2011
Gross Margin, EBIT Margin and SG & A Expenses of Chinese Automotive Components Industry, 2002-2011
Monthly Investment and Growth Rate of Chinese Auto Industry, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2011
Market Size of Global Automotive Wiring Harness, 2007-2013
Market Share of Global Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacturers, 2011
Output Value of Global Automotive Wiring Harness by Region, 2009
Market Share of Main Chinese Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacturers by Revenue, 2011
Output Value of Chinese Automotive Wiring Harness by Region, 2009-2010
Revenue and Operating Margin of Sumitomo Electric, FY2005-FY2012
Revenue of Sumitomo Electric by Product, FY2009-FY2012
Operating Income of Sumitomo Electric by Division, FY2009-FY2011
Revenue from Automotive Wiring Harness Business of Sumitomo Electric, Q2 2008-Q4 2011
Revenue of Sumitomo Electric’s Automobile Division by Region, FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Tianjin Jin-Zhu Automotive Wiring Harness, 2006-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Delphi, 2004-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Delphi, 2007-2011
Revenue and EBITDA Margin of Delphi, 2007-2011
Revenue of Delphi by Product, 2006-2011
EBITDA of Delphi by Division, 2010-2011
Customer Structure of Delphi, 2010-2011
Revenue of Delphi by Region, 2010-2011
Revenue of Yazaki by Region, FY2011
Revenue of LEONI, 1996-2012
Revenue and EBIT of LEONI, 2005-2012
Revenue of LEONI by Region, 2011
Revenue of LEONI Wiring Harness Division, 1996-2012
Revenue and EBIT of LEONI Wiring Harness Division, 2005-2012
Revenue and EBIT of LEONI Wiring Harness Division, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
Global Presence of LEONI
Customers of LEONI Wiring Harness, 2009
Customer Structure of LEONI Wiring Harness, 2010
Revenue and Output of Furukawa Auto Parts (Huizhou), 1995-2009
Organizational Structure of Gold Peak Industries
Revenue and Assets of Gold Peak Industries, FY2005-FY2010
Operating Income of Gold Peak Industries by Product, FY2006-FY2010
Revenue of Gold Peak Industries by Product and by Region, FY2010
Operating Income of Gold Peak Industries by Product and by Region, 2009
Revenue of LEAR by Region, 2010
Revenue of LEAR by Region, 2011
Revenue of LEAR by Customer, 2010
Revenue of LEAR by Customer, 2011
Revenue of LEAR China, 2007-2011
Main Products of LEAR EPMS Division
Revenue and Operating Margin of Kyungshin Industrial, 2004-2011
Revenue of THB by Product, 2008-2009
Customer Structure of Kromberg & Schubert
Major Models Supplied by Kromberg & Schubert
Revenue and Operating Income of Fujikura, FY2004-FY2012
Revenue of Fujikura by Division, FY2008- FY2012
Operating Income of Fujikura by Division, FY2007- FY2012
Revenue of Fujikura Electronics & Auto Division by Product, FY2008-FY2012
Revenue of Fujikura Auto and Connector Business, FY2008- FY2012
Revenue and Net Income of Yura, 2003-2011
Revenue and Net Profit After Tax of Hu Lane Associate, 2003-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Hu Lane Associate, 2006-2010
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Hu Lane Associate, Feb. 2010-Feb. 2012
Global Presence of PKC
PKC Employees by Region, End 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of PKC, 2005-2012
Sales of AEES by Product, 2010
Sales of AEES by Region, 2010
Sales of PKC and AEES by Product, 2010
Sales of PKC and AEES by Region, 2010
Quarterly Sales of PKC Wiring Harness Business, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
Quarterly Operating Income of PKC Wiring Harness Business, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
Market Share of PKC Worldwide, 2011
Ranking of Top 11 Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacturers Worldwide by Revenue, 2009-2011
Supply Relationship between Wiring Harness Manufacturers and Automobile Manufacturers, 2010
Ranking of Top 37 Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacturers in China by Revenue, 2010-2011
Revenue of Sumitomo Wiring Systems, FY2006-FY2012
Revenue of Chongqing Jin-Zhu Wiring Systems, 2007-2011
Revenue of Fuzhou Zhu Wiring Systems, 2007-2010
Revenue of Huizhou Sumiden Wiring Systems, 2007-2010
Revenue of Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems, 2007-2010
Revenue of Suzhou Sumidenso Mediatech, 2007-2009
Selected Financial Data of Delphi Packard Electric Systems Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, 2007-2010
Selected Financial Data of Delphi Packard Electric Systems Co., Ltd. Yantai Branch, 2006-2011
Revenue of Yazaki in Japan and Abroad, FY2005-FY2011
Selected Financial Data of Tianjin Yazaki Automotive Parts, 2007-2011
Selected Financial Data of Chengdu Branch of Tianjin Yazaki Automotive Parts, 2007
Selected Financial Data of Hangzhou Yazaki Parts, 2007-2011
Revenue of Shantou Special Economic Zone Yazaki Auto Parts, 2007-2011
Selected Financial Data of Yantai Yazaki Automotive Parts, 2007-2011
Selected Financial Data of Foshan Shunde Yazaki Auto Parts, 2007
Employees of LEONI Wiring Systems, 2005-2011
Global Employee Distribution of LEONI Wiring System Division, 2011
Selected Financial Data of LEONI Electrical Systems (Shanghai), 2007
Selected Financial Data of LEONI Wiring Systems (Changchun), 2007
Selected Financial Data of LEONI Wiring Systems (Liuzhou), 2007
Selected Financial Data of Changchun Furukawa Automobile Harness, 2007-2010
Selected Financial Data of Furukawa Electric (Shenzhen), 2007-2010
Selected Financial Data of Furukawa Automotive Parts (Dongguan), 2007
Financial Data of THB, 2007-2011
Balance Sheet of THB, Late 2011
Revenue of Fujikura Changchun, 2007-2009

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