Global and China Automotive Thermal System Industry Report, 2011-2012
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Global and China Automotive Thermal System Industry Report, 2011-2012 highlights the followings:
1. Introduction to automotive thermal system
2. Global and Chinese automotive market
3. Automotive thermal system market and industry in China and beyond
4. 14 major automotive thermal system companies

Automotive thermal system mainly consists of four parts, namely, compressor, HVAC, powertrain cooling and fluid transport. The former three ones serve as the major components and comprise 85% of the entire automotive thermal system value.

The compressor falls into four categories, including pure electric compressor, variable swashplate compressor, rotary suction swashplate compressor and fixed scroll compressor.

HVAC, which can be seen on the dashboard, features small size, less noise and high efficiency. It mainly includes air filter, blower fan, evaporator and heater core.

Powertrain cooling system covers radiator, condenser, charge air cooler and integral oil cooler.

The global market size of automotive thermal system approximates USD36 billion in 2012. Since the automotive thermal system is quite mature, its market size usually changes with the automotive output.

Revenue of Major Global Thermal System Manufacturers, 2010-2012E (Unit: US$M)

The compressor is a high-tech component in the automotive thermal system, and most of the technologies for global automotive thermal system compressor are contributed by Japan. Japan-based Toyota Industries and Sanden are the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive air conditioning compressor, and Toyota Industries makes up over 30% market share. Chinese enterprises principally focus on aftermarket, and China thus becomes the biggest producer of automotive air conditioning compressor for maintenance, featuring large output, low unit price and meager profit. A compressor made by Toyota Industries is priced at around USD120.6 on average, while one compressor made by Aotecar, the largest producer of automotive air conditioning compressor in China, was averagely sold at USD63 in 2011.

Valeo derives automotive air conditioning technology from Zexel, a Japanese company acquired by Valeo in 2003. And German Behr cooperates with Sanden to make up for its disadvantage in compressor field.

Visteon, a controlling company of Halla, relies on Halla and secures more than 60% of automotive thermal system orders from Hyundai and Ford. Denso, a former subsidiary of Toyota, not only wins over 80% of automotive thermal system orders from Toyota, but obtains the automotive thermal system business orders from GM, Chrysler, Honda, Suzuki and Mazda, and ascends to the No. 1 position worldwide.
1 Global and Chinese Automotive Market
1.1 Global Automotive Market
1.2 Industrial Pattern

2. Chinese Automotive Market
2.1 Overview
2.2 Recent Developments
2.3 Passenger Car Market
2.4 Commercial Vehicle Market
2.5 Industrial Pattern

3 Automotive Thermal System Industry
3.1 Introduction to Automotive Thermal System
3.2 Overview of Global Automotive Thermal System Industry
3.3 Market Share of Automotive Thermal System Manufacturers
3.4 Automotive Thermal System Industry in China
3.4.1 Evaporator Market
3.4.2 Condenser market
3.4.3 Heater Core Market
3.5 Global Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Industry
3.6 Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Industry in China
3.6.1 Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Market
3.6.2 Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Industry

4 Major Thermal System Companies
4.1 Visteon
4.1.1 Halla
4.1.2 Visteon Auto Air-conditioning (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
4.2 Denso 
4.2.1 Yantai Shougang Denso Co., Ltd.
4.2.2 Tianjin Fawer Denso Air-Conditioner Co., Ltd.
4.2.3 Guangzhou Denso Co., Ltd.
4.2.4 TD Automotive Compressor (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. 
4.3 Behr
4.3.1 Dongfeng Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. 
4.3.2 Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.
4.3.3 Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
4.4 Toyota Industries Corporation
4.5 Sanden
4.5.1 Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
4.5.2 Tianjin Sanden Auto Air-conditioning Co., Ltd.
4.6 Valeo
4.6.1 Valeo Automotive Air Conditioning (Hubei) Co., Ltd.
4.6.2 Valeo Compressor (Changchun) Co., Ltd.
4.6.3 FAW-Valeo
4.7 Delphi 
4.7.1 Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. 
4.8 Nanjing Aotecar 
4.9 Chongqing JianShe Automobile A/C Co., Ltd.
4.10 Calsonic Kansei
4.11 SONGZ Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
4.12 Mudanjiang Foton Automotive Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
4.13 Keihin 
4.13.1 Dongguan Keihin Engine Management System Co., Ltd.
4.14 Japan Climate Systems Corporation
Sales Volume of Global Leading Automotive Brands, 2010-2011
Auto Sales Volume in China, 2001-2012
Auto Sales Volume in China, 2001-Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of Sedans in China, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of SUVs in China, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Market Share of Sedans in China by Country, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Market Share of Selans in China by Size, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Market Share of Sedans in China by Price, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Market Share of Sedans in China by Displacement, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of Light Trucks in China, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of Mini Trucks in China, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of Minibuses in China, Jan. 2009–Jul. 2012
Sales Volume of Major Sedans Carmakers in China, Jan.-Jul. 2012
Monthly Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Key Automakers in China, Mar. 2003-Jul. 2012
Monthly Operating Margin of Key Automakers in China, Jan. 2009-Jun. 2012
Composition of Automotive Thermal System
Supply Relationship between Automotive Thermal System Manufacturers and Automobile Manufacturers
Market Share of Major Global Automotive Thermal System Manufacturers, 2012
Revenue of Major Global Thermal System Manufacturers, 2010-2012
Market Share of Main Automotive Thermal System Producers in China, 2012
Revenue of Main Automotive Thermal System Producers in China, 2009 and 2011
Shipment of Automotive Evaporators in China, 2004-2013E
Market Size of Automotive Evaporator in China, 2004-2013E
Market Share of Major Car Evaporator Manufacturers in China by Shipment, 2012
Shipment of Automotive Condensers in China, 2004-2013E
Market Size of Automotive Condensers in China, 2004-2013E
Market Share of Key Car Condenser Manufacturers in China, 2012 
Shipment of Automotive Heater Cores, 2004-2013E
Market Size of Automotive Heater Cores, 2004-2013E
Market Share of Key Automotive Heater Core Manufacturers in China, 2012
Market Share of Major Global Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Manufacturers by Amount, 2012
Market Share of Major Global Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Manufacturers by Shipment, 2012
Shipment of Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors in China, 2004-2013E
Shipment of 15 Automotive Compressor Manufacturers in China, 2011
Installation Volume of Air Conditioners in Commercial Vehicles in China, 2011-2015E
Market Share of Major Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Manufacturers in China by Shipment, 2011
Market Share of Major Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Compressor Manufacturers in China, 2011
Supply Relationship among Compressor Enterprises, Automotive Air Conditioning Manufacturers and Commercial Vehicle Producers
Visteon’s Revenue by Region, 2009-2010
Visteon’s Revenue by Region, 2011
Visteon’s Revenue by Region, H1 2012
Visteon’s Revenue by Product, 2010
Visteon’s Revenue by Product, 2011
Visteon’s Revenue by Product, H1 2012
Visteon’s Revenue by Client, 2010
Visteon’s Revenue by Client, 2011
Visteon’s Revenue by Client, H1 2012
Visteon’s Revenue by Client, H1 2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Visteon’s Climate Control, 2007-2012
Revenue of Visteon’s Climate Control by Customer, 2012
Revenue of Visteon’s Climate Control by Product, 2012
Global Presence of Technical Centers of Visteon’s Climate Control 
Global Presence of Manufacturing Bases of Visteon’s Climate Control
Key Platforms of Visteon’s Climate Control
Halla’s Revenue by Region, 2011
Halla’s Revenue by Client, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Denso, FY2006-FY2013
Denso’s Customer Structure, FY2008-FY2012
Denso’s Revenue by Customer, FY2012/2013Q1
Denso’s Revenue by Division, FY2008-FY2012
Denso’s Revenue by Business, FY2012/2013Q1
Organizational Structure of Yantai Shougang Denso
Revenue of Yantai Shougang Denso, 1997-2007
Plants of Yantai Shougang Denso
Revenue and Operating Margin of Guangzhou Denso, 2004-2012
Revenue and EBIT Margin of Behr, 2005-2012
Number of Employees and Proportion of R & D Costs in Total Revenue of Behr, 2005-2011
Behr’s Revenue by Region, 2005-2006
Behr’s Revenue in Emerging Countries, 2010-2011
Behr’s Capital Expenditure by Region, 2010-2011
Behr’s Employees by Region, 2010-2011
Sales Volume of Behr’s Engine Cooling Systems, 2008 and 2009
Behr’s Presence in Asia
Distribution of Dongfeng Behr’s Customers
Financial Performance of Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems, 2010-2011
Distribution of Customers of Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems
Revenue and Operating Income of Toyota Industries, FY2005-FY2013
Revenue of Toyota Industries by Product, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue of Compressors of Toyota Industries, FY2008-FY2013
Sales Volume of Automotive Compressors of Toyota Industries, FY1995-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Sanden, FY2006-FY2013
Sanden’s Revenue by Product, FY2006-FY2013
Shipment and Sales of Sanden’s Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor, 2008-2011
Sanden’s Revenue by Region, FY2009-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning, 2005-2013
Output and Sales of Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning, 2004-2009
Revenue and Gross Margin of Valeo, 2005-2012
Valeo’s Revenue by Business, 2009- H1 2012
Valeo’s Customers by Region, 2007- H1 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Valeo Automotive Air Conditioning (Hubei), 2004-2011 
Revenue and Operating Income of Delphi, 2004-2012
Delphi’s Revenue by Product, 2009-H1 2012 
Distribution of Delphi’s Customers, 2010-2011
Delphi’s Revenue by Region, 2008-2011
Global Distribution of R & D Centers of Delphi’s Thermal Systems
Main Application Platforms of Delphi’s Thermal Systems
Financial Data of Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Aotecar, 2007-2012
Distribution of Customers of Chongqing Jianshe Automobile Air Conditioner
Revenue and Operating Margin of Chongqing Jianshe Automobile Air Conditioner, 2004-2012
Sales Volume of Chongqing Jianshe Automobile Air Conditioner, 2004-2012 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Calsonic Kansei, FY2004-FY2013
Revenue of Calsonic Kansei by Region, FY2009-FY2013
Operating Income of Calsonic Kansei by Region, FY2009-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of SONGZ Automobile Air Conditioning
Revenue and Operating Margin of Mudanjiang Foton Automotive Air Conditioner, 2004-2012
Keihin’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2005-FY2013

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