China Smart Parking Industry Report, 2022
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Smart parking research: there are 4,000 players, and city-level parking platforms have been established.

Smart parking market shows great potentials, and Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei (BATH) have set foot in.

By the end of 2021, there have been nearly 4,000 companies engaged in smart parking business across China, bringing about a very low market concentration. Smart parking companies in the core circle are divided into three major camps: system integrators, intelligent hardware companies, and investors/operators. Some of them boast both system integration and investment/operation capabilities.

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Attracted by enormous potential of smart parking market, technology firms including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei (BATH) have also entered the market.

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For example, Baidu previously launched Baidu Map Smart Parking Solution based on Baidu Map. In June 2021, Baidu bought a 100% stake in Beijing Lottop Technology, aiming to shore up its weak spots in static traffic smart parking and deploy city-level smart parking. In October 2021, Beijing Lottop Technology introduced "Baidu ACE City-level Smart Parking Solution". At present, Baidu has launched city-level smart parking projects in more than 30 areas.

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City-level parking platform: one city, one network
The implementation of city-level parking platforms is led by local competent authorities. Within an administrative region (city/district/county), all or most parking resources are connected to a platform, providing the public with services including parking inquiry, navigation, reservation and payment and building an overall pattern of "one city, one network, one APP", through integrating static and dynamic data of parking lots. The investment in construction of a single city-level parking platform project ranges from one million to hundreds of millions of yuan. City-level smart parking is therefore the most promising smart parking segment. It is also the main development direction of smart parking in current stage.

Policies and regulations favor the construction of city-level platforms: the people's governments of all cities are required to develop mobile terminal smart parking service applications that integrate service functions such as information inquiry, parking space reservation and electronic payment, and promote the deep integration of parking information management platform and city information modeling (CIM) basic platform, according to the Opinions on Promoting the Development of Urban Parking Facilities issued by the General Office of the State Council in May 2021. In addition, local governments including Liuzhou, Xiong’an New Area of Hebei, Tianjin, Henan and Dongguan have also released relevant policies requiring the building of city-level parking platforms.

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Urban parking platforms mushroom in China: driven by relevant policies, about 300 cities across the country, typically Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Dongguan, Nanjing, Qingdao and Ningbo, have launched smart parking platforms.

In Shanghai’s case, “Shanghai Parking”, a city-level smart parking platform launched in 2020, has covered a total of 890,000 public parking spaces in more than 4,300 public parking lots (garages) and toll road parking lots in the city. In August 2022, Shanghai Parking 2.0 was introduced. It supports over 2,800 public parking lots (garages) and all toll road parking lots, offers the unified electronic payment feature "parking payment", and allows 49 hospitals to provide online parking reservation service.

Shared parking is also a smart parking application field encouraged by China. The off-peak parking sharing function in Shanghai Parking APP 2.0 has been available to 212 parking lots (garages), providing one-click inquiry and order signing services for residents in surrounding communities, that is, residents can park their cars conveniently within the usage period after signing contract online.

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Layout of automakers in smart parking: improve parking experience for car owners.

According to the survey data from Parkopedia, relatively speaking, 56.6% smart parking users tend to use vehicle navigation to receive parking information, so it is necessary to embed parking information in IVI systems.

At present, major automakers have embedded smart parking functions in their telematics systems by way of cooperating with parking data service providers or telematics service providers. Typical parking data service providers are Parkopedia and EZParking, of which Parkopedia makes a global layout and often cooperates with foreign automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi; EZParking deploys the Chinese market and most of its partners are Chinese automakers.

Weltmeister and EZParking joined hands in smart parking: in August 2022, the "Smart Parking" service jointly developed by Weltmeister and EZParking was launched on the WM iMOTOR APP, allowing Weltmeister owners to enjoy free inquiry services, for example, inquiring about the information of more than 10 million parking spaces (available/busy/full) of more than 70,000 parking lots (garages) in more than 100 cities.

Weltmeister will continue the iteration of its "Smart Parking" service. In the future, it will enable such functions as mobility route intelligent planning and navigation, indoor HD map navigation in parking garages, automatic parking and reverse car search, and unconscious payments when leaving parking lots.

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Honda together with Parkopedia provides parking information and payment solutions for Chinese car owners: in October 2021, Honda, Parkopedia and MXNAVI together added the parking information and payment solution to the Honda CONNECT 3.0 entertainment system.

Honda owners can inquire about dynamic parking information via Honda CONNECT 3.0. The vehicle intelligent voice assistant can provide drivers with nearby parking suggestions when approaching the destination. Honda owners can also pay parking fees through the in-vehicle password-free parking payment service or the QR code displayed on the car screen.

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1 Overview of China Smart Parking Market
1.1 Overview of Smart Parking Industry
1.1.1 Classification of Parking Lots
1.1.2 Definition of Smart Parking
1.1.3 Comparison between Smart Parking and Conventional Parking
1.1.4 Development History of Smart Parking
1.1.5 Smart Parking Architecture: People-Car-Parking Lot-Cloud
1.1.6 Main Technologies
1.1.7 Main Technologies: Communication 
1.1.8 Main Technologies: NB-IoT 

1.2 Policies and Standards for Smart Parking
1.2.1 National Policies Concerning Smart Parking (1)
1.2.2 National Policies Concerning Smart Parking (2)
1.2.3 Opinions on Promoting the Development of Urban Parking Facilities: Promote Smart Parking Services & Encourage Parking Resources Sharing
1.2.4 Smart Parking Policies of Provinces and Cities (1)
1.2.5 Smart Parking Policies of Provinces and Cities (2) 
1.2.6 National Standards for Smart Parking
1.2.7 Three National Standards for Smart Parking Passed the Review
1.2.8 Local Standards for Smart Parking (1)
1.2.9 Local Standards for Smart Parking (2)
1.2.10 Local Standards for Smart Parking (3) 
1.2.11 Beijing Issued Exposure Drafts on Smart Parking Standards 

1.3 Smart Parking Business Models
1.3.1 Main Smart Parking Business Models 
1.3.2 Main Smart Parking Profit Models

1.4 Driving Factors for Smart Parking and Market Size
1.4.1 Driving Factors for Smart Parking Development
1.4.2 Driving Factor 1: Growing Automobile Ownership and Disordered Management of Parking Spaces Increase the Demand for Smart Parking (1)
1.4.3 Driving Factor 1: Growing Automobile Ownership and Disordered Management of Parking Spaces Increase the Demand for Smart Parking (2)
1.4.4 Driving Factor 2: "Random Parking" Governance Releases Parking Demand 
1.4.5 Driving Factor 3: Car Owners’ Demand for Better Parking Experience Drives up the Demand for Smart Parking
1.4.6 Smart Parking Lot Market Size 

1.5 Status Quo of Smart Parking Construction in China
1.5.1 Road Smart Parking Projects, 2022H1
1.5.2 Road Smart Parking Projects, 2022H1: Mainly Government-authorized Projects
1.5.3 Road Smart Parking Projects, 2021: Mainly District and County Projects
1.5.4 Smart Parking Construction Projects Bidding Market, 2021: Mainly On/Off-Street Integrated Smart Parking Projects
1.5.5 Smart Parking Construction Projects Bidding Market, 2021: Analysis of Road and On/Off-Street Integrated Projects
1.5.6 New Road/Public Smart Parking Projects for Bidding, 2021: The Most in Zhejiang
1.5.7 The Large Number of Players in Smart Parking Industry Leads to An Overall Low Concentration 
1.5.8 “BATH” Has Set Foot in Smart Parking
1.5.9 Smart Parking Layout of Major Technology Companies (1)
1.5.10 Smart Parking Layout of Major Technology Companies (2)
1.5.11 Financing in Smart Parking Industry: AIpark Is Favored by Capital

1.6 Development Trends of China Smart Parking Industry
1.6.1 Trend 1 (I)
1.6.2 Trend 1 (II)
1.6.3 Trend 2 (I)
1.6.4 Trend 2 (II)
1.6.5 Trend 2 (III)
1.6.6 Trend 2 (IV)
1.6.7 Trend 3 (I)
1.6.8 Trend 3 (II)
1.6.9 Trend 4 (I)
1.6.10 Trend 4 (II)

2 Smart Parking Market Segments
2.1 Smart Parking Industry Chain: Front, Middle and Back Ends
2.1.1 Smart Parking Industry Chain
2.1.2 Main Deployments of Chinese Smart Parking Companies (1)
2.1.3 Main Deployments of Chinese Smart Parking Companies (2) 

2.2 Front End: Smart Parking Hardware Suppliers and Their Products
2.2.1 Main Smart Parking Hardware Suppliers 
2.2.2 Smart Parking Front-end Intelligent Hardware Market Structure, 2021
2.2.3 Proportion of Intelligent Hardware Used in Road Smart Parking Projects, 2021
2.2.4 Number of Contracts Signed by Major Intelligent Hardware Companies and Number of Covered Parking Spots, 2021
2.2.5 Intelligent Hardware for Parking Lots: Video
2.2.6 Intelligent Hardware for Parking Lots: Video - Technical Requirements for High-position Video Detection Terminals
2.2.7 Intelligent Hardware for Parking Lots: Ranking of Major Video Products Suppliers
2.2.8 Intelligent Hardware for Parking Lots: Geomagnetic
2.2.9 Intelligent Hardware for Parking Lots: Parking Lock
2.2.10 Development Trends of Intelligent Hardware for Smart Parking: Pilot Application of Integrated Solutions 

2.3 Front End: Smart Parking Software Providers and Their Products
2.3.1 Smart Parking Data Collection Services 
2.3.2 Smart Parking Data Collection Must Guarantee Data Accuracy
2.3.3 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Product Layout
2.3.4 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Analysis of Accuracy of Collected Static Data of Nationwide Parking Lots
2.3.5 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Comparison of Accuracy of Collected Static Data of Nationwide Closed Parking Lots
2.3.6 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Comparison of Accuracy of Collected Static Data of Nationwide On-street Parking Lots
2.3.7 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Analysis of Accuracy of Collected Dynamic Data of Nationwide Parking Lots
2.3.8 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Comparison of Accuracy of Collected Dynamic Data of Nationwide Closed Parking Lots 
2.3.9 Smart Parking Data Collection Providers: Comparison of Accuracy of Collected Dynamic Data of Nationwide On-street Parking Lots 
2.3.10 HD Map for Smart Parking
2.3.11 Indoor Map Layout in Smart Parking Garages
2.3.12 Cases of Indoor Map Layout in Smart Parking Garages: BrightMap Signed the First Mass Production Order for Parking Garage HD Map in China
2.3.13 Cases of Indoor Map Layout in Smart Parking Garages: BMW’s Parking Garage Indoor Map

2.4 Middle End: Smart Parking Management System Integrators
2.4.1 Smart Parking Management System Solutions
2.4.2 Overall Architecture of Smart Parking Management System
2.4.3 Comparison between Main Smart Parking Management System Integrators
2.4.4 Number of Contracts Signed by Major Smart Parking System Integrators and Number of Covered Parking Spots, 2021
2.4.5 Cases of Smart Parking System Integrators: Multi-directional Layout of Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry
2.4.6 Cases of Smart Parking System Integrators: Smart Parking Ecosystem of Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry

2.5 Back End: To G City-level Smart Parking Platform
2.5.1 Three Levels of Smart Parking Lots: City-level Parking Platforms are the Development Direction
2.5.2 City-Level Smart Parking Platform Architecture
2.5.3 Software Functional Architecture of City-level Smart Parking Management Platform
2.5.4 City-Level Parking Guidance System
2.5.5 Cooperation Modes of City-level Smart Parking Platform 
2.5.6 Status Quo of City-level Smart Parking
2.5.7 Development History of City-level Smart Parking
2.5.8 City-level Smart Parking Construction Strategy
2.5.9 Typical "City-level Smart Parking Platforms" in China (1)
2.5.10 Typical "City-level Smart Parking Platforms" in China (2)
2.5.11 Typical "City-level Smart Parking Platforms" in China (3) 
2.5.12 Cases of City-level Smart Parking Platforms: Shanghai’s Smart Parking Operation Platform
2.5.13 Cases of City-level Smart Parking Platforms: Shenzhen’s City-level Smart Parking Cloud Platform
2.5.14 Cases of City-level Smart Parking Platforms: Chengdu Issues Policies to Build A Smart Parking Management Platform
2.5.15 Major City-level Smart Parking Solution Providers (1)
2.5.16 Major City-level Smart Parking Solution Providers (2)
2.5.17 Selected Major City-level Smart Parking Projects (1)
2.5.18 Selected Major City-level Smart Parking Projects (2)
2.5.19 Selected Major City-level Smart Parking Projects (3)
2.5.20 Selected Major City-level Smart Parking Projects (4)

2.6 Back End: To B Smart Parking Operation Management
2.6.1 Main Differences between Smart Parking Lot Operation Management System and Smart Parking Management System
2.6.2 Smart Parking Operation Management Cloud Hosting Model
2.6.3 Smart Parking Operation Management Cloud Hosting Model Can Save A Lot of Costs
2.6.4 Diagram of Smart Parking Operation Management Cloud Hosting Service 
2.6.5 There is An Internal Synergy between Parking Lot Cloud Hosting Model and Other Smart Parking Services
2.6.6 Comparison of Parking Lot Cloud Hosting Service Development between Providers

2.7 Back End: To C Smart Parking User Services
2.7.1 Comparison between Main Consumer APPs Launched by Smart Parking Companies
2.7.2 Summary of APPs Launched by Smart Parking Companies
2.7.3 City-level Smart Parking APPs
2.7.4 Comparison between Main City-level Smart Parking APPs (1)
2.7.5 Comparison between Main City-level Smart Parking APPs (2)
2.7.6 Cases of City-level Smart Parking APPs: Payment Process of Shanghai Parking APP 2.0 Gets Further Upgraded
2.7.7 Cases of City-level Smart Parking APPs: Shanghai Parking APP 2.0 Expands Hospital Parking Reservation Service
2.7.8 Cases of City-level Smart Parking APPs: Shanghai Parking APP 2.0 Extends the Scope of Off-peak Parking Sharing Service
2.7.9 Parking Payment Survey: Luxury Brand Car Owners Prefer In-vehicle Password-free Payments
2.7.10 Parking Payment Survey: Overall Evaluation on Effect of Password-free Parking Payments Is Relatively High
2.7.11 Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking: Main Types
2.7.12 Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking: Implementation Methods and Basic Settlement Process
2.7.13 Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking: ETC Smart Parking Construction Pilot Cities
2.7.14 Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking: Progress in Construction of ETC Smart Parking Pilot Projects  
2.7.15 Main Providers of Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking
2.7.16 Cases of Unconscious Payment for Smart Parking: Parkopedia Provides Parking Payment Service for Honda Users in China 

2.8 Back End: AVP with Vehicle-Parking Lot Collaboration
2.8.1 Introduction to Automated Valet Parking (AVP)
2.8.2 Automated Valet Parking (AVP): New Development Stage of Smart Parking  
2.8.3 Three AVP Technology Routes
2.8.4 The Requirements of the Three AVP Technology Routes for Parking Lots
2.8.5 AVP Implementation Scheme: Vehicle-Parking Lot Cooperation 
2.8.6 The Pace of Intelligent Construction of AVP in Parking Lots 
2.8.7 Huawei Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (1)
2.8.8 Huawei Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (2)
2.8.9 Benefit Value of AVP-enabled Parking Lots

3 Smart Parking Solutions of Automakers
3.1 Smart Parking User Survey: Vehicle Navigation is the Key Channel for Receiving Parking Information
3.2 Smart Parking User Survey: First-tier Cities Use Digital Parking Services More Frequently
3.3 Smart Parking Solutions of Automakers
3.4 Classification of Smart Parking Products of Automakers
3.5 Parking Service Procurement Modes of Automakers 
3.6 Smart Parking Function Layout of Major Automakers
3.7 Smart Parking Service Providers of Major Automakers (1)
3.8 Smart Parking Service Providers of Major Automakers (2)

3.9 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: Volkswagen of America, Inc. Cooperated with Parkopedia 
3.10 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: Weltmeister Cooperated with EZParking (1)
3.11 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: Weltmeister Cooperated with EZParking (2) 
3.12 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: BMW and Parkopedia Cooperated on Smart Parking Service
3.13 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: Changan Automobile Piloted Smart Shared Parking Ecosystem Cooperation
3.14 Smart Parking Layout Cases of OEMs: Honda Together with Parkopedia Provides Parking Information and Payment Solutions for Car Owners in China

4 Smart Parking Solution Providers
4.1 Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Main Advantages
4.1.3 Operation (1)
4.1.4 Operation (2)
4.1.5 Main R&D Projects
4.1.6 Business Models
4.1.7 City-level Smart Parking Layout
4.1.8 Comprehensive Smart Parking Management Platform 
4.1.9 City-level Smart Parking Integrated Solutions
4.1.10 City-level Smart Parking Cloud Platform
4.1.11 City-level Smart Parking Integrated Solutions: On/Off-street Parking Solutions
4.1.12 City-level Smart Parking Integrated Solutions: Urban Parking Operation Platform & Parking Mobile Platform
4.1.13 City-level Smart Parking Integrated Solutions: Urban Parking Guidance Solution & Parking Management Terminal
4.1.14 City-level Smart Parking Integrated Solutions: Cooperation Model
4.1.15 Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions (1)
4.1.16 Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions (2)
4.1.17 Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions: Car Owners at Consumer End
4.1.18 Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions: Property at Business End
4.1.19 Advantage 1 of Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions: Solution Advantage
4.1.20 Advantage 2 of Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions: Model Advantage
4.1.21 Advantage 3 of Parking Spot-level Charging Operation Solutions: Operation Advantage
4.1.22 Smart Parking Cloud Hosting Service Solutions
4.1.23 Smart Parking Cloud Hosting Service Solutions: Six Advantages
4.1.24 Smart Parking Hardware Products: Jaguar JBox
4.1.25 Smart Parking Hardware Products: Others (1)
4.1.26 Smart Parking Hardware Products: Others (2)
4.1.27 Smart Parking Hardware Products: Others (3)
4.1.28 JParking: Smart Parking Integrated Service Platform
4.1.29 Business Model of JParking
4.1.30 JParking: Three Major Sections, Five Functions

4.2 Xiamen Keytop Communication & Technology
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Main Smart Parking Solutions
4.2.3 Operation of Smart Parking
4.2.4 Main Customers of Smart Parking
4.2.5 Video Card-free Charging System
4.2.6 Integrated Parking Space Information System - Parking Space Guidance and Reverse Car Search
4.2.7 Advantages of the Parking Space Guidance and Reverse Car Search Solution
4.2.8 Main Product Configuration and Functions of the Parking Space Guidance and Reverse Car Search Solution
4.2.9 Parking Guidance System
4.2.10 Smart Parking Operation Management Service – SUPERPARK 
4.2.11 Smart Parking Operation Management Service: Diagram of Entry and Exit Scenarios
4.2.12 Smart Parking Operation Management Service: Operation Model
4.2.13 Unmanned Toll Parking Lot Solution
4.2.14 Roadside Smart Parking Solutions
4.2.15 Advantages of Roadside Smart Parking Solutions
4.2.16 Main Functions and Product Configurations of Roadside Smart Parking Solutions
4.2.17 Keytop Parking Group Management Platform
4.2.18 City-level Smart Parking Information Platform
4.2.19 Advantages of City-level Smart Parking Information Platform Solutions
4.2.20 Office Building Smart Parking Solutions
4.2.21 Smart Parking Management Solutions for Government Agencies
4.2.22 Application Cases of Smart Parking Management Solutions for Government Agencies
4.2.23 "Su Ting Che" Solution
4.2.24 Partners
4.2.25 Typical Cases
4.2.26 Dynamics in Smart Parking

4.3 AIpark (Intelligent Interconnection Technology, IICT)
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Smart Parking Lot Operation Solution: Alpark One
4.3.3 AIpark Sky Eye
4.3.4 AIpark Launched Smart Parking Solutions (1)
4.3.5 AIpark Launched Smart Parking Solutions (2)
4.3.6 Summary of Winning Bids 

4.4 EZParking
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Vehicle Parking Service System - EZP2Car 
4.4.3 Smart Parking Big Data Platform
4.4.4 Project Case - Smart Parking in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone (1)
4.4.5 Project Case - Smart Parking in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone (2)
4.4.6 Project Case - Smart Parking in Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone (3)

4.5 Turbo Technologies
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Application Case of Smart Parking - Smart Parking Project of National Maritime Museum of China

4.6 Hikvision
4.6.1 Smart Parking Lot Solutions
4.6.2 Smart Parking Lot Solutions: Administrator
4.6.3 Smart Parking Lot Solutions: Car Owner
4.6.4 Smart Parking Cloud Services
4.6.5 Urban Parking Service 

4.7 Parkopedia 
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Provide Parking Big Data Services for OEMs
4.7.3 Smart Payments
4.7.4 Cooperated with ETCP to Expand Smart Parking and Payment Services for Chinese Car Owners
4.7.5 Indoor Map
4.7.6 Cooperated with Cennavi under NavInfo
4.7.7 Established A Japanese Subsidiary Engaged in Parking Data Collection 
4.7.8 Application Case of Dynamic and Static Parking Data - BMW ConnectedDrive
4.7.9 Major Customers and Partners (1)
4.7.10 Major Customers and Partners (2)

4.8 ETCP
4.8.1 Profile
4.8.2 Smart Parking System
4.8.3 Parking APP
4.8.4 City-level Static Transportation Platform
4.8.5 Dynamic Parking Space Data Serve Vehicle and Mobile Terminals
4.8.6 Typical Cases

4.9 Parking We
4.9.1 Profile 
4.9.2 Smart Parking Solutions
4.9.3 Partners

4.10 C Hangzhou Reformer Holding
4.10.1 Profile
4.10.2 Smart Parking Business
4.10.3 Main Hardware Products for Smart Parking
4.10.4 City-level Smart Parking Solutions (1)
4.10.5 City-level Smart Parking Solutions (2)
4.10.6 City-level Smart Parking Solutions (3)
4.10.7 Parking Lot Operation Business
4.10.8 Xingbei Unattended Parking System
4.10.9 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Configuration
4.10.10 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Workflow
4.10.11 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Advantages - Unattended
4.10.12 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Advantages - Self-service Payment
4.10.13 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Advantages - Remote Management
4.10.14 Xingbei Unattended Parking System: Advantages - Xingbei Payment
4.10.15 Consumer Product: Xingbei APP

4.11 Shenzhen CADRE Group
4.11.1 Profile
4.11.2 Urban Dynamic and Static Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management Service Platform
4.11.3 System Composition of Urban Dynamic and Static Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management Service Platform  
4.11.4 Consumer Product: Botong Parking APP
4.11.5 New Roadside Smart Parking System Solution
4.11.6 Front-end Equipment of New Roadside Smart Parking System Solution
4.11.7 New Smart Parking Lot System Solution
4.11.8 Hardware Configuration of New Smart Parking Lot System Solution
4.11.9 New Intelligent Guidance System Solution
4.11.10 Smart Parking Case: Yuxi Smart Parking Project

4.12 Shoucheng Holdings
4.12.1 Profile
4.12.2 Operation 
4.12.3 Smart Parking Business: Yi Parking
4.12.4 The Parking Lot Operation Model Is Upgraded to "Cloud Hosting"
4.12.5 Smart Parking Business: Layout of Yi Parking 
4.12.6 Typical Smart Parking Projects of Yi Parking
4.12.7 Smart Parking Business: Business Model of Yi Parking
4.12.8 Smart Parking Business: Operation System of Yi Parking
4.12.9 Smart Parking Business: SONIC Intelligent Management System of Yi Parking
4.12.10 Smart Parking Business: Cooperation Mode of Yi Parking

4.13 Sunsea Parking Industry Group
4.13.1 Profile
4.13.2 Parking Lot Operation Management Business
4.13.3 Parking Lot Operation Management Business: System Platform & Operation Capability
4.13.4 Layout Scope of Parking Lot Operation Management Business 
4.13.5 Cooperation Mode in Urban Smart Parking
4.13.6 Cooperation Mode of Real Estate Property Group
4.13.7 Parking Ecosystem and Value-added Services

4.14 BlueCard Technologies
4.14.1 Profile
4.14.2 AI Cloud Unmanned Parking Lot Management System
4.14.3 AI Cloud Unmanned Parking Lot Management System: Payment Methods
4.14.4 AI Cloud Unmanned Parking Lot Management System: LCD Highway License Plate Recognition Gate Code Scanning and Payment All-In-One 
4.14.5 AI Cloud Unmanned Parking Lot Management System: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Server
4.14.6 AI HD Video Parking Guidance System
4.14.7 AI HD Video Parking Guidance System: HD Parking Spot Detector
4.14.8 AI HD Video Parking Guidance System: Parking Guidance Display
4.14.9 On-street Stereo High-position Camera

4.15 Henan Guanchao Intelligent Technology
4.15.1 Construction and Management Schemes for City-level Smart Parking Solutions
4.15.2 City-level Smart Parking Management Platform
4.15.3 Main Components of City-level Smart Parking Management Platform
4.15.4 On-street Parking Management System
4.15.5 Application Process of On-street Parking Management System
4.15.6 Functions of On-street Parking Management System
4.15.7 Unattended Parking Lot System
4.15.8 Application Process of Unattended Parking Lot System
4.15.9 Functions of Unattended Parking Lot System
4.15.10 Video Parking Guidance System
4.15.11 Application Process of Video Parking Guidance System
4.15.12 Functions of Video Parking Guidance System

4.16 Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology
4.16.1 Parking Guidance System Solution
4.16.2 Three Generations of Video Parking Guidance Systems
4.16.3 Front Mounted Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
4.16.4 Split Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
4.16.5 Geomagnetic Parking Guidance System
4.16.6 Smart Parking Management System Solution 
4.16.7 Indoor Positioning and Navigation

4.17 Shanghai Changting Information Technology
4.17.1 Profile
4.17.2 Urban Smart Parking Cloud Platform
4.17.3 Off-street Smart Parking Management Platform
4.17.4 Parking APP
4.17.5 Reservation System
4.17.6 Electronic Payment System

4.18 Jiangsu Wuyang Parking Industry Group
4.18.1 Profile
4.18.2 "Investment + Construction + Operation" Model
4.18.3 Parking Lot Operation Business – My Park

4.19 Welinkpark (Shenzhen) Technology
4.19.1 Profile
4.19.2 Urban Smart Parking System

5 Smart Parking Technology Companies
5.1 Huawei
5.1.1 Smart Parking Solutions: Overall Architecture of Smart Parking
5.1.2 Smart Parking Solutions: Parking Operation Management
5.1.3 Smart Parking Solutions: Campus Parking Management
5.1.4 Smart Parking Solutions: On-street Parking Management
5.1.5 Smart Parking Solutions: NB-IoT Smart Parking Solution
5.1.6 Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (1)
5.1.7 Cooperative AVP Smart Parking Solution (2)
5.1.8 Smart Parking Partners

5.2 Baidu
5.2.1 Baidu Cloud Smart Parking Solution
5.2.2 Baidu Map Smart Parking Solution 
5.2.3 Baidu Acquired Beijing Lottop Technology to Accelerate Its Layout in Smart Parking Industry
5.2.4 City-level On-street Smart Parking Management Solution of Beijing Lottop Technology
5.2.5 Core Products of Beijing Lottop Technology: High-position Video Parking Event Automatic Recording Dome Camera System
5.2.6 Core Products of Beijing Lottop Technology: LOTTOP Parking Operation Management Big Data Platform
5.2.7 Core Products of Beijing Lottop Technology: Tiantian Parking APP
5.2.8 ACE City-level Smart Parking Solution of Beijing Lottop Technology
5.2.9 Application Case of Beijing Lottop Technology: Zhuzhou Parking

5.3 Tencent
5.3.1 Tencent Cloud Smart Parking Solution
5.3.2 Tencent Cloud Smart Parking Management Platform Architecture
5.3.3 Tencent Cloud Launched Urban Parking Partner Program

5.4 Alibaba
5.4.1 Overall Architecture of Alibaba Cloud Smart Parking Solution
5.4.2 Alibaba Cloud Lightweight Unattended Parking Lot Service Solution: Parking System
5.4.3 Alibaba ZhiWei Parking Partner Program
5.4.4 Alibaba City-level Smart Parking Project

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