Global and China Automotive Relay Industry Report, 2014-2018
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Automotive relay, an important electronic component among automotive parts, finds widespread application in starting, preheating, cooling, fan, air-conditioning, lighting, electronic injection, oil pump, and other control systems. Automotive relay is second only to electronic sensor in terms of consumption in automobile, 20-70 pieces for single vehicle at present.

With improvement in automotive electronization and growing prevalence of new energy vehicle, China automotive relay industry has progressed steadily over the recent years. In 2014, the automotive relay industry of China registered revenue of about RMB3.5 billion, soaring6 6.7% from RMB2.1 billion in 2010. It is expected the CAGR for 2015-2018 will remain above 20%.

Generally, the main circuit voltage of traditional vehicle is 12V or 24V, while that of new energy vehicle is typically above 200V. Hence, to cater to the development of new energy vehicle, high-voltage DC relay will be the R&D priority of automotive relay manufacturers. At present, Hongfa Technology Co., Ltd. boasts the capability of developing and producing high-voltage DC relay.

Global automotive relay market is dominated by TE Connectivity, Panasonic, LS, Omron, and other foreign companies. Being bullish about the Chinese market, most of these companies have built production bases in China.

TE Connectivity: a global leader in automotive relay market; posted global revenue of USD13.9 billion in FY2014, with 3% or so contributed by automotive relay; its Automotive Segment has two production bases in China (EPZ factory and NEPZ factory), of which NEPZ has started to manufacture automotive relay from 2014.

Omron: entered the Chinese market in 1978; recorded revenue of JPY995 billion in China in FY2014, 18.4% of the company’s total revenue; automotive relay production base in China- Shanghai OMRON Control Components Co., Ltd. has 8 automotive relay production lines, and plans to introduce 15 advanced production lines in 2015.

Hongfa Technology Co., Ltd.: the largest local Chinese automotive relay manufacturer and also one of a few global high-voltage DC relay suppliers. In Dec. 2013, the company invested the raised funds to build 6 high-voltage DC relay production lines, which are expected to be completed and put into operation in 2016, adding annual capacity of 1.2 million pieces then.

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Global and China Automotive Relay Industry Report, 2014-2018 by ResearchInChina highlights the following:
20120114.gifSize, structure, and competitive landscape of global relay and automotive relay market;
20120114.gifSize, structure, and competitive landscape of the Chinese relay and automotive relay market;
20120114.gifSize and competitive landscape of global and Chinese auto and new energy vehicle market;
20120114.gifOperation, revenue structure, and automotive relay business of 8 foreign and 9 Chinese automotive relay manufacturers.

1 Overview of Automotive Relay Industry 
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification and Application
1.3 Development Trend

2 Status Quo of Global Automotive Relay Industry 
2.1 Relay
2.1.1 Market Size
2.1.2 Market Structure
2.1.3 Competitive Landscape
2.2 Automotive Relay
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Market Structure
2.2.3 Competitive Landscape

3. Status Quo of China Automotive Relay Industry 
3.1 Relay
3.1.1 Market Size
3.1.2 Market Structure
3.1.3 Competitive Landscape
3.1.4 Import & Export Import Export
3.2 Automotive Relay
3.2.1 Market Size
3.2.2 Market Structure
3.2.3 Competitive Landscape

4. Status Quo of Downstream Market 
4.1 Automobile
4.1.1 Global
4.1.2 China Market Size Competitive Landscape
4.2 New Energy Vehicle
4.2.1 Global
4.2.2 China Market Size Competitive Landscape

5. Major Global Automotive Relay Companies
5.1 TE Connectivity
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Revenue Structure
5.1.4 Automotive Relay Business
5.1.5 Business in China
5.2 Omron
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Revenue Structure
5.2.4 Gross Margin
5.2.5 Automotive Relay Business
5.2.6 Business in China
5.3 Panasonic
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Revenue Structure
5.3.4 Automotive Relay Business
5.3.5 Business in China
5.4 Fujitsu
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Revenue Structure
5.4.4 Automotive Relay Business
5.4.5 Business in China
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Revenue Structure
5.5.4 Automotive Relay Business
5.5.5 Business in China
5.6 LS
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Automotive Relay Business
5.6.4 Business in China
5.7 Others
5.7.1 Gruner
5.7.2 YMT

6. Major Chinese Automotive Relay Companies
6.1 Hongfa Technology Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Gross Margin
6.1.5 Automotive Relay Business
6.2 Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric Co., Ltd.
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Automotive Relay Business
6.3 Song Chuan Group
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Automotive Relay Business
6.4 Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd.
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Automotive Relay Business
6.5 Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.5.3 Automotive Relay Business
6.6 Others
6.6.1 Zhejiang HKE Relay Co., Ltd.
6.6.2 Ningbo Forward Relay Co., Ltd.
6.6.3 Audix Technology
6.6.4 Guizhou Tianyi Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

7. Summary and Forecast
7.1 Market
7.2 Company
Automotive Relay Composition
Merits and Demerits of Main Contact Materials for Automotive Relay
Application of Automotive Relay
Application of Relay in Electric Vehicle
Main Circuit Voltage of Automobile
Global Relay Revenue and Growth Rate, 2008-2018E
Global Relay Revenue Structure by Sector, 2014/2016E
Competitive Landscape of Global Relay Market, 2013
Global Automotive Relay Revenue and Growth Rate, 2011-2018E
Single Vehicle’s Demand for Relay, 2014
Single New Energy Vehicle’s Demand for Relay, 2014
Automotive Relay Sales Structure, 2014/2018E
Major Global Manufacturers of Relay for New Energy Vehicle, 2014
China’s Relay Revenue and Growth Rate, 2008-2018E
China’s Relay Revenue Structure by Sector, 2014
Competitive Landscape of the Chinese Relay Market, 2014
Import Volume of Relay in China by Product, 2012-2014
Import Value of Relay in China by Product, 2012-2014
Import Volume Structure of Relay in China by Region, 2014
Export Volume of Relay from China by Product, 2012-2014
Export Value of Relay from China by Product, 2012-2014
Export Volume Structure of Relay from China by Region, 2014
China’s Automotive Relay Revenue and Growth Rate, 2010-2018E
China’s Automotive Relay Revenue Structure, 2010-2014
Value of Automotive Relays Used in Single New Energy Vehicle, 2014
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Automotive Relay Market, 2014
Global Passenger Vehicle Sales Volume, 2005-2015E
Global Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume, 2005-2015E
Passenger Vehicle Sales Growth in Major Global Markets, 2014
Auto Sales in China, 2013-2015E
Passenger Vehicle Sales in China, 2013-2015E
Commercial Vehicle Sales in China, 2013-2015E
China’s Auto Exports, 2013-2015E
China’s Passenger Vehicle Sales Structure by Country, 2014
Chinese Own Brand Passenger Vehicles’ Share of Total Passenger Vehicle Sales, 2013-2015E
Chinese Own Brand Sedans’ Share of Total Sedan Sales, 2013-2015E
Global New Energy Vehicle Sales, 2008-2015E
Global Electric Vehicle Sales, 2010-2050E
New Energy Vehicle Sales in China, 2011-2015E
China’s Share of Global Electric Vehicle Sales, 2011-2015E
New Energy Vehicle Sales Structure in China by Brand, 2014
Basic Information of TE Connectivity, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of TE Connectivity, FY2010-FY2014
Revenue Structure of TE Connectivity by Channel, FY2014
R&D Costs of TE Connectivity, FY2012-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of TE Connectivity by Business, FY2014
Revenue Structure of TE Connectivity by Business, FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of TE Connectivity by Region, FY2014
Revenue Structure of TE Connectivity by Region, FY2012-FY2014
Automotive Relay Sealing Processes of TE Connectivity
Relay Lines and Their Applications of TE Connectivity
Technical Indicators of TE Connectivity’s High-voltage Precharge Relay
Auto Makers Supported by TE Connectivity’s Main Automotive Relays
Production Bases of TE Connectivity in China, FY2014
Revenue and Growth Rate of TE Connectivity in China, FY2010-FY2014
Business Layout of TE Connectivity in China
Automotive Electronics Production Bases of TE Connectivity in China
Global Business Layout of Omron
Revenue and Net Income of Omron, FY2008-FY2014
Revenue Structure of Omron by Business, FY2010-FY2014
Revenue Structure of Omron by Region, FY2012-FY2014
Gross Profit and Gross Margin of Omron, FY2008-FY2013
AEC Business Revenue and Growth Rate of Omron, FY2010-FY2014
AEC Business Revenue Structure of Omron by Region, FY2013-FY2014
AEC Products Production Bases of Omron
Main Relays of Omron
Structure of Omron’s High Capacity DC Relay
Auto Makers Supported by Omron’s Main Automotive Relays 
Distribution of Companies Invested by Omron in China
Revenue and Growth Rate of Omron in Greater China, FY2010-FY2014
Business Segments of Panasonic
Revenue and Net Income of Panasonic, FY2008-FY2014
Revenue Target of Panasonic for FY2015
R&D Costs of Panasonic, FY2010-FY2014
Revenue Structure of Panasonic by Business, FY2013-FY2014
Revenue Targets of Panasonic for FY2019 by Business
Revenue Breakdown of Panasonic by Region, FY2010-FY2014
AIS Business Segments of Panasonic
AIS Business Revenue and Operating Income of Panasonic, FY2013-FY2014
AIS Business Revenue Structure of Panasonic, FY2014
Automotive Relay Structure of Panasonic
Relay Sealing Process of Panasonic
Auto Makers Supported by Panasonic’s Main Automotive Relays
Revenue and Growth Rate of Panasonic in China, FY2010-FY2014
R&D Costs of Panasonic in China, 2011-2013
Number of Employees of Fujitsu, FY2004-FY2013
Revenue and Net Income of Fujitsu, FY2008-FY2014
R&D Costs of Fujitsu, FY2007-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Fujitsu by Business, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Fujitsu Region, FY2009-FY2014
Main Products of Fujitsu’s Device Solutions Business Segment
Revenue of Fujitsu’s Device Solutions Business Segment, FY2011-FY2014
Major Automotive Electronics Branches/Subsidiaries of Fujitsu in China
Number of Employees of HELLA, 2009-2014
Global Business Layout of HELLA
Revenue and Profit of HELLA, 2009-2014
R&D Costs of HELLA, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of HELLA by Business, FY2013/2014
Revenue Structure of HELLA by Region, 2013-2014
Revenue and Growth Rate of HELLA’s Automotive Electronics Business Segment, 2007-2014
Revenue Structure of HELLA’s Automotive Electronics Business Segment, FY 2013/2014
Auto Makers Supported by HELLA’s Main Automotive Relays
Business Layout of HELLA in China
Revenue of HELLA’s Major Subsidiaries in China, FY2013/2014
Main Business Areas of LS
Revenue and Net Income of LS, 2011-2014
Global Business Layout of LS
Main Automotive Relays of LS
Relay Structure of LS
Business Layout of LS in China
Production Bases of LS in China
Revenue Structure of Gruner by Business, 2013
Equity Structure of Hongfa Technology, 2014
Global Business Layout of Hongfa Technology
Revenue and Net Income of Hongfa Technology, 2010-2014
Revenue Structure of Hongfa Technology by Product, 2013-2014
Revenue Breakdown of Hongfa Technology by Region, 2012-2014
Revenue Structure of Hongfa Technology by Region, 2013
Gross Profit and Gross Margin of Hongfa Technology by Product, 2012-2014
Relay Certification of Hongfa Technology
Hongfa Technology's Revenue from Automotive Relay and Growth Rate, 2012-2016E
Major Customers of Hongfa Technology's Automotive Relays
High-voltage DC Relays of Hongfa Technology
Hongfa Technology's Revenue from High-voltage DC Relay and Growth Rate, 2013-2016E
Major Customers of Hongfa Technology's High-voltage DC Relays
Hongfa Technology's Main Automotive Relay Projects as of Early 2015
Organizational Structure of Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric
Net Income of Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric, 2010-2014
Major Customers Supported by Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric
Main Automotive Relays of Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric
Auto Makers Supported by Shanghai Hugong Auto-Electric’s Main Automotive Relays
HV Series Relays of Song Chuan Group
Technical Parameters of HV01 Series Relays of Song Chuan Group
Technical Parameters of HV02 Series Relays of Song Chuan Group
Equity Structure of Guizhou Space Appliance, 2014
Revenue and Net Income of Guizhou Space Appliance, 2009-2014
Service Network of Guizhou Space Appliance
Revenue Structure of Guizhou Space Appliance by Product, 2013-2014
Revenue Structure of Guizhou Space Appliance by Region, 2013-2014
Relay Output and Sales of Guizhou Space Appliance, 2012-2013
Equity Structure of Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances, 2014
Revenue of Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances, 2011-2014
Main Automotive Relays of Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances
Equity Structure of Zhejiang HKE Relay, 2014
Revenue of Zhejiang HKE Relay, 2009-2014
Equity Structure of Ningbo Forward Relay, 2014
Revenue of Ningbo Forward Relay, 2009-2014
Auto Makers Supported by Guizhou Tianyi Electrical Appliances’ Main Automotive Relays
Global Auto Sales Growth Rate, 2007-2015E
Global and China Relay Sales Growth Rates, 2009-2018E
Revenue Growth of Major Global Automotive Relay Manufacturers, 2010-2014

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