Home Appliance Sales Up 12.8% In H1


August 9 -- In first half of 2011, sales of home appliances in China totaled 612.3 billion yuan, up 12.8 percent, while sales growth fell 11.1 percent, reports West China Metropolis Daily, citing the research report of home appliance market from China Market Monitor (CMM). All percentage changes in this report are.

Sales growth of the black, white and small home appliances, as well as IT, communication, digital products all declined in the first half of 2011.

Sales of smoke traps, gas stoves and water heaters respectively increased 7.1, 8.3 and 7.2 percent in first half of 2011, while sales of electric fans and air-conditioner jumped 20 and 29.4 percent.

The development of China’s wireless networks boosted sales of smart phone and laptops 30.8 percent and 31.4 percent in same period.

Due to the earthquake that devastated Japan in April, the supply of digital cameras from the island nation fell sharply in the first half of 2011. Digital camera sales in China dropped 23.5 percent, with 9.7-percent sales growth.

Domestic home appliances giants Haier (600690), Hisense (600060), GD Midea Holding (000527), TCL Corporation (000100) and Changhong Electric (600539) all entered the black, white, large and small home appliance markets, according to an unnamed source.



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