China Automotive Ultrasonic Radar and OEM Parking Roadmap Research Report, 2022
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In 2021, ultrasonic radar shipments hit 100 million units, and intelligent parking became a crucial engine.

1. In 2025, China’s ultrasonic radar installations will exceed 140 million units.

According to ResearchInChina, in 2021 China’s ultrasonic radar installations in passenger cars jumped by 11.8% on the previous year to 97.138 million units, a figure projected to be more than 100 million units in 2022 and exceed 140 million units in 2025.


By auto brand in China, the installations of joint venture brands were higher than local brands, but from growth momentum, homegrown brands gained the upper hand.

In 2021, joint venture brands in China installed 59.427 million ultrasonic radars in their passenger cars, 1.6 times more than local brands (37.711 million units). In growth rate’s terms, the installations of local brands surged by 35.7% from a year earlier, compared with joint venture brands (a tiny 0.6%). 


2. Advanced automated parking solutions will be the main application scenario of ultrasonic radars.

As L2+ automated driving develops, parking solutions including parking assist (e.g., ultrasonic radar-only, ultrasonic radar + surround view camera, ultrasonic radar + rear view camera, rear view/surround view camera, etc.), automated parking assist (APA), remote parking assist (RPA), and automated valet parking (AVP) are being mounted on new vehicles in China.

In 2021, in China the brands that equipped their new vehicle models with APA (including integrated APA) contained Haval, Geely and Lynk & Co; the RPA-enabled brands incorporated Changan Automobile, ARCFOX and WEY.  In addition, Xpeng Motors, Hongqi, Weltmeister, and NIO were the first ones to deploy AVP solutions.


Our statistics show that in 2021, there were 1.787 million passenger cars equipped with the APA function in China, or 8.8% of the total; 432,000 passenger cars packed the integrated APA capability, accounting for 2.1%; 206,000 passenger cars, or 0.1% of the total, carried the RPA function.


3. Suppliers: Valeo and Bosch are leaders, and local players rise swiftly to prominence

Tier 1 suppliers such as Valeo and Bosch are monopolies in the Chinese ultrasonic radar market, of which Bosch already has 6 generations of ultrasonic radar products used in such scenarios as parking assist, side distance warning, side assistance, and emergency braking at low speeds.  

In the parking field, Bosch has mass-produced APA, RPA and AVP solutions among others. Wherein, the RPA solution has been applied to production models such as Aion V and ARCFOX αT; AVP has been first available to New Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a production sedan. 

Among local companies in China, Audiowell, Shenzhen Longhorn Automotive Electronic Equipment, Coligen, TungThih Electronic and Zongmu Technology are at the leading edge. Thereof, Audiowell’s vehicle ultrasonic radars have undergone 4 iterations, and its fourth-generation AK2 ultrasonic radar core was unveiled in 2021, the up-to-date technology that enables L2+ AVP automated driving capability following UPA and APA. Audiowell also got the investment from Desay SV in 2021 and successfully went public on June 14, 2022.


As well as Audiowell, SOFTEC, Coligen, and Forvision (ThunderSoft acquired 51.48% of its shares in 2021) have also launched AK2 series ultrasonic radars, some of which have been produced in quantities.

As intelligent parking solutions like Home-AVP and AVP come out, independent controllers can no longer meet the existing needs, and the parking domain begins to integrate into the autonomous driving domain. On this basis, the driving and parking integrated solutions come into being.

So far, quite a few companies in China including Neusoft Reach, Desay SV, Freetech and iMotion have rolled out their driving and parking integrated solutions, and have secured designated OEM orders for production vehicle models.

Desay SV IPU03 domain controller having been used in Xpeng P7, enables driving and parking integration, and supports on/off-ramp and automatic lane change in highway scenarios, automatic follow in urban traffic jams, and automated parking and valet parking in low-speed scenarios.


1 Automotive Ultrasonic Radars and Application Scenarios 
1.1 Overview of Automotive Ultrasonic Radar
1.1.1 Introduction
1.1.2 Key Features
1.1.3 System Composition and Working Principle
1.1.4 Main Types
1.1.5 Technical Solutions
1.1.6 Industry Chain
1.1.7 Application Scenarios
1.2 Parking Scenarios Using Automotive Ultrasonic Radars 
1.2.1 Development History of Parking
1.2.2 Automated Parking Assist (APA)
1.2.3 Remote Parking Assist (RPA)
1.2.4 Home Zone Parking Pilot (HPP) 
1.2.5 Lane-tracking Reversing Assistance System (LRAS)
1.2.6 Automated Valet Parking (AVP)
1.2.7 Highway Side Assist 

2 China Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Market and Trends
2.1 China Passenger Car Ultrasonic Radar Market
2.1.1 Overall Installations
2.1.2 Installations: By Local/Joint Venture Auto Brand
2.1.3 Installations: By Price
2.1.4 Installations: By Brand
2.1.5 Single Vehicle Installations: By Brand  
2.1.6 Single Vehicle Installations: By Price & Joint Venture/Local Auto Brand 
2.1.7 Ultrasonic Radar Installation Schemes
2.1.8 Ultrasonic Radar Installation Schemes: By Price
2.1.9 Installation of 4 Ultrasonic Radars
2.1.10 Installation of 8 Ultrasonic Radars
2.1.11 Installation of 12 Ultrasonic Radars
2.1.12 Major Ultrasonic Radar Suppliers
2.1.13 Main Products and Solutions of Suppliers
2.2 Development Trends of Automotive Ultrasonic Radar
2.2.1 Ultrasonic Radar Market Forecast, 2019-2025E
2.2.2 Ultrasonic Radar Application Scheme Forecast, 2019-2025E 
2.2.3 Increasing Application Scenarios of Ultrasonic Radars: Passenger Cars
2.2.4 Increasing Application Scenarios of Ultrasonic Radar: Commercial Vehicles
2.2.5 Explore New Ultrasonic Radar Technologies
2.2.6 Next Generation AK2 Ultrasonic Radars
2.2.7 Automated Parking Systems Tend to Integrate into Domain Controllers
2.2.8 Driving and Parking Integration Will Become A Mainstream Solution for Intelligent Driving in the Next Several Years

3 Parking Routes & Ultrasonic Radar Installation Solutions of OEMs
3.1 Overview of Passenger Car Parking Solutions of OEMs
3.1.1 Typical APA-enabled Brands and Models of OEMs
3.1.2 Typical Integrated APA-enabled Brands and Models of OEMs
3.1.3 Typical RPA&AVP-enabled Brands and Models of OEMs
3.2 BMW
3.2.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.2.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.2.3 BMW Parking Assistant Plus 
3.3 Mercedes-Benz
3.3.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.3.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.3.3 L4 Parking System: Automated Valet Parking Project
3.4 Ford
3.4.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.4.2 Automated Parking System Development Route
3.4.3 APA2 One-button Parking Assist System
3.4.4 Automated Valet Parking System
3.4.5 APA5.0 Vision Fused Fully Automated Parking 
3.5 GM
3.5.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Parking Solutions
3.5.2 Automated Parking System Development Route
3.5.3 APA Fully Automated Intelligent Parking System
3.5.4 360° All-Mode Intelligent Parking System
3.6 Honda
3.6.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Parking Solutions
3.6.2 Automated Parking System Development Route
3.6.3 Park Assist (PA)
3.7 Volkswagen
3.7.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.7.2 Parking System Development Route
3.7.3 Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA)
3.8 Great Wall Motor
3.8.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Parking Solutions
3.8.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.8.3 Fully Automated Integrated Parking System
3.8.4 All-Scenario Intelligent Parking System
3.9 Changan Automobile
3.9.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.9.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.9.3 APA6.0
3.9.4 APA7.0
3.10 Geely 
3.10.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.10.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.10.3 APA + Automated Parking
3.10.4 Remote Parking Assist (RPA) 
3.10.5 5G-AVP 1km Autonomous Parking
3.11 FAW Hongqi
3.11.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.11.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.11.3 APA Automated Parking Function
3.11.4 L4 Valet Parking System
3.11.5 Autonomous Driving Development Planning
3.12 GAC Aion
3.12.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.12.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.12.3 Fully Automated Parking Assist (FAPA)
3.12.4 Remote Parking Assist (RPA)
3.12.5 Home-AVP 
3.13 BAIC
3.13.1 BAIC’s Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Parking Solutions
3.13.2 BAIC’s Automated Parking Development Route
3.13.3 ARCFOX’s Fully Automated Parking System
3.14 BYD
3.14.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.14.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.14.3 APA Fully Automated Parking System 
3.15 Dongfeng Motor 
3.15.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.15.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.15.3 Automated Parking Assist and Remote Parking Assist
3.15.4 APA Fully Automated Parking System 
3.16 Xpeng Motors
3.16.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.16.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.16.3 Automated Parking System
3.16.4 Valet Parking Assist (VPA) 
3.16.5 Valet Parking Assist-LiDAR (VPA-L) 
3.16.6 Smartphone APP Parking Capability 
3.17 NIO
3.17.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Parking Solutions 
3.17.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.17.3 Fully Automated Integrated Parking System
3.18 Li Auto 
3.18.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.18.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.18.3 Automated Parking System
3.19 Weltmeister 
3.19.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.19.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.19.3 AVP Autonomous Parking System
3.19.4 HAVP Autonomous Parking System
3.20 NETA Auto
3.20.1 Ultrasonic Radar Installations & Installation Solution
3.20.2 Automated Parking Development Route
3.20.3 Automated Parking + One-button Parking
3.20.4 NETA TA PILOT 4.0 

4 Global Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Companies
4.1 Bosch
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 Development History of Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.1.3 Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.1.4 Ultrasonic Radar Application
4.1.5 Automated Parking Development Route
4.1.6 Automated Parking System
4.1.7 Remote Parking Application Cases
4.1.8 Bosch Cooperated with Daimler on Application of AVP
4.2 Valeo
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 ADAS Solutions
4.2.3 Development History of ADAS Sensors
4.2.4 Market Share of ADAS Sensors
4.2.5 Evolution of Automated Parking System
4.2.6 Automated Parking Products
4.3 Continental 
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 Full-Stack Solutions for Autonomous Driving
4.3.3 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.3.4 Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.3.5 Automated Parking Layout
4.4 Nicera
4.4.1 Profile
4.4.2 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products 
4.5 Murata
4.5.1 Profile
4.5.2 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.6 Denso
4.6.1 Profile
4.6.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.7 Hyundai Mobis
4.7.1 Profile
4.7.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products
4.7.3 Automated Parking & Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)
4.7.4 Mobis Parking System (MPS)
4.7.5 Automated Valet Parking (AVP) 

5 Chinese Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Companies
5.1 Audiowell
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products and Revenue
5.1.3 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.1.4 Automotive Solutions
5.2 Coligen 
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Development History of Automotive Ultrasonic Radars
5.2.3 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.2.4 Application Scenarios and Major Customers of Automotive Ultrasonic Radars
5.3 Shenzhen Longhorn Automotive Electronic Equipment
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Automotive Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.3.3 Main Customers of Automotive Ultrasonic Radars
5.4 TungThih Electronic
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Automated Parking System Development Route 
5.5 Hangsheng Electronics
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 ADAS Products
5.6 Zongmu Technology
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.6.3 Ultrasonic Radar Solutions
5.6.4 Automated Parking Application Cases
5.7 Whetron Electronics 
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Ultrasonic Radar Application: Reversing Radar & Automated Parking System
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.9 Hikvision
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Automotive Electronics: Passenger Car OEM Market
5.9.3 Automotive Electronics: Commercial Vehicle Market
5.10 Forvision
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products and Solutions
5.10.3 Ultrasonic Radar Application Cases 
5.11 Suzhou Udas
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Main Products
5.11.3 Solutions
5.12 Shunhe Technology
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Ultrasonic Radar Products
5.12.3 Autonomous Driving Solutions
5.13 Chongqing Guangda Industrial 
5.14 Guangzhou Youbao Aijia Technology

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