Global and China Automotive Connector Industry Report, 2014-2015
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Global and China Automotive Connector Industry Report, 2014-2015 contains the followings:
1. Overview of Global and Chinese Automotive Market
2. Analysis on Automotive Connector Industry and Market
3. Research on 13 Major Automotive Connector Companies

As the most potential segment in the connector industry, automotive connectors will trigger the market value of USD12.7 billion (up 5.3% from 2013) in 2014, whilst the global connector market is expected to hit USD50.2 billion (representing a slight increase of 2.6% compared with 2013). The growth of the automotive connector market is attributed to: First, the intensified automotive electronization (especially PEVs and PHEVs) generates more demand for connectors. Second, Chinese and American automotive markets grow strongly, particularly luxury cars and SUVs featured with higher electronization degree and higher requirements on quality grow aggressively.

Although the Chinese sedan market underperforms, the SUV market has maintained the growth rate of more than 40% and the luxury car market has also performed well. In 2015, the global automotive connector market is expected to grow 3.5% and reach USD13.1 billion; the overall connector market is expected to grow slightly by 2.2%.

Automotive connector companies can be divided into three types, namely versatile connector companies, automotive wiring harness companies and professional automotive connector companies. Although covering a broad business scope, numerous versatile connector companies lack growth potentials. Automotive wiring harness companies and professional automotive connector companies have more potentials and high profitability. For example, Taiwan Hu Lane Associate mainly serves BYD, Changan Automobile and Great Wall Motors, and has entered the supply chain of Shanghai GM successfully recently. The gross margin of Hu Lane Associate always remains at above 40% and its operating margin has seen growth for consecutive five years, which large companies even can not compare with. Hu Lane Associate not only maintains stable performance, but also absorbs new customers every year.

Three automotive wiring harness giants are strengthening connector business. Japanese companies are trying to improve their supply capacity, while American and European counterparts are acquiring small firms actively. Delphi acquired FCI’s MVL Division in 2012, and took over North America's largest automotive window connector company – Antaya in September 2014.

连接器 英文_副本.png

1. Global Automobile Market
1.1 Global Automobile Market
1.2 Global Automobile Industry

2. China Automobile Market
2.1 Overview
2.2 Passenger Vehicle Market Status
2.3 Passenger Vehicle Market Analysis
2.4 Commercial Vehicle Market
2.5 Monthly Sales Volume of Major Automakers
2.6 China Automobile Industry

3. Automotive Connector Market and Industry
3.1 Introduction to Connector
3.2 Examples of Connector
3.3 Classification of Connector
3.4 Connector Market Size
3.5 Automotive Connector Market
3.6 Automotive Wiring Harness Industry 
3.7 Automotive Connector Rankings 

4. Automotive Connector Manfuacturers
4.4 JAE
4.5 JST
4.10 KET
Automobile Output and Growth Rate in China, 2001-2014
Monthly Sales Volume of Cars in China, Jan. 2010-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume Growth of Cars in China, Jan. 2010-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of Passenger Cars in China, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume of Sedans in China, Jan. 2010-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume of SUV in China, Jan. 2010-Oct. 2014
Distribution of Passenger Cars by Displacement, Jan.-Oct. 2014
Distribution of Passenger Cars by Type of Transmission, Jan.-Oct. 2014
Market Share of Different Branded Automakers
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of Commercial Vehicles in China, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume of Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks in China, Oct. 2012-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume of Light Duty Trucks in China, Oct. 2012-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of BYD Passenger Cars, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of Great Wall Passenger Cars, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of Geely Passenger Cars, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of GAC Passenger Cars, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of DFG Passenger Cars, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of CNHTC Heavy Duty Trucks, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Monthly Sales Volume and Growth of BMW Brilliance Passenger Vehicles, Jan. 2011-Oct. 2014
Economic Indicators for Key Enterprise Groups in China, Jan.-Sep. 2014
Revenue Scale of Global Connector Companies, 2007-2017E
Downstream Distribution of Global Connector Market, 2014
Product Distribution of Global Connector Market, 2010
Global Automotive Connector Market Size, 2012-2017E
Global Automotive Connector Market Size by Geography, 2009/2014/2017E
Distribution of Automotive Connectors by Application, 2014
Revenue of Major Global Automotive Wiring Harness Companies, 2009-2014
Ranking of Automotive Connectors Companies by Revenue, 2013-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of TE Connectivity, FY2006-FY2014
Revenue of TE Connectivity by Division, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of TE Connectivity’s Automotive Division, FY2011-FY2014
Operating Income of TE Connectivity by Division, FY2011-FY2014
Operating Margin of TE Connectivity by Division, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of TE Connectivity by Application, FY2013\FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of TE Connectivity by Geography, FY2011-FY2014
Supporting Models of Products of TE Connectivity, 2012-2015
Employees of TE Connectivity by Geography, 2011-2013
R&D Costs of TE Connectivity, 2011-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Molex, FY2006-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Molex by Division, FY2013
Revenue Breakdown of Molex by Division, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Molex by Geography, FY2006-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Molex by Business, FY2011-FY2013
Operating Income of Molex by Business, FY2011-FY2013
Clients of Molex by Geography, FY2011-FY2013
Net Property, Plants and Equipment of Molex by Geography, FY2011-FY2013
Cost Structure of Molex, 2013
Capital Expenditure of Molex, 2001-2013
Manufacturing Footprints of Molex by Geography, 2007 \2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Amphenol, FY2006-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of Amphenol by Geography, 2010
Revenue Breakdown of Amphenol by Application, 2010\2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of JAE, FY2007-FY2015
Revenue Breakdown of JAE by Division, FY2007-FY2015
Revenue Breakdown of JAE by Geography, FY2007-FY2015
Oversea Production Breakdown of JAE, FY2007-FY2015
Revenue Breakdown of JAE by Application, FY2011-FY2015
Global Presence of JAE
Global Presence of JST
Revenue and Operating Margin of HIROSE, FY2000-FY2015
Revenue Breakdown of HIROSE by Application, FY2013-FY2014
Overseas Capital-Output Ratio of HIROSE, FY2009-FY2015
Employee Distribution of HIROSE, 2011-2014
Shareholder Distribution of HIROSE, 2011-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of Sumitomo Electric Industries, FY2008-FY2015E
Revenue Breakdown of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Product, FY2009-FY2015E
Revenue Breakdown of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Geography, FY2013-FY2015E
Automotive Wiring Harness Revenue of Sumitomo Electric Industries, FY2009-FY2015E
Revenue Breakdown of Sumitomo Electric Industries’ Automotive Division by Geography, FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Tianjin Jinzhu Wiring Systems, 2006-2011
Financial Situation of Fujian Yuanguang Wiring Systems, 2012-2014H1
Revenue and Gross Margin of Delphi, 2004-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of Delphi, 2007-2014
Revenue Breakdown of Delphi by Product, 2009-2014Q3
Operating Income of Delphi by Division, 2012-2014Q3
Distribution of Delphi Clients, 2010-2013 
Revenue Breakdown of Delphi by Geography, 2010-2013
Net Property of Delphi by Geography, 2011-2013
Employees of YAZAKI by Geography, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue of YAZAKI, FY2006-FY2014
Revenue Breakdown of YAZAKI by Geography, FY2011-FY2013
Client Distribution of YAZAKI
Supporting Models of YAZAKI Wiring Harness, 2013-2015
Production Base Layout of YAZAKI in China
Revenue and Operating Margin of KET, 2006-2014
Major Automotive Connector Products of KET
Major Electronic Connector Products of KET
Global Distribution of KET
Organizational Structure of Hu Lane
Revenue and Operating Margin of Hu Lane, 2009-2015E
Monthly Revenue of Hu Lane, Oct. 2012-Oct. 2014
Plant Distribution of Hu Lane
Client Distribution of Hu Lane by Geography, 2011-2014
Organizational Structure of Rosenberg
Subsidiaries of Rosenberg
Revenue of Rosenberg, 2009-2014
Revenue Breakdown of Rosenberg by Geography, 2014
Revenue Breakdown of Rosenberg by Application, 2014
Major Clients of Rosenberg
Number of Employees of Rsenberg, 1998-2011
Major Automotive Connector Products of Rsenberg
Global Distribution of Rosenberg

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