China Automotive Lightweight Material (Metal) Industry Report, 2014-2018
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Lightweight materials are one of key means to achieve lightweight vehicles. Currently, lightweight materials used in automobiles include high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, plastic and composites, carbon fiber and so forth. Among them, iron and steel (including high-strength steel) account for about 70%, aluminum alloy and plastic 8%-10% each, and magnesium alloy only 0.5%-1.0%.

By weight, body, powertrain and chassis system occupy about 60% of a vehicle, especially body shares more than 20%, so it is a target in terms of weight loss and an important part for the application of automotive lightweight materials.

Automotive Steel Sheet: Automotive steel sheet is a main raw material in automobile production. In 2014, China's automobile production consumed at least 15 million tons of steel. However, China has limited varieties of automotive steel sheet, and ultra-high strength steel sheet only makes up 2%-5%, while some lightweight automotive sheets with higher strength need to be imported due to the impossible commercialized mass production.
As a high-end product in the steel industry, automotive steel sheet is only supplied domestically by players such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Benxi Steel, and Valin Steel owing to high technical requirements, marking a high market concentration rate.

Baosteel is a giant in China's automotive steel sheet industry, holding 50% market share. Baosteel is the only Chinese enterprise that achieves large-scale production of ultra-high strength steel sheet. In 2014, its output reached 175,000 tons, accounting for 43.5% market share.

Following Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel produced 3 million tons of automotive sheet in 2014, seizing about 20% market share. Meanwhile, Anshan Iron and Steel manufactured 1.9 million tons with 13% market share.

Although with the large capacity of automotive steel sheet up to 1.5 million tons/a, Valin Steel did not release the capacity fully in 2014. However, Valin Steel’s high-strength automotive sheet is in line with the automotive lightweight trend. In 2015, it is expected to show market competitiveness and seize about 10% market share.

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Automotive Aluminum Alloy Materials: Aluminum and aluminum alloy are the current priority materials for the global automotive lightweight. Currently, they find wide application in auto parts like wheels, engines, heat exchangers, turbochargers and gearboxes.

However, there are rather high technical thresholds in the field of aluminum alloy automotive sheet. Chinese aluminum alloy processing enterprises are weak at technologies, and they mainly target popular economical cars and has limited demand for aluminum alloy cars. Therefore, in the past few years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, while China’s aluminum alloy automotive sheet industry has evolved slowly with the capacity growing sluggishly.

In 2014, China’s consumption of automotive aluminum alloy hit 300,000 tons. However, the supply and demand of aluminum alloy automotive sheet in the country still stayed at a low level. The high-end mainstream market was dominated by Novelis, KOBELCO, Aleris and other foreign brands.

In October 2014, Novelis (Changzhou) put its 120,000 t / a automotive aluminum sheet/strip project into operation, making China’s automotive aluminum alloy sheet capacity reach 185,000 tons. In addition, KOBELCO, Aleris, Zhongwang Group and other companies will put automotive aluminum sheet projects involving over 400,000 tons into operation in China in 2015-2016, then China’s automotive aluminum sheet capacity will attain up to 550,000 tons / a. In the next few years, China’s automotive aluminum alloy market size is expected to grow at a rate of about 20% in the wake of the enhanced trend of automotive lightweight.

The report includes the following aspects:
20120114.gifStatus quo, market supply and demand, competition pattern and development forecast of China's automotive steel industry;
20120114.gifMarket supply and demand, competition pattern and development forecast of China’s automotive aluminum alloy industry;
20120114.gifMarket supply and demand, competition pattern and development forecast of China’s automotive magnesium alloy industry;
20120114.gifOperation, automotive materials-related business and development forecast of four global and 11 Chinese automotive steel/aluminum alloy/magnesium alloy companies.

1 Concept of Automotive Lightweight
1.1 Definition
1.2 Materials

2 Overview of Chinese Automotive High Strength Steel Market
2.1 Status Quo
2.2 Supply and Demand
2.3 Competition Pattern

3 Overview of Chinese Automotive Aluminum Alloy Market 
3.1 Status Quo
3.2 Global Market
3.3 Chinese Market
3.3.1 Supply and Demand
3.3.2 Competition Pattern

4 Overview of Chinese Automotive Magnesium Alloy Market
4.1 Concept
4.2 Supply and Demand

5 Major Automotive Lightweight (Metal) Materials Enterprises in China
5.1 Baosteel
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.3 Revenue Structure 
5.1.4 Gross Margin 
5.1.5 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.1.6 Development Forecast 
5.2 Wuhan Iron and Steel 
5.2.2 Operation 
5.2.3 Revenue Structure 
5.2.4 Gross Margin 
5.2.5 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.2.6 Development Forecast 
5.3 Valin Steel 
5.3.2 Operation 
5.3.3 Revenue Structure 
5.3.4 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.3.5 Development Forecast 
5.4 Anshan Iron and Steel 
5.4.2 Operation 
5.4.3 Revenue Structure 
5.4.4 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.4.5 Development Forecast 
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Operation 
5.5.3 Revenue Structure 
5.5.4 Gross Margin 
5.5.5 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.5.6 Development Forecast 
5.6 Weifang Sanyuan Aluminum
5.6.1 Profile 
5.6.2 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.7 Northeast Light Alloy 
5.7.1 Profile 
5.7.2 Operation 
5.7.3 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.8 Southwest Aluminum
5.8.1 Profile 
5.8.2 Operation 
5.8.3 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.9 China Zhongwang Holdings Limited 
5.9.1 Profile 
5.9.2 Operation 
5.9.3 Revenue Structure 
5.9.4 Output and Sales Volume 
5.9.5 Automotive Materials Business 
5.9.6 Development Forecast 
5.10 Jiangsu Caifa Aluminum Group
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Operation 
5.10.3 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.11 Other Foreign Automotive Aluminum Alloy Companies
5.11.1 Novelis 
5.11.2 Aleris 
5.11.3 Norsk Hydro 
5.11.4 Constellium 
5.12 Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals Co., Ltd.
5.12.1 Profile 
5.12.2 Operation 
5.12.3 Revenue Structure 
5.12.4 Gross Margin 
5.12.5 Automotive Materials-related Business 
5.12.6 Development Forecast 
Way to Automotive Lightweight 
Significance of Automotive Lightweight
Proportion of Several Typical Automotive Materials Worldwide
Comparison between Automotive Lightweight Metal Materials
Distribution of Vehicle Weight
Forming Performance Comparison between Automotive Body-use Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Steel Sheet
Major Automotive Steel Sheet Companies and Output in China, 2014
Proposed / Ongoing Automotive Steel Sheet Projects in China, 2015-2016E
History of Aluminum Alloy Application in Automobiles
Weight Comparison between Aluminum, Cast Iron and Steel Auto Parts
Proportion of Aluminum Alloy Applied in Automobiles
Aluminum Penetration Rate of Global Major Automotive Components, 2012-2025E
Global Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Capacity, 2010-2018E
Global Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Demand, 2006-2018E
Some Aluminum Alloy Body Parts Developed by Global Automobile Companies since 2000
Capacity and Customers of Global Major Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Manufacturers, 2014
Main Applications of Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet
China's Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Capacity, 2010-2014
Aluminum Alloy Consumption per Car of China Automobile Industry, 2010-2018E
China's Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Demand, 2010-2018E
Capacity of Major Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Manufacturers in China, 2014
Key Proposed / Ongoing Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Projects in China, 2014-2016E
Applications of Magnesium Alloy in Automobiles
Performance of Typical Automotive Magnesium Alloy Castings
Auto Parts Made of Magnesium Alloy by European and American Automakers
China's Magnesium Alloy Output, 2010-2018E 
Theoretical Magnesium Alloy Demand of China Automobile Industry, 2010-2018E
Sales Volume of Baosteel's Main Products, 2014
Baosteel's Revenue and Profit, 2010-2015
Baosteel's Revenue (by Product), 2010-2014
Baosteel's Revenue (by Region), 2010-2014
Baosteel's Gross Margin (by Product), 2012-2014
Net Income of Baosteel Nippon Steel, 2012-2014
Revenue and Profit of Wuhan Iron and Steel, 2010-2015
Revenue of Wuhan Iron and Steel (by Product), 2010-2014
Gross Margin of Wuhan Iron and Steel (by Product), 2010-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Wuhan Iron and Steel, 2014-2018E
Output and Sales Volume and Inventory of Valin Steel, 2011-2014
Revenue and Profit of Valin Steel, 2010-2015
Operating Revenue Structure of Valin Steel (by Product), 2014
Revenue of Valin Steel (by Region), 2010-2014
Revenue and Profit of Anshan Iron and Steel, 2010-2015
Revenue of Anshan Iron and Steel (by Product), 2010-2014
Revenue of Anshan Iron and Steel (by Region), 2010-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Anshan Iron and Steel, 2014-2018E
APALT's Output and Sales Volume, 2011-2014
APALT's Revenue and Profit, 2010-2015
APALT's Operating Profit and Net Income, 2014-2018E
Major Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Projects of Sanyuan Aluminum
Subsidiaries and Their Business of Northeast Light Alloy, 2014
Main Product Applications and Customers of Northeast Light Alloy
Revenue and Net Income of Northeast Light Alloy, 2010-2015
Production Lines of Northeast Light Alloy, by the end of 2014
Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Performance Comparison between Northeast Light Alloy and Foreign Counterparts
Aluminum Alloy Sheet / Strip Projects of Northeast Light Alloy
Revenue and Net Income of Southwest Aluminum, 2012-2015
Zhongwang's Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2015
Zhongwang's Aluminum Profile Revenue and % (by Product), 2011-2015
Zhongwang's Revenue and % (by Region), 2011-2014
Zhongwang's Aluminum Profile Capacity and Output, 2010-2014
Zhongwang's Aluminum Profile Sales Volume and Average Selling Price (by Product), 2011-2015
Zhongwang's Aluminum / Sheet / Strip / Foil Capacity, 2015-2018E
Revenue and Total Profit of Caifa Aluminum, 2010-2014
Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Production Bases and Major Customers of Novelis
Global Automotive Aluminum Sheet Capacity of Novelis, 2017E
Aluminum Rolling and Extrusion Production Bases of Aleris
Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Customers and Competitors of Aleris
Production Bases of Aleris in China, 2014
Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet Production Bases and Capacity of Norsk Hydro
Applications of Hydro's Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet by Type
Plants of Norsk Hydro in China, 2014
Constellium's Aluminum Alloy Automotive Sheet
Constellium's Production Bases in China
Yunhai's Revenue and Profit, 2010-2015
Yunhai's Operating Revenue (by Product), 2010-2014
Yunhai's Operating Revenue (by Region), 2010-2014
Yunhai's Gross Margin (by Product), 2010-2014
Yunhai's Revenue and Net Income, 2014-2017E   

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