China Automotive Distribution and Aftermarket Report, 2016-2020
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Given fiercer competition, rising operating costs, huger inventory pressure and other factors, as well as the impact of the emerging e-business mode, the automotive distribution industry is facing an enormous challenge. In 2015, the number of 4S shops in China reduced by 920 year on year, and in the future the number will shrink further, while automotive e-business, automobile supermarkets and other multi-brand automotive business models will grow up.

Amid the weak development of the automotive distribution industry, the automotive aftermarket, covering automotive finance, auto repair & beauty and used cars, has sprung up with higher profit margins. In 2015, the overall size of Chinese automotive aftermarket reached RMB2,154 billion, of which RMB850 billion and RMB755 billion stemmed from automotive finance and auto repair & beauty respectively.

In recent years, Chinese car dealers have only garnered the car sales gross margin of less than 5%, with an overall downward trend; whereas, after-sales services enjoy the gross margin of above 40%.

汽车经销 1 EN_副本.png

In the face of lower gross margins, massive inventory and the gradual decline in economic benefits, some dealers have to seek further development through mergers and acquisitions, or expansion of the automotive aftermarket, or the combination of online and offline business, or layout in the field of new energy vehicles.

汽车经销2 EN_副本.png

M & A: In 2016, China Grand Auto acquired Baoxin Auto Group, Dalian Zunrong Auto Trade Co., Ltd., Peng Feng Group and other car distribution groups to expand sales network and further consolidate its leading position.

Automotive Aftermarket Layout: In 2015, Sinomach Automobile and Federal-Mogul co-founded Federal-Mogul CAIEC Automotive Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to establish a car repair & maintenance-based business network in the automotive aftermarket and an online + offline standardized ecosystem centering on "products + services", as well as provide comprehensive maintenance solutions for medium and high-end brand car customers.

Internet + Layout: In 2015, China Grand Auto cooperated with Alibaba, and to set up an O2O platform serving consumers in car selection, loans, insurance, delivery, maintenance, replacement, second-hand car loans, and among others.

New Energy Vehicle Layout: In 2014, PANGDA Automobile Trade Group set up a joint venture – Pangda- BAIC New Energy Vehicle Sales Co, Ltd. with BAIC. In 2015, PANGDA Automobile sold about 14,000 new energy vehicles. In addition, PANGDA Automobile also erected an electric vehicle street and an electric vehicle test drive field in Wufangqiao, Beijing, a new energy vehicle hypermarket in Tianjin, a new energy vehicle leasing & sale experience center in Tangshan city, and a new energy vehicle supermarket in Shenyang city.

China Automotive Distribution and Aftermarket Report, 2016-2020 involves the following:
20120114.gifOverview and competitive landscape of automotive distribution (including status quo, distribution mode, profit model, competitive landscape and development tendency) in China;
20120114.gifSales market of new vehicle in China (including overall market, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, development trends, etc.);
20120114.gifAnalysis on used car sales market, auto finance market, auto repair & beauty market and auto insurance market in China;
20120114.gifOperation, layout, sale, development, etc. of 12 car dealers.

1 Overview
1.1 Development History
1.2 Distribution Pattern
1.2.1 Main Marketing Models
1.2.2 Characteristics of Marketing Models
1.2.3 Imported Car Distribution Pattern
1.3 Automotive Aftermarket
1.3.1 Market Situation
1.3.2 Main Channels
1.3.3 Status Quo
1.4 Development Trend

2 Overview and Competitive Landscape of Automotive Distribution in China
2.1 Market Situation 
2.2 Distribution Model 
2.2.1 Passenger Car Distribution Model 
2.2.2 Commercial Vehicle Distribution Model 
2.3 Profit Model 
2.4 Competitive Landscape 
2.4.1 Revenue of Top 100 Companies
2.4.2 Comparison by Enterprises’ Operation 
2.4.3 Comparison by Quantity of 4S Shops
2.5 Development Trends 
2.5.1 Continuous Industrial M&As Further Raise Market Concentration   
2.5.2 More Efforts to Expand Automotive Aftermarket
2.5.3 Automotive Distribution Heads towards "Internet +" 
2.5.4 Layout of New Energy Vehicle Field

3 Sales Market of New Vehicle in China
3.1 Automobile Market
3.1.1 Output 
3.1.2 Sales Volume
3.1.3 Import Volume 
3.2 Passenger Car Market
3.2.1 Output 
3.2.2 Sales Volume 
3.2.3 Import Volume 
3.3 Commercial Vehicle Market
3.3.1 Output 
3.3.2 Sales Volume 
3.3.3 Import Volume 
3.4 New Energy Vehicles
3.4.1 Output and Sales Volume
3.4.2 Prospects
3.5 Development Trends 
3.5.1 Internet-based Automotive Distribution 
3.5.2 Sales Volume of New Energy Vehicle Soars
3.5.3 Second Child Policy Promotes the Development of the Industry
3.5.4 Used Car Sales Volume Grows
3.5.5 The Rapid Development of Automotive Finance Boosts the Development of Automotive Distribution Industry

4 Chinese Used Car Sales Market
4.1 Market Situation 
4.2 Distribution Model 
4.3 Transaction
4.3.1 Overall Market
4.3.2 Market Structure
4.3.3 Regional Market
4.4 Competitive Landscape 
4.5 Prospects
4.5.1 Cancellation of Used Car Immigration Restriction Policy Favors the Development of the Industry
4.5.2 Used Car E-Business Model Promotes Market Development
4.5.3 Forecast for Used Car Trading Volume

5 Chinese Automotive Finance Market 
5.1 Status Quo 
5.2 Market Size 
5.3 Competitive Landscape 
5.4 Development Trends 
5.4.1 Domestic Vehicle Manufacturers Accelerate the Layout in the Automotive Finance Field
5.4.2 New Energy and Used Car Finance Backed by Policies Show Great Development Potentials
5.4.3 Automotive Internet Finance Becomes the Development Trend 
5.4.4 Cooperation between Banks and Enterprises Represents the Development Direction of Automotive Finance
5.4.5 Competition in the Automotive Finance Industry Intensifies
5.4.6 Gradual Specialization and Diversification of Capital Sources
5.4.7 Globalization

6 Chinese Auto Repair & Beauty Market
6.1 Market Size 
6.2 Investment and Financing
6.3 Competitive Landscape 
6.4 Analysis of Channels
6.5 Regional Analysis
6.6 Development Trend 
6.6.1 Overall
6.6.2 Channels
6.7 Internet + Auto Repair & Beauty
6.7.1 Status Quo 
6.7.2 Business Model 
6.7.3 Competitive Landscape 

7 Chinese Auto Insurance Market
7.1 Status Quo
7.2 Market Size 

8 Majors Car Dealers in China
8.1 PANGDA Automobile Trade Group Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Profile
8.1.2 Business Model and Profit Model
8.1.3 Operation
8.1.4 Revenue Structure
8.1.5 Gross Margin
8.1.6 Layout
8.1.7 Marketing
8.1.8 Customers
8.1.9 Layout of Automotive Internet Finance in Cooperation with JD Finance 
8.1.10 Development 
8.2 Sinomach Automobile Co., Ltd.
8.2.1 Profile
8.2.2 Operation 
8.2.3 Revenue Structure 
8.2.4 Gross Margin 
8.2.5 Imported Car Business 
8.2.6 Marketing 
8.2.7 Development 
8.3 Zhongsheng Group 
8.3.1 Profile
8.3.2 Operation 
8.3.3 Revenue Structure 
8.3.4 Gross Margin 
8.3.5 Marketing 
8.3.6 Layout 
8.3.7 Development 
8.4 Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (DCH Holdings)
8.4.1 Profile
8.4.2 Operation 
8.4.3 Revenue Structure 
8.4.4 Gross Margin 
8.4.5 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.4.6 Development 
8.5 China Grand Automotive Services Co., Ltd. 
8.5.1 Profile
8.5.2 Operation 
8.5.3 Revenue Structure 
8.5.4 Gross Margin 
8.5.5 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.5.6 Used Car Business 
8.5.7 Acquisition of Baoxin Auto Group 
8.5.8 Acquisition of Peng Feng Group’s 17 4S shops
8.5.9 Layout of Internet and Used Car Finance
8.5.10 Development 
8.6 China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings Limited
8.6.1 Profile
8.6.2 Operation 
8.6.3 Revenue Structure 
8.6.4 Gross Margin 
8.6.5 Layout 
8.6.6 Marketing 
8.6.7 Development 
8.7 Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd. 
8.7.1 Profile
8.7.2 Operation 
8.7.3 Revenue Structure 
8.7.4 Gross Margin 
8.7.5 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.8 China Yongda Automobile Services Holdings Limited
8.8.1 Profile
8.8.2 Operation 
8.8.3 Revenue Structure 
8.8.4 Gross Margin 
8.8.5 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.8.6 Used Car Distribution Business 
8.8.7 Automotive Finance 
8.8.8 Development 
8.9 Baoxin Auto Group 
8.9.1 Profile
8.9.2 Operation 
8.9.3 Revenue Structure 
8.9.4 Gross Margin 
8.9.5 Layout 
8.9.6 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.10 Harmony Auto 
8.10.1 Profile
8.10.2 Operation 
8.10.3 Revenue Structure 
8.10.4 Gross Margin 
8.10.5 Layout 
8.10.6 Marketing 
8.10.7 Development 
8.11 Yaxia Automobile Corporation
8.11.1 Profile
8.11.2 Operation 
8.11.3 Revenue Structure 
8.11.4 Gross Margin 
8.11.5 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.11.6 Automotive Finance 
8.11.7 Development 
8.12 Materials Industry Zhongda Group Co., Ltd.
8.12.1 Profile
8.12.2 Operation 
8.12.3 Revenue Structure 
8.12.4 Automotive Distribution Business 
8.12.5 Zhejiang Materials Industry Yuantong Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. 
8.12.6 Development 
Development History of Automotive Distribution in China
Major Means of Automotive Distribution in China
Comparison: Characteristics of Different Automotive Distribution Modes
Comparison: Business Model of Imported Cars and China-made Cars
Automotive Aftermarket Segments
China’s Automotive Aftermarket Size, 2014-2020E 
Number of 4S Shops in China, 2006-2015
Distribution of Chinese Automotive 4S Shops, 2015
Procedures for Constructing Passenger Car 4S Shop in China
Cost Structure for Constructing 4S Shop
Service Scope of Automotive Distribution in China
Profit Model of New Car Sales of Dealers in China
Dealers’ Profitability from Different Car Models
Total Revenue of Top 100 Dealers in China, 2010-2015
Number of Car Dealers with the Revenue of over RMB10 billion in China, 2010-2015
Revenue of the Ranking No.1 among Top 100 Car Dealers in China, 2010-2015
Vehicle Sales Volume of Top 100 Car Dealers in China, 2010-2015
Top 20 Car Dealers by Revenue in China, 2015 
Top 20 Car Dealers by Revenue in China, 2014
New Car Sales Volume Comparison between Chinese Car Dealers, 2015
Revenue Comparison between Major Chinese Car Dealers, 2013-2016
Net Income Comparison between Major Chinese Car Dealers, 2013-2016
Automobile Sales Gross Margin of Major Chinese Car Dealers, 2013-2016
After-sales Service Gross Margin of Major Chinese Car Dealers, 2013-2016
Comparison between Major Chinese Car Dealers by Number of 4S Shops, 2015
Layout of Major Chinese Car Dealers in Various Fields
China’s Automobile Output, 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Output Structure (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Output, 2016-2020E 
China’s Automobile Sales Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Sales Volume Structure (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Sales Volume, 2016-2020E 
China’s Automobile Import Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Import Value, 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Import Structure (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Automobile Import Unit Price, 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Output, 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Output, 2016-2020E  
China’s Passenger Car Sales Volume, 2011-2016 
China’s Passenger Car Sales Volume, 2016-2020E 
China’s Passenger Car Sales Volume (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Sales Volume Structure (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Import Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Import Value, 2011-2016
China’s Passenger Car Import Unit Price, 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Output, 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Output, 2016-2020E 
China’s Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume, 2016-2020E 
China’s Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume Structure (by Type), 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Import Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Import Value, 2011-2016
China’s Commercial Vehicle Import Unit Price, 2011-2016
China’s New Energy Vehicle (EV&PHEV) Output and Sales Volume, 2011-2016
China’s New Energy Vehicle (EV&PHEV) Sales Volume (by Type), 2015-2016
Policies on China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry, 2009-2016
China’s New Energy Vehicle Sales Volume, 2016-2020E 
China’s Used Car Trading Volume, 2015-2020E
Trading Volume Comparison between Used Cars and New Cars in China, 2012-2016
Trading Volume Comparison between Used Cars and New Cars in Major Countries
Development Stages of Used Car Market
Main Trade Modes for Used Cars in China
Trade Modes for Used Cars in Major Countries
Trading Volume and YoY Growth Rate of Used Cars in China, 2011-2016
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Type), 2014-2016
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Service Life), 2015
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Service Life), Jan-Sep 2016 
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Price Range), 2015
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Price Range), Jan-Sep 2016
China’s Used Car Trading Volume (by Region), 2015 
China’s Used Car Trading Volume (by Region), Jan-Sep 2016
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Region), 2015
Proportion of Used Car Trading Volume in China (by Region), Jan-Sep 2016
Layout of Major Chinese Car Dealers in Used Car Market 
Financing of Major Chinese Used Car Trading Service Platforms
China’s Used Car Trading Volume, 2015-2020E
Development Stages of China’s Automotive Finance
Penetration Rate of China’s Automotive Finance, 2015-2020E 
Market Size of China’s Automotive Finance Industry, 2014-2020E
Funding Source Structure of Chinese Automotive Finance Market, 2015
Major Automotive Finance Companies in China
Operating Performance of Major Automotive Finance Companies in China, 2015
Market Size of China’s Auto Repair & Beauty Industry, 2012-2020E
Main Financing Cases of Auto Repair & Beauty Industry, 2015-2016
Major Competitors in China’s Auto Repair & Beauty Industry
Major Offline Auto Repair & Beauty Chain Enterprises in China
Comparison between Main Independent Chain Auto Repair & Beauty Brands in China
Some Auto Repair & Beauty Expansion Plans in China
Comparison between Auto Repair & Beauty Channels in China
Number of Merchants in China’s Auto Repair & Beauty Industry by Channel, 2015
Distribution of Auto Repair & Beauty Chain Brands in China’s Key Areas 
Distribution of Auto Repair Shops in China, 2015
Distribution of Auto Maintenance & Beauty Shops in China, 2015
Relative Advantages of Network Auto Repair & Beauty  
Main Business Models of Internet Platforms for Repair and Maintenance
Some Auto Repair & Beauty Network Platform Projects in China, 2015
Regional Distribution of Auto Repair & Beauty Network Platform Projects in China, 2015
China’s Automotive Insurance Premium Income, 2009-2016
Procurement Model of Pangda Automobile’s 4S Shops
Sales Model of Pangda Automobile’s 4S Shops
Profit Model of Pangda Automobile’s 4S Shops
Revenue and Net Income of Pangda Automobile, 2013-2016
Revenue of Pangda Automobile (by Business), 2014-2016
Revenue Structure of Pangda Automobile (by Business), 2014-2016
Gross Margin of Pangda Automobile, 2014-2016
Gross Margin of Pangda Automobile’s Main Products, 2014-2016
Number of Pangda Automobile’s Business Outlets (by Type), 2010-2016 
Vehicle Sales Volume and Inventory of Pangda Automobile, 2015
Top Five Customers of Pangda Automobile, 2013-2015 
Core Competitiveness of Pangda Automobile 
Revenue and Net Income of Sinomach Automobile, 2013-2016
Revenue of Sinomach Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Sinomach Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue of Sinomach Automobile (by Region), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Sinomach Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Sales Proportion of Imported Automobiles of Sinomach Automobile, 2008-2014
Sales Volume and Inventory of Sinomach Automobile, 2015
Major Cooperative Manufacturers of Zhongsheng Group  
Revenue and Net Income of Zhongsheng Group, 2013-2016
Revenue of Zhongsheng Group (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Zhongsheng Group (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Zhongsheng Group, 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Zhongsheng Group (by Business), 2013-2015
New Car Sales Volume of Zhongsheng Group
Luxury Brand New Car Sales Volume and % of Total Sales Volume of Zhongsheng Group
Number of Zhongsheng Group’s Outlets (by Region), 2011-2016 
Number of Zhongsheng Group’s Outlets (by Grade), 2011-2016
National Layout of Zhongsheng Group, by Jun 2016
Automobile and Automobile-related Business of DCH
Revenue and Net Income of DCH, 2013-2016
Revenue of DCH (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of DCH (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of DCH (by Region), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of DCH, 2013-2016
Revenue of DCH's Automobile and Automobile-related Business (by Region), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of DCH's Automobile and Automobile-related Business (by Region), 2013-2016
Automobile Sales Volume of DCH (by Region), 2011-2016
Number of DCH’s 4S Shops, 2011-2016
Number of DCH’s Sales Channels in Mainland China (by Brand), H1 2016
Revenue and Net Income of China Grand Auto, 2014-2016
Revenue of China Grand Auto (by Business), 2015-2016
Gross Margin of China Grand Auto (by Business), 2015-2016 
New Car Sales Volume of China Grand Auto, 2014-2016
Number of China Grand Auto’s 4S Shops (by Brand), by June 30, 2016
Revenue and Net Income of Baoxin Auto Group, 2014-2016
Revenue and Net Income of ZhengTong Auto, 2013-2016
Revenue of ZhengTong Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of ZhengTong Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of ZhengTong Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Number of ZhengTong Auto’s Business Outlets (by Type), by the end of 2015
Newly Opened Business Outlets of ZhengTong Auto, 2015 
National Layout of ZhengTong Auto, by the end of 2015
Number of ZhengTong Auto’s Business Outlets (by Type), H1 2016
New Car Sales Volume of ZhengTong Auto (by Brand), 2013-2016
New Car Revenue of ZhengTong Auto (by Brand), 2013-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Grand Orient, 2013-2016
Revenue of Grand Orient (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Grand Orient (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Grand Orient, 2013-2016
Distribution of Grand Orient's Opened Stores, 2015
Automobile Revenue of Grand Orient, 2013-2016
Automobile Marketing & Services and Business Model of Grand Orient
Revenue and Gross Profit of Yongda Auto, 2013-2016
Revenue of Yongda Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Yongda Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Yongda Auto, 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Yongda Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Brand Coverage of Yongda Auto, As of June 30, 2016
Number of Outlets of Yongda Auto (by Type), 2015
Passenger Car Sales Volume of Yongda Auto (by Type), 2013-2016
Automotive Finance of Yongda Auto
Revenue and Net Income of Baoxin Auto Group, 2014-2016
Revenue of Baoxin Auto Group (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Baoxin Auto Group (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Baoxin Auto Group (by Business), 2013-2016
Automobile Sales Revenue of Baoxin Auto Group (by Brand), 2013-2016
Sales Volume of Baoxin Auto Group (by Type), 2014-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Harmony Auto, 2013-2016
Revenue of Harmony Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Harmony Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Harmony Auto (by Business), 2013-2016
New Car Sales Volume of Harmony Auto, 2013-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Yaxia Automobile, 2013-2016
Revenue of Yaxia Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Yaxia Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Yaxia Automobile (by Business), 2013-2016
Automobile Sales Volume of Yaxia Automobile, 2012-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Materials Industry Zhongda Group Co., Ltd., 2014-2016
Revenue of Materials Industry Zhongda Group Co., Ltd. (by Business), 2014-2016
Vehicle Sales Revenue and % of Total Revenue of Materials Industry Zhongda Group Co., Ltd., 2014-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Zhejiang Materials Industry Yuantong Automobile Group, 2014-2016

Global and China Automotive Infotainment Industry Report, 2016-2020

Global and China Automotive Infotainment Industry Report, 2016-2021 covers the following:1. Analysis and Forecast of Global and China automotive Infotainment market2. Analysis and Forecast of Global a...

Global and China Automotive Camera ADAS Industry Report, 2016-2021

Global and China Automotive Camera ADAS Industry Report, 2016-2021 highlights the following: 1 Analysis and Forecast of Global and China Automotive Camera ADAS Market;2 Analysis and Forecast of Global...

Global and China Automotive Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display (HUD) Industry Report, 2016-2020

Global and China Automotive Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display (HUD) Industry Report, 2016-2020 highlights the following: 1. Global and China automobile market 2. Instrument cluster and HUD market...

China Truck Industry Report, 2017-2021

Propelled by infrastructure investment, quicker upgrading of environmental protection, elimination of "yellow label" vehicles, and intelligent and normal supervision of special vehicle market, the tru...

Global and China Automotive Rearview Mirror Industry Report, 2016-2021

With advances in camera technology, relaxed laws and regulations, and deeper demand for connectivity, automotive rearview mirror is changing in forms and functions of the product. Automotive rearview ...

Global and China Supercapacitor Industry Report, 2017-2020

As a kind of new-type green and environment-friendly physical energy storage device between traditional capacitor and battery, supercapacitor is the most promising technology in the field of physical ...

China Electric Bus Industry Report, 2017-2020

Amid new energy industrial policy turbulence in 2016, subsidy cheating verification started at the beginning of the year, China Vehicle Technology Service Center re-examined the first three batches of...

Global and China Hybrid Vehicle (Stop-Go, 48V + BSG/ ISG, HEV, PHEV) Industry Report, 2017-2020

Hybrid vehicles make use of traditional fuels while being accompanied by electric motors and engines. Electric motors function as the auxiliary power of engines to improve low-speed power output and f...

China Electric Vehicle Air-conditioner Industry Report, 2017-2021

With exemption of purchase tax and full launching of preferential policies including central and local fiscal subsidies, NEV sales witness explosive growth. As a standard configuration of a car, air-c...

China New Energy Vehicle Power Electronics Industry Report, 2017-2020

China New Energy Vehicle Power Electronics Industry Report, 2017-2020 by ResearchInChina highlights the following: Development status of new energy vehicle power electronics in China e.g. drive motor ...

China EV Charging Station and Charging Pile Market Report, 2017-2020

China produced 517,000 new energy vehicles in 2016, surging by 51.7% from a year earlier, including 263,000 battery-electric passenger vehicles, soaring 73.1% year on year, and 81,000 plug-in hybrid p...

China Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry Report, 2017-2020

The output of battery electric logistics vehicles didn’t see a significant year-on-year increase in the first half of 2016 due to the failure of electric special-purpose vehicles to be included in the...

Global and China Lithium-ion Battery Anode Material Industry Report, 2017-2020

Lithium battery is primarily composed of cathode materials, anode materials, separator, and electrolyte. Anode materials, one of vital raw materials, make up 5%-15% of lithium battery cost. Currently...

Global and China Lithium Battery Electrolyte Industry Report, 2017-2021

Global output of lithium battery electrolyte was about 150,000 tons in 2016, up 35.5% from a year ago, largely concentrated in the countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. Among them, China pro...

Global and China Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA/NCM) and Battery Industry Report, 2017-2020

In 2016, the global shipment of cathode materials grew 26.7% year on year. Thanks to brisk demand from electric vehicles, LFP and NCA show rapid growth among which NCA gets primarily used for Panasoni...

Global and China Li-ion Power Battery Industry Report , 2017-2020

There are three major technology roadmaps for power battery around the world: (1) Ternary materials-based: NCA and NCM as main cathode materials. Featuring high energy density, NCM batteries have bec...

Global and China Automotive Semiconductor Industry Report, 2016-2020

Automotive semiconductors were mostly used in niche markets like high-end luxury cars in the early days and have penetrated into the low-end markets at a faster pace in recent years. As high-end confi...

Global and China Tire Industry Report, 2016-2020

In 2016, the steady growth in the global automobile market and the rapid growth of Chinese automobile market stimulated the tire market to recover slightly. The global tire shipment increased by 2% ye...

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