Global and China Automotive Infotainment Industry Report, 2016-2020
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Global and China Automotive Infotainment Industry Report, 2016-2021 covers the following:
1. Analysis and Forecast of Global and China automotive Infotainment market
2. Analysis and Forecast of Global and China automotive Infotainment industry
3. Status quo and trends of automotive Infotainment technologies
4. 23 key automotive Infotainment vendors

In 2016, the OEM Infotainment market size was estimated at USD24.2 billion, with shipments of about 32.1 million units and the average price of USD754. By 2020, the market size is expected to reach USD31 billion, the shipment about 38.3 million units, and the average price USD809. The main reason for the price increase lies in the adding of multiple features: ADAS (such as reversing video, 360 panorama) and enhanced communication functions (like Telematics system, especially 5G system); meanwhile, the increasingly complicated operating system of Infotainment causes higher and higher development costs, and beyond that, various HMI interfaces, capacitive touch screens, gesture, voice control and so on are developed.

Mobile phones have begun to compete with In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). With the popularity of the 4G network, the access speed of mobile phones to the network has been greatly accelerated. People have been accustomed to using mobile phones for the purpose of the Internet surfing, navigation and real-time traffic information, showing strong user stickiness. In this case, it is practical to follow the habits of consumers rather than educating them. The growth rate of IVI is to slow down beyond all doubt.

In 2016, Bosch and Aisin AW outperformed other companies. With a perfect layout in China, Bosch acts as a core supplier of SAIC GM, Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen (except Audi) which are the top three carmakers in China; although the shipment growth rate was not high, the installation rate rose in 2016. Aisin AW further seized more market share in the supply chain of Audi and GM, grabbed the market share from Harman, Panasonic, Alpine and Pioneer, and attained the shipment of about 1.7 million units (an upsurge of 18%) in 2016. Harman averted its development focus from the medium and high-end market to the medium and low-end market, but the profit defied expectations despite the revenue swelled.


Chinese Infotainment industry can be divided into two camps: foreign and Chinese ones. The foreign camp mainly includes Bosch, Continental Automotive, Xugang Electronics, Harman and Japanese vendors. Bosch mainly serves FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM. Continental targets FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen. Xugang Electronics has Ford as its key customer. Japanese vendors serve BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Japanese carmakers, in which Aisin AW and Alpine are more powerful as the main suppliers of Audi. South Korean carmakers are all supported by Mobis. In the Chinese camp, the first-tier vendors embrace Desay SV Automotive, Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics and Foryou. Desay SV Automotive primarily serves FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Mazda, Great Wall Motor and Chery, and its AM shipment is also high. Hangsheng Electronic cooperates with SAIC-GM-Wuling, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Venucia, Dongfeng Motor and Geely. Foryou’s main customers consist of Great Wall Motor, Geely, SAIC-GM-Wuling and Chery, but Foryou’s AM shipment plunges. Coagent Electronics S & T, Pateo, ChinaTSP, Inc. and Sound Technology rank among the second-tier vendors.

Squeezed by the first-tier vendors from Mainland China, Taiwanese vendors (such as Volkswagen’s supplier E-LEAD Electronic, Nissan’s supplier Join-link International Technogy, Dongfeng Peugeot’s supplier Jiangsu Shangyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) lack cost competitiveness and see sharp fall in the revenue.

1. Global and China Automobile Market
1.1 Global Market
1.2 Chinese Market in 2016
1.3 Ranking of Chinese Automobile Market

2. Automotive Infotainment Industry and Market
2.1 Global Automotive Infotainment Market
2.2 China Automotive Infotainment Market
2.3 Infotainment Software and Hardware
2.4 Global Infotainment Industry Ranking
2.5 China Infotianment Industry
2.6 China Infotainment Supply Chain
2.7 Global Infotainment Supply Chain

3. Global Infotainment Companies
3.1 Harman
3.2 Continetal
3.3 Pioneer
3.4 Foryou Corporation
3.5 Alpine
3.6 Clarion
3.7 Delphi
3.8 Visteon
3.9 Hangsheng Electronic
3.10 Panasonic Automotive System (PAS)
3.11 Fujitsu Ten
3.12 Aisin AW
3.13 Denso
3.14 Coagent
3.15 Soling
3.16 JVC Kenwood
3.17 Bosch
3.18 Desay SV Automotive
3.19 E-LEAD
3.20 Anyo Pioneer
3.21 PATEO
3.22 Sound Technology
3.23 YF Tech
Global Light Vehicle Sales, 2010-2020E 
Global Light Vehicle Sales by Region, 2014-2017
Automobile Sales in China, 2005-2017
Top 25 Companies in China by Automobile Sales, 2014-2016
Top 25 Brands in China by Automobile Sales, 2014-2016
Global Infotainment Market Size, 2015-2021E
Global Infotainment Shipment, 2014-2021E 
OEM Automotive Infotainment Shipment in China, 2014-2021E
AM Automotive Infotainment Shipment in China, 2014-2021E 
Infotainment OS Distribution in the World, 2016/2020
Infotainment OS Distribution in China, 2016/2020
Market Share of Major Global and Chinese Speech Recognition Vendors  
Share of Global Infotainment Processor Market (Value), 2016
Market Share of Automotive Audio-Display Vendors Worldwide, 2016
Ranking of Major Global Infotainment Vendors by Revenue, 2014-2016
Market Share of Infotainment Vendors in China (by Shipment), 2016
Market Share of Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers of FAW-Volkswagen (excluding Audi), 2016  
Market Share of Shanghai Volkswagen’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016   
Market Share of Shanghai GM’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
Market Share of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
Market Share of Chang'an Automobile’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
Market Share of Chang’an Ford’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
Market Share of Dongfeng Nissan’s Automotive Infotainment (incl.  Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
Market Share of Great Wall Motor’s Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016  
China’s Automotive Infotainment (including Navigation) Supply Chain
Supply Ratio of Toyota’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016 
Supply Ratio of Honda’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016 
Supply Ratio of Nissan’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Supply Ratio of GM’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl.  Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Supply Ratio of Ford’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl.  Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Supply Ratio of Volkswagen’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Supply Ratio of BMW’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016 
Supply Ratio of Mercedes Benz’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Supply Ratio of Hyundai’s Major Automotive Infotainment (incl. Navigation) Suppliers, 2016
Harman’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2004-FY2017
Harman's Sales by Segment, FY2010-FY2017
Harman’s Revenue by Region, FY2006-FY2016 
Harman’s Quarterly Sales and EBITDA Margin, FY2013-FY2015
Harman’s Quarterly Sales by Segment, 2015-2016
Harman’s Quarterly Sales YoY Growth by Segment, 3Q2015-4Q2016
Harman’s Quarterly EBITDA Margin by Segment, 2015-2016
Harman’s Infotainment Milestones
Harman’s Car Audio Customers
Structure (%) of Harman’s Customers, FY2008-FY2016  
Harman’s New Orders, 2016 
Harman’s Manufacturing Bases Worldwide
Global Presence of Continental’s Automotive Interior
Continental’s Revenue and Operating Margin from Automotive Interior, 2007-2016 
Revenue of Continental’s Automotive Interior by Region, 2009-2016
Continental’s Infotainment Milestones
Continental’s Main Infotainment Customers
Continental’s Position in Infotainment Market 
Pioneer’s Shipment by Product, FY2010-FY2017
Pioneer’s Structure Map
Pioneer’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2017
Pioneer’s Operation Income Structure, 3Q FY2016-3Q FY2017
Pioneer’s Revenue by Division, FY 2007-FY 2017
Pioneer’s Revenue and Operating Margin from Automotive Electronics Division, FY2007-FY2017
Pioneer’s Revenue by Region, FY2012- FY2015
Pioneer’s Forecasts in FY2017: Inventories, R&D Expenses, Capital Expenditures, Depreciation & Amortization
Close Cooperation between Pioneer and Here in Map Field 
Pioneer’s Layout in Autonomous Driving
Pioneer’s Technical Roadmap
Balance Sheet of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014 
Revenue and Profits of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014 
Key Financial Indicators of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014 
Main Product Output of Foryou Corporation, 2012-2014
Revenue of Foryou Corporation by Business, 2012-2014 
Customer Distribution of Foryou Corporation, 2013-2014
Alpine’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2017 
Alpine’s Revenue by Business, FY2012-FY2017  
Revenue and Operating Margin of Alpine’s Car Audio Division, FY2006-FY2015 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Alpine’s Infotainment, FY2005-FY2015
Alpine’s Revenue by Region, FY2005-FY2012
Alpine’s Revenue by Region, FY2014-FY2015
Alpine’s Sales by Region, FY2017
Alpine’s Revenue and Operating Margin for 23 Consecutive Quarters 
Alpine’s Revenue by Segment for 23 Consecutive Quarters 
Overview of Alpine’s Companies in China
Clarion’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2017 
Clarion’s Revenue by Region, FY2009-FY2017
Distribution of Clarion’s Production Bases
Clarion’s Organizational Structure in China
Delphi’s Recent Acquisitions and Platforms
Delphi’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2016 
Delphi’s Operating Margin by Division, 2013-2016 
Delphi’s Customer Distribution, 2010-2016 
Delphi’s Revenue by Region, 2010-2015 
Delphi’s Electronics & Safety Segment Revenue Mix by Product
Visteon’s Quarterly Revenue and Gross Margin for 12 Consecutive Quarters
Visteon’s Revenue by Product, 2015-2016 
Visteon’s Revenue by Region, 2013-2016 
Visteon’s Revenue by Customer, 2013-2016
Visteon’s Backlog by Region, by the end of 2016
Visteon’s Backlog by Product, by the end of 2016
Visteon’s Revenue in China, 2015-2016
Vehicle Infotainment Products of Hangsheng Electronics
Major Customers of PAS
Revenue of PAS by Region, FY2012
Panasonic’s Automotive Revenue by Product, FY2012
PASDL’s Organizational Structure
Fujitsu Ten’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2005-FY2017
Fujitsu Ten’s Revenue by Division, FY2005-FY2016
Aisin’s Customer Distribution, 2016-2017 
Aisin AW’s Revenue and Operating Income, FY2007-FY2017
Aisin AW’s Navigator Output, FY2008-FY2017
Navigation Soft Production, FY2014-FY2017
Aisin AW’s Infotainment Customer Distribution, 2016
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-FY2017 
Denso’s Customer Distribution, Q1-Q3 FY2017 
Denso’s Product Distribution, Q1-Q3 FY2017
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Income by Region, Q1-Q3 FY2017
Denso’s ADAS
Revenue and Operating Income of Coagent Electronics S & T, 2013-2016 
Revenue of Coagent Electronics S & T by Product, 2013-2015 
Revenue of Coagent Electronics S & T by Business, 2013-2015
Organizational Structure of Coagent Electronics S & T
Revenue and Operating Income of Shenzhen Soling, 2011-2017 
Output and Sales Volume of Shenzhen Soling, 2011-2014 
Revenue of Shenzhen Soling by Channel, 2011-2016 
Shenzhen Soling’s Financial Data, 2012-2014 
Revenue and Operating Income of JVC Kenwood, FY2009-FY2017  
J&K Sales of Japan Dealer-installed Navigation, FY2014-FY2019
J&K Sales of Japan Dealer-installed Dashcams, FY2017-FY2019
Financial Data of Desay SV Automotive, 2013-2015
Output of Desay SV Automotive by Product, 2013-2015
Revenue of Desay SV Automotive by Customer, 2013-2015
Revenue and Gross Margin of E-LEAD Electronic, 2009-2017 
Monthly Revenue of E-LEAD Electronic, Feb 2015-Feb 2017 

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