China Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry Report, 2018-2025
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In 2018, China produced 1.27 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) in total, 59.9% more than in previous year. Wherein, 792,000 units were battery electric passenger cars and 278,000 units plug-in hybrid passenger cars, surging by 65.5% and 143.3% on an annualized basis, respectively; 194,000 units were battery electric commercial vehicles, up 3% year on year; 6,000 units were plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles, slumping by 58% from a year earlier.

Of the 27,809,000 automobiles made in China in 2018, NEV accounted for 4.57%, 2 percentage points higher than in 2017, and NEV ownership approached 2.61 million units. It is predicted that EV sales and ownership in China will reach up to 2.11 million units and more than 5 million units in 2020, respectively.

In 2018, there were 67,300 units of special NEVs sold in China, down 15% from a year ago and growing at a slow rate, while passenger cars packing the state-of-the-art technologies performed brilliantly. In 2018, the electric logistics vehicle output nosedived by 27.9% to 109,000 units year on year, which was mainly caused by higher requirements on electric logistics vehicle technologies in NEV subsidy policies and the long period of return on investment for distressed companies.

As concern manufacturers in China, auto brands like Chery, BAIC BJEV, Geely and SAIC make a cross-border foray into the logistics vehicle market, leading to a fast-changing industry pattern and invigorating the industry. In 2018, Chery produced more than 16,200 logistic vehicles, commanding 14.9% of the market; and automakers such as Dongfeng Motor, Chongqing Ruichi Automotive Industry and Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile also seized larger shares by electric logistics vehicle output, and the top ten players seized roughly 56.4% of the total production.

The increasing logistics demand and the expanding logistics operation platform will spur the battery electric logistics vehicle market during 2019-2020. China will expectedly produce 300,000 electric logistics vehicles in 2020, a figure projected to record one million units in 2025.


In 2018, 96% of electric logistics vehicles could travel over 200km; 32% had a range of more than 300km; and 9% exceeded 350km.

As for electric logistics vehicle battery materials, the descending subsidies promoted market demand for diversified power battery materials.

In the meantime, the electric logistics vehicle market headed toward segmentation, large scale, specialization and intelligence in 2018. In particular, the tendency toward electrified, intelligent and connected logistics vehicles was accompanied by the application of internet + platform solution and the launch of fuel cell logistics vehicles. It is forecasted that the internet + electric logistics vehicle platform will be a major contributor to the industry growth between 2019 and 2020. 

China Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry Report, 2018-2025 highlights the following:
20120114.gifElectric logistics vehicle (definition, classification, target customers, industry chain, etc.);
20120114.gifGlobal and Chinese EV market (output and sales, output and sales by region, and forecast);
20120114.gifElectric logistics vehicle industry (policies, market size, cost, business model, etc.);
20120114.gifElectric logistics vehicle industry (background, the latest technologies, and development trends);
20120114.gifElectric logistics vehicle companies (including 8 operators and 20 OEMs) (operation, logistics vehicle products, manufacturing base and capacity, etc.).

1 Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Concept and Technology 
1.1 Concept
1.2 Characteristics
1.3 Working Principles/Target Customers
1.4 Industry Chain

2 Global and Chinese Electric Vehicle Market
2.1 Global New Energy Vehicle Market
2.1.1 Global Electric Passenger Car Sales Reached 2.018 Million Units in 2018
2.1.1 Tesla EV Sales Reached 245,000 Units in 2018
2.1.1 Global Electric Passenger Car Market Forecast, 2025
2.1.2 European EV Market 
2.1.2 European EV Market
2.1.3 American EV Market
2.1.3 American EV Market 
2.2 Chinese New Energy Vehicle Market
2.2.1 China’s EV Sales Reached 1.256 Million Units in 2018
2.2.1 China’s EV Market Planning, 2025
2.2.1 China’s EV Market Structure, 2025
2.2.1 China’s Electric Passenger Car Sales Reached 1.053 Million Units in 2018
2.2.1 China’s Monthly Electric Passenger Car Sales, 2018
2.2.1 China’s Electric Passenger Car Sales by Brand, 2018
2.2.1 China’s Electric Passenger Car Sales by Model, 2018
2.2.2 China’s Electric Commercial Vehicle Sales Forecast
2.2.2 China’s Electric Commercial Vehicle Market – Electric Bus Sales
2.2.2 China’s Electric Commercial Vehicle Market – Electric Bus Segment
2.2.2 China’s Electric Commercial Vehicle Market – Electric Bus Segment
2.2.2 China’s Electric Commercial Vehicle Market – Special Electric Vehicle Sales 

3 Policies on Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle
3.1 EV Policies
3.1.1 China’s Current BEV Purchase Tax Exemption Policy 
3.1.2 China’s Current Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Purchase Link – Electric Passenger Car
3.1.2 China’s Current Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Purchase Link – Electric Truck/Bus/Logistics Vehicle
3.1.2 China’s Current Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Purchase Link – Fuel Cell and Its Development
3.1.2 China’s Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Purchase Link, 2020 
3.1.3 China’s Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Use Link
3.1.3 China’s Financial Subsidy Policy for EV Use Link
3.2 Policies on Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle
3.2.1 National Policy on Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle 
3.2.1 National Policy on Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle 
3.2.2 Local Policies on Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle
3.2.3 Catalogue of Models of Battery Electric Logistics Vehicles Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax
3.2.3 Catalogue of Models of Battery Electric Logistics Vehicles Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax

4. Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry in China
4.1 Background of Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry
4.1.1 Development Direction of Electric Vehicles in China
4.1.2 The Rapid Development of Express Delivery Industry Shores up Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry
4.1.2 The Rapid Development of Express Delivery Industry Shores up Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry
4.1.2 The Rapid Development of Express Delivery Industry Shores up of Electric Logistics Vehicle Industry
4.1.3 Urban Pollution and Traffic Pressure in China
4.1.4 Market Factors for Development of Electric Logistics Vehicles
4.1.5 Obstacles to Rapid Development of Electric Logistics Vehicles
4.1.6 Development Direction of Electric Logistics Vehicle Logistics by Field
4.1.7 Development Direction of Electric Logistics Vehicle Logistics by Scenario
4.1.8 Electric Logistics Vehicle Model Technology / Function / Design Trend
4.1.9 Development Direction of Fuel Cell Logistics Vehicles
4.2 China’s Electric Logistics Vehicle Output Hit 109,000 Units in 2018
4.2 Ranking of Chinese Electric Logistics Van Manufacturers by Output and Sales Volume
4.2 Distribution of Electric Logistics Vehicle Battery Materials / Driving Range in China
4.2 Penetration of Electric Logistics Vehicle in China, 2014-2025E
4.3 Parameters of Major Brand Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Models in China
4.3 Supply Chain of Major Electric Logistics Vehicle Manufacturers in China
4.3 New Electric Logistics Vehicle Models in 2018
4.3 Three Mainstream Operating Models of Electric Logistics Vehicles in China
4.3 Three Mainstream Operating Models of Electric Logistics Vehicles in China
4.4 Cost Analysis of Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle
4.4.1 Electric Logistics Vehicle Purchase Cost
4.4.1 Electric Logistics Vehicle Purchase Cost
4.4.2 Electric Logistics Vehicle Operating Cost
4.4.2 Electric Logistics Vehicle Operating Cost

5. Battery Electric Logistics Vehicle Manufacturers
5.1 Electric Logistics Vehicle Operators
5.1.1 Bapima Vehicle Rental -- Profile
5.1.1 Bapima Vehicle Rental -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.2 DST -- Profile
5.1.2 DST -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.2 DST -- Operation Cases
5.1.3 Panda new energy -- Profile
5.1.3 Panda New Energy -- Models
5.1.3 Panda New Energy -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.3 Panda New Energy -- Logistics Vehicle Supporting
5.1.4Juma Logistics -- Profile
5.1.4Juma Logistics -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.5 Winsky New Energy -- Profile
5.1.5 Winsky New Energy -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.6 -- Profile
5.1.6 -- Cooperation / Operating Mode
5.1.7 No.1 Van -- Profile
5.1.8 Yiwei -- Profile
5.2 Electric Logistics Vehicle Enterprises
5.2.1 Chery -- Profile
5.2.1 Chery -- Product Analysis
5.2.1 Chery -- Product Analysis
5.2.1 Chery -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.1 Chery -- Development and Outlook
5.2.1 Chery -- Development and Outlook
5.2.1 Chery -- Development and Outlook
5.2.1 Chery -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Profile
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Product Analysis
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Product Analysis
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Development and Outlook
5.2.2 Dongfeng Motor Group -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.3 Hubei Xinchufeng Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.4 Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.5 Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.6 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Profile
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Product Analysis
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Product Analysis
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Product Analysis
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Logistics Vehicle Solution
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Logistics Vehicle Solution
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Logistics Vehicle Solution
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Operation
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Development and Outlook
5.2.7 Zhongtong Bus -- Production Bases and Planning
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.8 BAIC Motor Corp Ltd. -- New Technology Development
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Output and Sales Volume
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Development and Outlook
5.2.9 Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.10 Fujian New Longma Auto Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.10 Fujian New Longma Auto Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.10 Fujian New Longma Auto Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.11 Wuhu Bodge Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.11 Wuhu Bodge Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.11 Wuhu Bodge Automobile Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.12 Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.12 Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- Main Technologies
5.2.12 Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.12 Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity Planning
5.2.13 Chongqing Lifan Motors Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.13 Chongqing Lifan Motors Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.14 Guohong Auto Group Co., Ltd. -- Profile
5.2.14 Guohong Auto Group Co., Ltd. -- Product Analysis
5.2.14 Guohong Auto Group Co., Ltd. -- Production Bases and Capacity
5.2.15 Other Major New Energy Logistics Vehicle Enterprises -- BYD
5.2.15 Other Major New Energy Logistics Vehicle Enterprises -- SAIC
5.2.15 Other Major New Energy Logistics Vehicle Enterprises -- Geely
5.2.15 Other Major New Energy Logistics Vehicle Enterprises -- JAC

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