ADAS/AD Industry Chain Report, 2020 -- OEMs
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OEM Autonomous Driving Research: Successive Launch of L2 Models on Market, Foreign Plan for Mass Production of L4 Models Earlier Than China

I. L2/L2+ models are successively available on the market
Over years of rapid growth, mainstream OEMs have spawned L2 ADAS systems and upgraded related functions, equipping their vehicles with core capabilities  e.g., ACC, lane keeping assist (LKA)/lane centering assist (LCA), active steering (under driver’s confirmation) and traffic sign recognition, at all speeds. Deep fusion of these capabilities is of the essence for mass production.

In China, installation rate of L2 ADAS was 10.6% in the first four months of 2020, 5.4 percentage points higher than in 2019. China has achieved initial success in development of ADAS/AD technology. Foreign brands like Volvo and Toyota, and new homegrown brands such as Lynk & Co, WEY, Geometry and EXEED stay ahead in installation.

主机厂OEM 1_副本.png

II. L3 is expecting policy incentives
L3 automated driving is challenged as concerns technology and regulations. OEMs have mixed attitudes towards it:
20120114.gif    South Korea has been the first one to release L3 standards: Hyundai is expected to make headway in market;
20120114.gif    Europe and the US have yet to loosen their policies: Audi slows its pace of commercializing L3;
20120114.gif   China’s policy still remains unclear but OEMs calls for it: GAC and Changan Automobile already gear up for mass production; Geely and Chery will follow up at any time.

The released L3 solutions integrated with LiDAR and HD map, allow for hands-off steering wheel in the scenarios of highways and city fast roads but require good road conditions, e.g., physical road dividing lines and clear lane lines.

主机厂OEM 2_副本.png

主机厂OEM 3_副本.png

III. Foreign plan for mass-production of L4 models is earlier than China
20120114.gif  European and American OEMs stay ahead of others in L4 development; Mercedes-Benz and GM have carried out L4 pilot projects; BWM, VW and Audi have unveiled implementation plans in details;
20120114.gif  Korean and Japanese OEMs begin to seek external collaborations for faster launch of L4. Examples include Hyundai’s cooperation with and Honda’s partnership with GM Cruise. Toyota originally planned to roll out L4 at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games but the COVID-19 pandemic makes the plan uncertain;
20120114.gif  Chinese OEMs see L4 as a long-term plan. Only few of them, like Changan Automobile and FAW Hongqi are attempting at L4 tests.

主机厂OEM 4_副本.png

In late June 2020, Volvo and Waymo announced that Waymo becomes “the exclusive global L4 partner for Volvo”. Volvo will leverage Waymo autonomous driving technology to build electric robotaxi and equip its two sub-brands Polestar and Lynk & Co. With the help of Waymo, Volvo is hopeful to be one of the first-movers in L4 camp.

In 2020, autonomous driving bellwethers secure enormous investments and leading automakers seize more of the market. Third or fourth-tier auto manufacturers go bankrupt at a faster pace. The ultrahigh technical barriers of autonomous driving encourage the survival of the fittest among OEMS.

1 ADAS and Autonomous Driving System Structure
1.1 System Structure
1.1.1 ADAS System Architecture
1.1.2 Evolution of ADAS Features
1.1.3 Evolution of ADAS System Architecture and Core Components
1.1.4 V2X
1.2 Standards and Regulations
1.2.1 Global Autonomous Driving System Levels
1.2.2 China’s Autonomous Driving System Levels
1.2.3 China’s ADAS and Autonomous Driving Timetable
1.2.4 Automotive Safety Rating Promotes the Development of ADAS Technology
1.3 Policy
1.3.1 United States
1.3.2 South Korea
1.3.3 China
1.4 Market Size and Installation Rate
1.4.1 Global
1.4.2 China

2 Global OEM ADAS and Autonomous Driving Layout
2.1 Development Path and Schedule
2.2 L2 System Layout
2.2.1 Functions and Solutions
2.2.2 Market (China)
2.3 L3 System Layout
2.4 L4 System Layout
2.5 Partners

3 Development Trends of Global OEM ADAS and Autonomous Driving
3.1 Market
3.2 Applied Scenarios
3.3 Vehicle Configuration
3.4 Vehicle Forms
3.5 Development Path

4 European and American OEMs in ADAS/Autonomous Driving
4.1 Mercedes-Benz
4.1.1 Daimler's CASE Strategy
4.1.2 Development Course of ADAS Features
4.1.3 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.1.4ADAS/AD System
4.1.5 Autonomous Driving Road Test Milestones
4.1.6 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.1.7 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.2 BMW
4.2.1 ACES Strategy
4.2.2 ADAS and Autonomous Driving R&D
4.2.3 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.2.4 L2 Functions and Solutions
4.2.5 L3 Functions
4.2.6 Autonomous Driving Road Test
4.2.7 Autonomous Driving Platform Architecture
4.2.8 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.2.9 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.3 Volkswagen
4.3.1 Autonomous Driving Planning
4.3.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
4.3.3 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.3.4 L5 Autonomous Vehicle
4.3.5 Autonomous Driving Test
4.3.6 Electronic and Electrical Architecture
4.3.7 Autonomous Driving Subsidiary
4.3.8 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.3.9 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.4 Audi
4.4.1 Development Strategy in 2025
4.4.2 Autonomous Driving Roadmap
4.4.3 L3 ADAS Features
4.4.4 L5 Concept Car
4.4.5 Autonomous Driving Test
4.4.6 Open Autonomous Driving Dataset
4.4.7 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.4.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.5 General Motors
4.5.1 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.5.2 L2 System
4.5.3 L2+ System
4.5.4 L4 Autonomous Driving
4.5.5 Autonomous Driving Test
4.5.6 Next-generation Electronic and Electrical Architecture
4.5.7 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.5.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.6 Volvo
4.6.1 Future Envisions
4.6.2 Autonomous Driving Development Route
4.6.3 ADAS System
4.6.4 AD System
4.6.5 SPA2 Architecture
4.6.6 Autonomous Concept Car
4.6.7 Autonomous Driving Test
4.6.8 L4 Autonomous Driving R&D
4.6.9 Autonomous Driving Partners
4.6.10 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.7 Ford
4.7.1 Autonomous Driving Course
4.7.2 ADAS System
4.7.3 L4 Autonomous Driving
4.7.4 Ford Established an Autonomous Driving Subsidiary and Invested Several Startups
4.7.5 Volkswagen-Ford Alliance
4.7.6 Upcoming Robotaxi Service
4.7.7 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
4.8 Tesla
4.8.1 Profile
4.8.2 Development Features
4.8.3 Autonomous Driving Development Path
4.8.4 Autonomous Driving System
4.8.5 Electronic and Electrical Architecture
4.8.6 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020

5 Japanese and South Korean OEMs in ADAS/Autonomous Driving
5.1 Hyundai 
5.1.1 Mobility Strategy
5.1.2 Autonomous Driving Evolution
5.1.3 ADAS System
5.1.4 Autonomous Driving Road Test
5.1.5 Autonomous Driving Partners
5.1.6 Future City Mobility Vision
5.1.7 Autonomous Driving Technology
5.1.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
5.2 Toyota
5.2.1 ADAS/AD Development Planning
5.2.2 Autonomous Driving Development Route
5.2.3 ADAS/AD System
5.2.4 Electronic and Electrical Architecture
5.2.5 Smart City Project
5.2.6 Autonomous Driving Partners
5.2.7 Mobility Service Company
5.2.8 Investment in Autonomous Driving
5.2.9 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
5.3 Honda
5.3.1 Autonomous Driving Development Path
5.3.2 Autonomous Driving Roadmap
5.3.3 ADAS/AD System
5.3.4 V2X 
5.3.5 Smart Concept Car
5.3.6 Autonomous Driving Partners
5.3.7 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
5.4 Nissan
5.4.1 M.O.V.E to 2022 Strategy
5.4.2 ADAS Development Course
5.4.3 Autonomous Driving Evolution
5.4.4 ADAS/AD System
5.4.5 Autonomous Driving Test
5.4.6 Autonomous Driving Partners
5.4.7 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020

6 Chinese OEMs in ADAS/Autonomous Driving
6.1 Changan Automobile 
6.1.1 Intelligent Strategy
6.1.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.1.3 Autonomous Driving Roadmap
6.1.4 ADAS/AD System
6.1.5 Autonomous Driving Test
6.1.6 Core Technologies for ADAS and Autonomous Driving
6.1.7 ADAS and Autonomous Driving Partners
6.1.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020 
6.2 Great Wall Motor
6.2.1 Autonomous Driving Strategy
6.2.2 Autonomous Driving Planning
6.2.3 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.2.4 i-Pilot System
6.2.5 Layout and Autonomous Driving Planning of WEY Brand
6.2.6 Core Autonomous Driving Technology of WEY Brand
6.2.7 WEY VV6 (2020), L2+
6.2.8 Autonomous Driving Concept Car
6.2.9 Autonomous Driving Test
6.2.10 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.2.11 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.3 BYD
6.3.1 Autonomous Driving Development Strategy
6.3.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.3.3 D++ Open Platform
6.3.4 L2 Functions and Solutions
6.3.5 L2+ Functions and Solutions
6.3.6 DiPilot
6.3.7 E/E Architecture
6.3.8 Autonomous Driving Test
6.3.9 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.3.10 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.4 FAW
6.4.1 Autonomous Driving Development Planning
6.4.2 Hongqi’s Autonomous Driving Development Path
6.4.3 Hongqi’s ADAS Features and Solutions
6.4.4 Hongqi’s L4 Mass Production Plan and Test
6.4.5 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.4.6 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.5 Geely
6.5.1 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.5.2 Autonomous Driving Roadmap
6.5.3 ADAS/AD System
6.5.4 Parking System
6.5.5 Autonomous Driving Test
6.5.6 ADAS/AD Partners
6.5.7 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.6 GAC
6.6.1 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.6.2 Autonomous Driving Development Planning
6.6.3 ADAS Solution Evolution
6.6.4 ADAS/AD System
6.6.5 L4/L5 Autonomous Driving Layout
6.6.6 Autonomous Driving Test
6.6.7 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.6.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.7.1 Autonomous Driving Planning
6.7.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.7.3 "Darwin System"
6.7.4 ADAS/AD System
6.7.5 Partners 
6.7.6 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.8 SAIC
6.8.1 Autonomous Driving Planning
6.8.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.8.3 ADAS Evolution
6.8.4 ADAS Features
6.8.5 L4 Autonomous Driving
6.8.6 Autonomous Driving Road Test
6.8.7 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.8.8 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.9 Chery
6.9.1 Intelligent Strategy
6.9.2 Autonomous Driving Evolution
6.9.3 Autonomous Driving Planning
6.9.4 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.9.5 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020
6.10 Dongfeng Motor
6.10.1 Autonomous Driving Planning
6.10.2 Autonomous Driving Development Course
6.10.3 Autonomous Driving Development Path
6.10.4 ADAS/AD Features
6.10.5 Autonomous Driving Partners
6.10.6 Autonomous Driving Layout in 2019-2020

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