Automotive Chassis-by-Wire Industry Report, 2020
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Launch of Autonomous Driving Remains to Use Mature Chassis-by-wire Technology

Chassis-by-wire makes it feasible to remove accelerator pedal, brake pedal and steering wheel, whose maturity has a bearing on autonomous driving implementations.

Critical elements of chassis by wire include: throttle by wire, gear shift by wire, suspension by wire, steering by wire and brake by wire. Wherein, drive, brake and steering are deemed as the crucial factors to vehicle travel.


Throttle by wire has been the first option for passenger cars, especially ACC/TCS-enabled vehicles for which such throttle has been a standard configuration. Promotion of drive by wire and steering by wire has suffered a setback due to a combination of factors such as poor user experience than conventional mechanical system for early immature technology, and difficulty in sorting out who is responsible, a result that drive by wire technology refers to regulation and control on the actuator by ECU. In recent years, boom of intelligent connected vehicles has invigorated drive-by-wire technology.

Brake by wire: Bosch, Continental and ZF leads the pack, while Chinese companies like Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd., Shanghai NASN Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Tuopu Group are chasing hard.

Over a century, automotive brake system has evolved from the mechanical to the hydraulic and then to the electronic (ABS/ESC). For L3 autonomy and above, responsive time of brake system is of paramount importance. Faster response of brake by wire ensures safe autonomous driving.


Brake-by-wire system is bifurcated into two types: Electro Hydraulic Brake (EHB) and Electro Mechanical Brake (EMB). EHB is split into One-Box and Two-Box solutions based on whether it is integrated with ABS/ESP or not.


One-box solution already prevails:

  • One-box solution with fusion of ESP into EHB is based on mass production of mature ESP. Considering performance and cost, Bosch, Continental and ZF are doubling down on One-box products.
  • Chinese suppliers with first-mover advantage are expected to replace foreign brands. Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd., the first to have developed One-box products in China, plans to spawn WCBS products in 2020, close to the SOP time of its foreign peers like Bosch. Its WCBS integrated with dual control EPB is more cost-effective.


Steering by wire: intelligence spurs the industry but commercialization is hindered

So far only Infiniti has had steering-by-wire solution for mass production since its advent. In 2014, Infiniti Q50 packing steering-by-wire solution offered by KYB made a debut. Yet, in July 2016, Dongfeng Motor and Nissan recalled 6,840 units of Infiniti Q50 and China-made Infiniti Q50L in all because of potential safety risks posed by steering by wire. In current stage, Infiniti has four models carrying Direct Adaptive Steering? (DAS) solutions all from KYB.


On a global view, international tycoons like Bosch, ZF, JTEKT, NSK and Nexteer boast mature steering by wire technologies and products but they still hit a bottleneck in commercialization.


In 2020, the mass production of L3 autonomous vehicles is to quicken commercial use of drive-by-wire systems. Foreign companies with an early layout in China will have first-mover advantage. Throughout the Chinese market, very few local players have made a difference in drive by wire technology, with small business scale, but the importance of drive-by-wire chassis makes them an enticement to capital and giants. In 2019, Shanghai NASN Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. raised funds of RMB400 million. It is alleged that Huawei will set foot in drive by wire field.

1 Automotive Chassis
1.1 Vehicle Structure and Role of Chassis
1.2 Chassis Structure and Operating Principle of ICE Vehicle
1.3 Influence of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) on Automotive Chassis Technologies

2 Chassis-by-wire
2.1 Chassis-by-wire Structure
2.2 Five Systems of Chassis-by-wire
2.3 Development Path of Chassis-by-wire
2.4 Chassis-by-wire Use in Autonomous Driving
2.5 Steering-by-wire
2.5.1 Development History of Steering-by-wire
2.5.2 Classification of Steering-by-wire
2.5.3 Applied Scenarios of Steering-by-wire
2.5.4 Intelligence Facilitates the Development of Steering-by-wire
2.6 Brake-by-wire
2.6.1 Development History of Brake-by-wire
2.6.2 Classification of Brake-by-wire
2.6.3 EHB Solution
2.6.4 Applied Scenarios of Brake-by-wire
2.6.5 Brake-by-wire Development Expectation
2.6.6 Comparison between Brake-by-wire Products
2.7 R&D of Brake-by-wire and Steering-by-wire Products at Home and Abroad

3 Leading Chassis-by-wire Suppliers
3.1 Bosch
3.1.1 Profile
3.1.2 Brake-by-wire Development History
3.1.3 Composition of iBooster2.0
3.1.4 Features of iBooster2.0
3.1.5 Application of iBooster
3.1.6 Bosch IPB
3.1.7 IPB Use in New Energy Vehicle
3.1.8 Bosch Steering-by-wire
3.2 Continental
3.2.1 Profile
3.2.2 Continental MK C1
3.2.3 Continental MK C1 Derivatives
3.2.4 Continental MK C1 Collaboration with ADAS
3.3 Schaeffler
3.3.1 Profile
3.3.2 Development Course of Space Drive
3.3.3 Space Drive Development Ideas
3.3.4 Space Drive
3.3.5 Space Drive FAIL-SAFE SYSTEM
3.3.6 Space Drive Use Case 1
3.3.7 Space Drive Use Case 2
3.3.8 Schaeffler OLLI Project
3.4 Nexteer
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Nexteer Steering-by-wire Technologies
3.4.3 Nexteer & Continental
3.4.4 Nexteer Quiet Wheel? Steering & Nexteer Steering on Demand? System
3.4.5 Nexteer AES
3.5 ZF
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 ZF See-Think-Act Strategy
3.5.3 EBB
3.5.4 IBC
3.5.5 AKC
3.5.6 sMOTION Active Chassis System
3.6 Bethel Automotive Safety Systems
3.6.1 Profile
3.6.2 Bethel WCBS
3.6.3 WCBS 2.0
3.7 Mando
3.7.1 Profile
3.7.2 Mando AHB III & IDB
3.7.3 Mando Steering-by-wire Solution
3.7.4 Mando Layout in the Driving Assistance System
3.8.1 Profile
3.8.2 Steering-by-wire Development History
3.8.3 Future Concept Vehicle 1.0
3.8.4 Future Concept Vehicle 2.0
3.9 NSK
3.9.1 Profile
3.9.2 NSK Steering Control Software
3.10 Shanghai NASN Automotive Electronics
3.10.1 Profile
3.10.2 Nasn Nbooster+EPS Plus
3.10.3 Strategic Cooperation between Nasn and BAIC BJEV
3.11 Ningbo Tuopu Group
3.11.1 Profile
3.11.2 Production Bases and Suppliers
3.11.3 IBS
3.12 GLOBAL Technology
3.12.1 Profile
3.12.2 IBC
3.12.3 GLOBAL Self-driving Shuttle
3.13 Zhejiang Vie Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
3.13.1 Profile
3.13.2 EMB
3.14 Tianjin TRiNova Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
3.14.1 Profile
3.14.2 Application of T-booster
3.15 Shanghai Tongyu Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
3.15.1 Profile
3.15.2 EHB Development History
3.15.3 EHB Merits

4 Chassis-by-wire Application of Automakers
4.1 SAIC
4.1.1 Profile
4.1.2 DIAS Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.
4.1.3 SAIC DIAS Intelligent Connected Innovation Center
4.1.4 DIAS 4i Technologies
4.1.5 SAIC Vehicle-by-wire Solution
4.2 FAW
4.2.1 Profile
4.2.2 Hongqi R.Flag Program
4.2.3 Hongqi i.RFlag Program
4.2.4 Smart Hongqi Minibus
4.3 BAIC Group
4.3.1 Profile
4.3.2 BAIC “NOVA-PLS” Intelligence Strategy
4.3.3 BJEV DARWIN System
4.3.4 Brake-by-wire N-Booster
4.4 GAC Group
4.4.1 GAC Trumpchi Drive-by-wire Platform
4.4.2 GAC GIVA
4.4.3 GAC NE Aion LX
4.5 Dongfeng Motor Corporation
4.5.1 Drive-by-wire Technology Reserves
4.5.2 China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC)
4.5.3 Dongfeng Sharing Box
4.5.4 Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle & Inceptio Technology & Knorr
4.6 Changan Automobile
4.7 Geely
4.7.1 Geely CMA Architecture
4.7.2 Volvo Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid System
4.8 BYD
4.8.1 BYD D++ Platform
4.8.2 BYD & AutoX
4.8.3 BYD Han
4.9 Great Wall Motor
4.9.1 VV6 Drive-by-wire Platform
4.9.2 Exquisite Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
4.9.3 HYCET
4.10 NextEV
4.10.1 NextEV’s Use of Automotive Drive-by-wire Products

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