Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Report, 2020
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In 2025, China’s Installation of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules Will Reach 90 Million Units

Wireless module is a functional module that integrates chip, memory, power amplifier and other devices into one circuit board and provides standard interfaces. Wireless module allows terminals to pack communication or positioning capability. Automotive wireless communication module is an underlying hardware installed to connect vehicles with telematics and internet for transmitting and collecting data. It enables direct communication and data exchange between vehicle and cloud, between vehicles, between vehicle and infrastructure, and between vehicle and pedestrians (mobile terminals) in a wireless way, which is a communication process that makes mobile communication macro network base stations unnecessary.

As a key link connecting perception layer and network layer of internet of things (including internet of vehicles (IoV)), the wireless communication module enables terminals and devices to be connected and transmit data.

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As estimated, 200 million units of automotive wireless communication module will be installed worldwide in 2025, sustaining a CAGR of roughly 15% between 2020 and 2025, including 90 million units to be installed in China with a CAGR of about 19% from 2020 to 2025.

China stays ahead in 5G development, with a bit more installation of 5G automotive wireless communication modules than the global average. And in the country, the 5G modules are installed more in commercial vehicles than passenger cars. It is predicted that China’s installation of 5G automotive wireless communication modules will reach 35% or so in 2025.

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Competitive Landscape of Wireless Communication Module Industry

As 4G network matures and 5G technology spreads, 2G/3G networks are inevitably squeezed out. The whole IoT and IoV industries are evolving towards NB-IoT, 4G (Cat.1) and 5G.

Chinese wireless communication module companies that have been roaring ahead in recent years, are catching up with foreign leaders and striving to overtake them. Currently, Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. both have introduced automotive grade communication modules in efforts to make an expansion in telematics field. Automotive communication modules outperform general ones in real-time transmission, security and stability. Chinese wireless communication module vendors are heavyweights in communication module market.

As concerns automotive communication module product structure, Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd., Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Fibocom Wireless Inc. offer the most communication module products, a majority of which use Qualcomm’s chipsets.

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1 Automotive Wireless Communication Module

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Classification
1.3 Structure
1.4 Application
1.5 Industry Chain

2. Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry
2.1 Industry Background
2.1.1 Growing Number of Connected IoT Devices Worldwide
2.1.2 Global IoT Market Size
2.1.3 IoT Connection Trends
2.1.4 Application Structure of IoT Wireless Communication Devices in China
2.1.5 Penetration of Telematics Devices in China
2.1.6 Telematics Business Development of Automakers in China
2.1.7 Development of Wireless Communication Modules
2.1.8 Competitive Pattern of Wireless Communication Module Industry

2.2 China’s Policies Concerning Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
2.2.1 Policies
2.2.2 Standard System
2.2.3 Guidelines for Building National IoV Industry Standard Systems (Intelligent Management of Vehicles)
2.2.4 Guidelines for Building National IoV Industry Standard Systems (Information and Communications)
2.2.5 5.9GHz Frequency Band for Cellular-V2X Technology Standards

2.3 5G Industry Boosts Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry
2.3.1 5G Development in China
2.3.2 5G Fuels IoT Industry 
2.3.3 Relationship between 5G and Intelligent Connected Vehicles
2.3.4 Main 5G Products of Wireless Communication Module Vendors

2.4 Development Trends of Automotive Wireless Communication Module
2.4.1 Status Quo
2.4.2 Installation of 3G/4G/5G Wireless Communication Modules 
2.4.3 Development Trends of Automotive Wireless Communication Module
2.4.4 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Barriers

3 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Chain and Competitive Landscape

3.1 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Chain
3.1.1 Wireless Communication Module Industry Chain
3.1.2 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry Chain
3.1.3 Main Upstream Chip Vendors of Automotive Wireless Communication Module Worldwide
3.1.4 Qualcomm Automotive Communication Module Chips
3.1.5 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Chip Vendors
3.1.6 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Chip Products and Planning
3.1.7 Downstream Vendors of Automotive Wireless Communication Module

3.2 Cost of Automotive Wireless Communication Module
3.2.1 Value Distribution of Wireless Communication Module
3.2.2 Cost Structure of Automotive Wireless Communication Module

3.3 Competitive Landscape of Automotive Wireless Communication Module Industry 
3.3.1 Competitive Landscape of Wireless Communication Module Industry
3.3.2 Market Shares of Wireless Communication Module Vendors
3.3.3 Comparison of Profits between Wireless Communication Module Vendors
3.3.4 Development History of Automotive Wireless Communication Module Vendors
3.3.5 Comparison of Development between Main Automotive Wireless Communication Module Vendors in China
3.3.6 2020 C-V2X Cross-Industry & Large-scale Pilot Plugfest

3.4 Comparison between Automotive Wireless Communication Module Products
3.4.1 Product Layout of Main Automotive Wireless Communication Module Vendors in China
3.4.2 Products of Main Automotive Wireless Communication Module Vendors in China

4 Communication Module Solutions of Auto OEMs

4.1 Wireless Communication Module Planning of Main Auto Brands Worldwide
4.2 Wireless Communication Module Planning of Passenger Car OEMs in China
4.3 Wireless Communication Module Planning of Commercial Vehicle OEMs in China
4.4 Chinese OEMs’ Exploration of 5G Wireless Communication Modules
4.5 Chinese OEMs’ Exploration of C-V2X Wireless Communication Modules

5 Major Automotive Wireless Communication Module Suppliers

5.1 Huawei
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Intelligent Vehicle Products
5.1.3 Application of Intelligent Vehicle Products
5.1.4 Wireless Communication Module Chips

5.2 Quectel Wireless Solutions
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Equity Structure
5.2.3 Revenue
5.2.4 Shipment
5.2.5 Products
5.2.6 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.2.7 Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.2.8 R&D Costs
5.2.9 Global Footprint
5.2.10 Development Trends

5.3 Fibocom Wireless
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 R&D Costs
5.3.4 Products
5.3.5 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.3.6 Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules

5.4 Neoway Technology
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Revenue
5.4.3 R&D Costs
5.4.4 Main Business
5.4.5 Main Products
5.4.6 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.4.7 Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.4.8 R&D of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.4.9 Industry Chain
5.4.10 Main Customers
5.4.11 Market Coverage

5.5 GosuncnWelink
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Revenue
5.5.3 Main Business
5.5.4 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.5.5 Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.5.6 Main Customers and Development Directions

5.6 Sunsea AIoT Technology
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Development History
5.6.3 R&D and Market Coverage
5.6.4 Longsung Technology: Profile
5.6.5 Longsung Technology: Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.6.6 Longsung Technology: Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.6.7 Longsung Technology: Development Trends
5.6.8 SIMCom: Profile
5.6.9 SIMCom: Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.6.10 SIMCom: Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.6.11 SIMCom: R&D Strength
5.6.12 SIMCom: Main Customers

5.7 MeiG Smart Technology
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Overview of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.7.3 Application of Automotive Wireless Communication Modules
5.7.4 R&D Strength
5.7.5 Market Coverage

5.8 Sierra wireless
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Revenue
5.8.3 Overview of Wireless Communication Module Division
5.8.4 Overview of Wireless Communication Module Business
5.8.5 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Products
5.8.6 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Solutions
5.8.7 Business Scope
5.8.8 Cooperation Model

5.9 Telit
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Revenue
5.9.3 IoT Wireless Communication Module Product Layout
5.9.4 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Products
5.9.5 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Application Cases
5.9.6 Business Scope

5.10 Gemalto (Thales)
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Business
5.10.3 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Products
5.10.4 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Solutions

5.11 U-Blox
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Products
5.11.3 Automotive Wireless Communication Module Solutions
5.11.4 Coverage


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